The 5 Best Vegan Barefoot Shoes Brands

Welcome back to another article in the directory. Vegan barefoot shoes are still a new concept for many, and therefore I thought it only appropriate that we should be touching upon this subject.

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Why consider vegan barefoot shoes?

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The deal with these barefoot shoes is that they promote sustainability goals. They leave a minimum carbon footprint and are composed of recyclable materials. Hence, with biodegradability and environmental protection, all interwoven, vegan barefoot shoes have now become a priority for many.

With changing consumer practices and awareness regarding preservation and conservation laws growing, it is natural that businesses alter their strategies to retain their customer base. Below are some of the best barefoot shoe brands to opt for. Be it barefoot shoes for men or women, facilitate everyone!

Leading vegan barefoot shoe brands for you


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Crafting shoes that leave a minimal detrimental impact on the earth and protect your feet simultaneously is an ideology close to VivoBareFoot shoes. Vivo, in essence, is a brand that prioritizes manufacturing efficiency, sustainability, eco-friendly products, and quality above all. This British-based company is always on the search for barefoot shoes that are superior in terms of comfort. They have a wide variety of vegan barefoot shoes for both men and women.

The Primus Trail all-weather model by the company has been an enormous hit, and since then, Vivo has only done more. From kids’ vegan plain shoes to waterproof ones, they have everything you need! Lastly, anyone who is pining to find out more regarding barefoot shoes can find many resources at their site. Propagating comfort via the dissemination of knowledge is one of the mission statements the company upholds and indeed fulfills.

Xero Shoes

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XeroShoes came into operation with the help of hikers and sprinters who wanted to end uncomfortable shoes. The brand’s motive is to provide convenience to your soles, and that too without charging an exorbitant sum of money. What was a dream way back in 2009, and the result of many trials and research is now a reality. They have their line of vegan barefoot shoes, which are suitable for several occasions.

The brand boasts its wide collection, and rightfully so. With impeccable FeelTrue rubber soles, a 5000-mile warranty, and 2mm removable insoles, the brand ensures not to render you disappointed. Another fascinating thing is that all 5% of its sales are sent to the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital Fund. Albeit the brand’s annual revenue surpasses $13m, it always does its best to honor the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico in every way it can.

Merrell Barefoot Shoes

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Merrell came into the establishment 40 years ago. Since then, it has been a leading brand for barefoot shoes and similarly produces vegan barefoot shoes. Merrell Barefoot is a brand famous for providing lightweight, flexible, and classy shoes to your closets.

The Vapor Glove is their ultra-vegan-friendly and light shoe whose purpose is to keep your foot in a good position. With the ongoing journey to provide customers with high sustainability and durability products, Merrell strives to reduce waste and get the job done.

Moreover, it is also a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. This coalition is inclusive of global brands that want to standardize sustainability measurements. Hence, the goal is to create a world where corporations take responsibility for their actions.


someone with blue belenka barefoot shoes on

BeLenka is a brand that has been in existence since 2018. It has attained a stellar reputation worldwide for the shoe quality that it can deliver. Additionally, all the items that the company manufactures, vegan barefoot shoes or barefoot shoes in general, are cruelty-free. With consumer practices changing and concerns for the environment rising, BeLenka is adapting. For the company, consumer satisfaction overtakes everything else, and it is trying its best to keep this intact.

BeLenka has launched many product lines over the years and is loved by many. Hence, the outstanding innovation strategies and the fact that the brand is highly affordable make it preferable among many.

Lems Footwear

one brown lems shoe

Andrew Rademacher is the genius behind this brand. This shoe line manufactures vegan barefoot shoes and other items that correspond to an individual’s foot size. The purpose is to reduce discomfort and assure that the person is happy in their shoes.

In addition to this, if we assess the history of Lems, it was not until 2011 that they were able to release their first successful prototype. It took a series of trials and errors to craft the perfect shoe for their customer base. Overall, the brand pays close attention to factors such as quality and hygiene and guarantees a luxurious experience! Thus, If you want a brand that values you over anything else, then Lem’s footwear should be on your list.


There are many vegan barefoot shoe brands out there. However, the ones above are on the degree of their popularity among the general populace.

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