Barefoot Golf Shoes – 18 Things To Know

The ‘barefoot’ in barefoot shoes have much more to combine with the notion put up by the boots, which is close to barefoot jogging or running as it’s feasible while on barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoes are devoid of heel drop, so the foot’s heel is neither high nor raised.

The thickness of the sole across the length is the same. i.e., the foot is directly flat on the ground, the same as when been barefooted. 

a golfing family on a driving range


Barefoot Golf shoes are golf shoes that are created specifically to provide golfers with firmness, balance, and inventiveness throughout the fascinating action of a golf swing.

The goal of barefoot shoes is to limit the foot’s innate freedom of mobility as little as possible.

This is why the name “minimal shoes” is prevalent. To be concise and straightforward, we’ll go through 18 facts concerning barefoot golf shoes below.

1. What are the best barefoot golf shoes?

Examples of the best barefoot golf shoe are listed below:

1.1. Adidas Minimalist Golf Shoes

These spikeless golf shoes by Adidas are designed to provide the ideal balance of ease and grip.

adidas Women's Adipure Sport Golf Shoe, White/Aero Blue/Chalk Coral, 9.5 Medium US*
  • New highly flexible adiwear spikeless outsole with pure motion lugs for optimal traction
  • New adipure women's last features a more rounded toe and lower ceiling height for improved comfort and aesthetics
  • Fitfoam PU sock liner

1.2. ECCO Golf Shoes 

The outsole supports you from backswing to the walk by having three distinct regions: one for support, one for endurance, and one for movement.

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe, Black/Bermuda Blue Yak Leather, 13-13.5*
  • GORE-TEX Waterproof technology combines optimized breathability & protection against the elements
  • BOA closure system ensuring the ideal fit, quick lacing and easy adjustments mid-round
  • YAK leather uppers, extremely strong & lightweight for increased breathability and durability increased breathability and durability
ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe, Gravel Yak Leather, 6-6.5*
  • Gore-tex waterproof technology combines optimized breathability & protection against the elements
  • Biom NATURAL MOTION technology brings the player closer to the ground using an anatomical last
  • Yak leather uppers, extremely strong & lightweight for increased breathability and durability

1.3. Leguano Golf Shoes

You desire your footwear to provide you with balance and durability all through your swings. But are those stiff, unyielding golfing sneakers essential?

One of the most convenient sleek and modern shoes for striking the holes is the Leguano Barefoot Shoes.


a pair of orange leguano go barefoot shoes
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size: 6-13 (US) 
  • Colors: orange, white, berry, gold


a pair of silber Leguano Beat Barefoot shoes with White-Sole
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size: 5-12 (US) 
  • Colors: silver, pink, anthracite


a pair of red leguanito_active barefoot shoes
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size: 7-8.1 (Inches)
  • Colors: red, beige

1.4. New Balance golf shoes

With New Balance’s men’s golf options, you’ll feel powerful, relaxed, and encouraged even during the time of the long game.

New Balance Men's Breeze Breathable Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe, Grey, 16 D D US*
  • Breathable performance mesh upper with supportive overlays
  • REVlite 10mm drop* midsole provides lightweight cushioning & premium responsiveness
  • NDurance spikeless rubber outsole
New Balance Women's LinksSL Golf Shoe, White, 6*
  • Waterproof microfiber leather / performance mesh upper with TPU eyestay and a welded forefoot water-guard for extra protection
  • Smart rubber spikeless outsole has pressure mapping colors to highlight key performance zones
  • 10mm drop* Fresh Foam innovative midsole provides ultra-cush, cloud-like feel

2. Do you need golf shoes?

The primary explanation is that golf shoes are required. Whether you’re a professional golfer, a strong handicapped golfer, or anywhere in the middle, there’s a course for you.

What’s more, and this is why. The golf game is, first and foremost, a simple rotating action. You go backward, then forwards, and if you want to progress and take your game seriously, a golf shoe is needed.

3. Are golf shoes really necessary?

Golf shoes are made to help golfers improve their strength and balance while playing the game. Golfers desire any edge they can have in the game; however, most golf shoes do not significantly benefit many players.

Golf shoes are always good to have, but a few more shoe alternatives can suffice. Specific shoes are unquestionably unsuitable for golf, but there are some exceptions.

4. What type of golf shoes are there?

Invariably, the two categories of golf shoes that I know are listed below:

  • Spiked golf shoes
  • Spikeless golf shoes

So because the shoe business is manufacturing new spiked and spikeless golf shoes, the variances between the two products used to be significant, but today both are eerily identical.

a golfer with classic golf shoes

5. Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

Yes. Even though most pro golfers use spiked golf shoes, some do not, and some go for the spikeless.

