Barefoot And Minimal Shoes For Kids. A Good Thing.

I am cautious when it comes to my children’s health, especially when bad habits could have long-term consequences.

That’s why normal children’s shoes are disgusting to me. The stiff sole, the much too narrow toe box, and sometimes even an elevation of the heel lead sooner or later to the discomfort of the entire musculoskeletal system.

Significantly since children are still growing, such interventions in natural foot development are destructive. With this article, I would therefore like to talk about barefoot shoes and minimal shoes for kids.

I will examine the following points in more detail:

So if you want to know more about how you can do something good for your children, then read on.

What are barefoot shoes?


To begin with, the notion of barefoot comes as a reminder that there are also benefits to walking on bare feet. But this is not to say that you have to grab the shoes from your children.

Instead, buy the right shoes for them and save the stress of dealing with consequences. You can even start looking at the way you manage your budget so that they are not disadvantaged.

Barefoot shoes are easy to put on. They come with light material that allows the child to move without problems. In other words, the child will have complete ground contact while enjoying the sensation.

This kid is aware of the environment and only needs to be given a chance to have fun in the background. These shoes do not come with heels. Instead, they are flat and simple.

This simplicity is there to make sure that the child can have room for running around and playing. In the design, you will also find enough room created for the big toe. The idea is to ensure that the child does not struggle to put on the shoe or remove it from their foot.

Should kids wear minimalist shoes?

4-asian kids-play-soccer in a forest

Children need shoes to protect their feet. In addition, it is one way of making sure that they are well trained and ready to adapt to the environment around them.

So if you care and love that beautiful child, then you need to make sure you buy shoes for him. In most cases, you could be having a lot of fashion in your mind.

But you should be aware that fashionable shoes are not for the innocent child. This circumstance is where the best choice is barefoot shoes.

They have worked for many years, and many experts agree that they are just the right fit. But, of course, if you decide to buy those high heels for your child, there is danger in such a move. But, of course, as a caring parent, you don’t even want to think about that.

However, such a decision can lead to stressed ankles and dislocation around the foot. There is also a possibility of backaches in extreme cases.

Are plimsolls good for children’s feet?

a dachshund and a person with blue slippers on a beige carpet

Plimsolls don’t give you the support and stability that a barefoot shoe does. In addition, the sole is usually much too thick.

The sole is the part that allows the child to contact the ground and feel the hard rock at its end. When you talk about minimal shoes, it is the type that is light enough for the task.

The focus is not just on one part. But you will find that they will be easy to use in general. They will allow the child to play and have an excellent time.

The child is free to wear minimal shoes for kids around the house. Even when playing around in the yard, they can still put on these shoes.

For a more detailed article about the health benefits of barefoot shoes, I have already written something about it here: Health benefits from walking barefoot. An overview.

Do you get any protection from minimal shoes?

an adult with a child in front of him with walking shoes standing in autumn leaves

A shoe is there to protect your kid’s feet and even add beauty. That is the bottom line we need to remember all the time. In fact, in case you forget that same fact, read again.

There are times when a parent can allow their child to walk barefoot in the house. While the mother looks away, the same child will be running around the house within seconds!

If you trust your surroundings so much, that is also healthy. But the reality that awaits your beautiful child is that sharp objects are there. You may have broken bottles and rusty nails protruding from the ground!

All these pose a significant danger to the child, and it is not good to ignore such facts.

That is why it is good to allow your child out on some form of protection. However, do not just allow them to run around. The barefoot shoes are suitable for covering and protecting the feet from harm.

They are light enough for the active child to continue running around. Even if you are busy, the toddler will wear them for hours, and there will be no problem.

How to care for the shoes?

a shoe shine kit lies on fabric

You can do many things to care for the shoe so that it remains in good condition. The material dictates what you need to do in the cleaning procedure.

If the fabric of the shoes requires you to wash in some detergents, you can go ahead. Even if the same material involves the use of other cleaning agents, you can abide by that.

What is essential is to make sure that barefoot shoes look neat. Remember that these toddlers don’t fear dirt. On the contrary, they enjoy playing in the mud and remaining dirty.

Are cheap kids shoes bad for feet?


As a parent, you have to make sure that your child is safe and healthy all the time. In addition, you have a duty of making sure that the child has the fun he needs while still young.

Buy the shoes that contribute to this task. Don’t just rush through the choices. The boots are easy to use, and you will even see that the child will get used to the new setup. Of course, size is an important part you need to respect.

The other issue you are going to find is that these young ones grow fast. Even their feet continue expanding while they are sleeping. So you have to be ready to buy new sets at any given time and give them a fresh look.

This caring is essential for you to start making it a habit to do good things for your family. First, start with your children and then continue with others.



When you get barefoot shoes, you are inviting your children to have fun.

They will play in those shoes, and you will find it awesome to watch them have fun.

Take care of them and see that they are wearing their barefoot shoes as they go out.

You will be happy you did.

If you’ve had your own experience with unhealthy children’s shoes or good children’s barefoot shoes, feel free to share, and together we can help other parents find the right shoes for their children.

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