6. Can golf shoes be used for other activities?

If your golf shoes are spikeless, you may wear them outside and on the sidewalk like ordinary shoes. Sports manufacturers such as Puma and Nike make spikeless shoes that are comparable to trainers.

Spiked shoes may be worn on surfaces, even asphalt, although they are not recommended for everyday use.

7. Why do golf shoes often have spikes at the bottom of the sole?

The reason why I felt golf shoes often have spikes at the bottom:

  • It’s perfect for wet, slick, or irregular terrain.
  • Spikes on golf shoes provide more grip in mud, on moist greens, and also on slopes.
  • For games where your stability is critical, several serious golfers opt for spiked shoes.
  • The spikes’ added traction aids put your feet fixed in position so you can execute your precise swing.

8. Is it possible to play golf barefoot, and what are the advantages?

Yes, it is possible to play golf barefoot, and I do that. The advantages include:

  • It allows me to maintain a genuinely neutral position while maintaining good synergy.
  •  Weight is distributed equally across your footing.
  • I can obtain a sense of sand’s type and texture by walking barefoot into a sand trap.
  • It allows the feeling of the grass’s curves and having a clear grasp of the terrain.
  • While walking multiple steps during the golf course, I experience less tension and soreness in my joints.
a golfer with spike shoes swinging his club

9. What are the advantages of golf shoes compared to barefoot golf?

Shoes play a vital role in the game of golf:

  • It grips my feet, preventing them from slipping while I swing.
  • Several golf shoe materials improve air dispersion.
  • It boosts my stability on most surfaces.
  • While hitting a golf ball, my foot is secure.

10. Do golf shoes make a difference?

Golf shoes have always been, without a doubt, among the most vital pieces of kit for golf players, particularly those who play daily.

It effectively keeps users connected to the surface, preventing your foot from sliding over during the golf swing.

a golfer with minimalist shoes putting

11. Why are barefoot golf shoes the best alternative?

Walking about the golf resort is realistic while removing my shoes and touching the grass beneath my feet. Playing golf barefoot may be a liberating experience, and when done correctly, it can also help you improve your game.

The following are some of the main reasons why they are the best alternative:

  • It allows me to optimize my swing’s stability and speed.
  • Barefoot shoes have a thinner sole that enables users to feel more connected to the surface.
  • In a weather condition that is too hot, golfing is unbearable. The airy mesh top of barefoot golf shoes allows perspiration to evaporate, cooling your feet.
  • Barefoot golf shoes are incredibly smooth and light, as though you’re barely putting on anything at all (thus the name!).
  • Walking through multiple holes, I like my feet to be friendly and comfy. Barefoot golf shoes with elastic mesh upper enable free movement of my foot.
  •  The antibacterial properties of barefoot golf shoes keep them fresh for an extended period.
  • “You’ll play better golf strokes with barefoot than that in stockings and shoes,” claims PGA teaching pro Barry Goldstein. “By playing golf barefooted, you may improve your stance and agility.”
  • When the toes are independent of shoes, the 26 bones in each foot may grasp stronger and sustain good balance.

12. Are there barefoot golf shoes with spikes?

Yes, the BERBS is the first genuine hybrid golf shoe that links the classic, soft-spike golf shoe and the minimalist, spikeless one. Consequently, the shoe preserves most of the grip of a standard soft-spike shoe while still providing the ease and sensation of a basic or barefoot-style shoe.

13. Are there waterproof barefoot golf shoes?

Yes, there are waterproof barefoot golf shoes and also water resistance.

14. Are barefoot golf shoes also zero drop?

Yes, they are nil drop; my barefoot shoes have no heel drop, which means that the shoe’s bottom is not hoisted up or somehow lifted, i.e., the entire foot is level against the surface.

15. How should barefoot golf shoes fit?

A thumb’s breadth wide is the opening at the top of my shoes. Of course, other elements, such as arch height, influence this, but this is an excellent starting point.

The shoe’s break lines up precisely with my forefoot’s flex when stretched.

16. How much can barefoot golf shoes cost?

The Vivobarefoot Hybrid costs $170-$190, far more than any comparable golf shoe.

17. Where can I buy barefoot golf shoes?

There are many online stores like Amazon involved in the sales of buying and selling barefoot golf shoes.

18. Are there golf professionals who play golf in barefoot shoes? 

Professional golfers such as Oliver Wilson and Samuel Jackson Snead, for instance, appreciate golfing barefoot or in barefoot shoes.


Golf shoes will assist certain players in improving their game. For others, it will have no impact at all.

If your finances allow for it, go ahead and get a pair of them. Instead of an outsole, find ones with a thin, waterproof, and puncture-proof basis. This allows your foot to keep functioning while preserving them clean, comfortable, and discreet to others.

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