Barefoot Shoes for Nurses – A Complete Guide

Barefoot shoes are trending due to their utility and awareness among people. As a result, more people are switching from traditional comfortable but unhealthy shoes to barefoot shoes each day.

People who exercise regularly or go hiking have reported excellent results. But, at first, they don’t feel very comfortable.

It’s because we are accustomed to cushioning, thickly padded shoes. As a result, our feet, including toes, arches, and heels, have weakened due to extra comfortability.

Why barefoot shoes don’t provide support

In contrast, barefoot shoes promote the natural way of walking. They don’t provide extra support and leave your feet free and natural. Your feet don’t reshape themselves according to the shoes but nature.

Why nurses shouldn’t wear cushioned padded shoes

a doctor sits on a bench with a blue smock and shoe covers on

Nursing is a respectable profession because nurses serve the public. However, they have long and tiring duty hours.

Mostly, it requires you to stand for long hours. That’s why many people might argue that nurses need branded cushioned shoes that are comfortable.

  • Well, I might disagree here. If nurses wear shoes that are, cushioned and provide support for hours, their feet will change their original shape.

They’ll feel that their feet are restricted, and someone tightly holds them. And believe me, it doesn’t feel good.

How shoes dictate your walking style

I know because I have been there. I have used them, and it gets painful and difficult.

Over time, you develop various leg, ankle, and knee issues. It happens because we don’t walk naturally due to the comfort provided by shoes like Vans or Sketchers.

This way of walking is dictated by the shoes we wear. If we wear thickly padded and cushioned shoes, we will walk faster and strike the ground harder with our heels.

  • If we have shoes that provide less support, we will walk slower and won’t hit the ground harder because we’ll get hurt. That’s why we will try to walk naturally.

Instead of heels, we will strike the balls of our feet on the ground and take smaller steps. Our shoes will no longer dictate our style of walking.

Nurses have to stand and walk around in the hospital for extended periods. It’s harmful to them to get dictated by their shoes and reshape their feet.

Feet reshaping means going away from the natural design, which can cause multiple complications. Extra cushioning and arch support are exclusive benefits of regular nursing shoes.

But in reality, they’re their downsides. Less space for the toes and more support for the arch means less feedback from the natural environment under the feet.

As a result, it makes the sensory muscles ineffective and useless. Moreover, such shoes negatively affect your posture and spinal alignment.

They also cause foot and leg pain. Nurses need shoes that improve their posture and spinal health. Along with other features, they should help strengthen the legs.

How Vivo Barefoot shoes reconnect humans with nature

someone with green VivoBarefoot Shoes walks in the forest

Vivo barefoot is a rare name that still takes a stand to preserve nature. They prepare minimalistic shoes to connect humans with nature, to where we all belong.

  • Their strong association and support for the environment are evident from their Chief Ecosystem Officer’s letter, A Letter to the Earth.

He states that we have been living in harmony with our nature and the Earth for centuries. Humans were happy, close to nature, and their relationship was healthy.

However, recently we lost that relationship and partnership. He addresses the Earth and states that we’ll try to restore that healthy relationship, and the Earth will provide us with vital elements needed for a good life.

He regrets that his ancestors have polluted and exploited the Earth but promises that his children will do the opposite. So there’s hope for better results in the future.

How Vivo Barefoot shoes benefit nurses

someone with grey vivobarefoot shoes standing on a wall

Nurses need shoes that retain their feet’ shape and reduce body aches. This way, they’ll feel better and duly perform their duties.

  • According to USA Medical Staff, Vivo barefoot shoes are the best available option for nurses and healthcare workers.

When you look at traditional nurse shoes, all you see is a heavy and padded unbreathable design. Those designs are still in fashion, and many people like them, but we have to get past them for our health.

Like humans, feet don’t like to be restricted or held captive. You can say that feet don’t want to be pressurized or bent by the shape of the shoes.

  • Vivobarefoot has solved this problem. These shoes provide more stability due to their vast space.

Furthermore, their thin soles connect you with the Earth, which results in high feedback from nature. The more your feet receive feedback, the stronger your feet and legs will be.

Vivobarefoot shoes are highly flexible, which makes them last longer. It also helps with easy and comfortable movement.

For example, when you step on an uneven surface, different parts of your feet land differently to evade rolling or twisting. As a result, it reduces the risk of a sprained ankle and other feet issues.

Why you should choose barefoot shoes

a pair of black clinic shoes

Adopting barefoot shoes suddenly is harmful. It would be best if you transitioned gradually towards it.

The first few weeks might be difficult, but it’ll make you feel free afterward. The mechanics of your whole body start with your feet.

If your feet are artificially cushioned or supported, that’ll affect your entire body mechanics.

  • They feel weightless and easy to carry: Barefoot shoes have low weight and are thus highly flexible. It makes them super easy to carry and the best fit for nurses.
  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional shoes, it allows you to move your feet freely, which restricts feet and particularly toes from free movement.
  • Thin soles: Your feet will receive more feedback from the ground. It’ll guide you on how to walk and place your foot.
  • Balancing: Barefoot shoes help with balancing. When you have feedback from the ground, you’ll be able to balance yourself better.
  • Other benefits: It helps in minimizing foot pain, back pain, and stress. In addition, these shoes are helpful to retain your natural feet shape and reduce alterations.

Many athletes and runners use them for their utility and support in running and other sports.

Barefoot shoes are gaining popularity with health-conscious people who only go for comfort. For example, many nurses praise their Vivo barefoot shoes and their quality.

We are seeing a disruption in the shoe market in the coming times. Barefoot shoes will be leading the market.

toy nurses with blue shoes

Best Barefoot Shoes for Nurses

Vivobarefoot Barefoot Shoes for Nurses for Men and Women

As seen above, USA Medical Staff recommends Vivobarefoot barefoot shoes. So here is a small selection of the most popular shoes from this great brand:

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Ii, Mens Vegan Light Movement Breathable Shoe with Barefoot Sole & No-Sew Construction*
  • Our vision of the lightest movement shoe possible, following the natural shape of the foot with the least possible interference of natural movement
  • Breathable Recycled PET Mesh – to keep feet cool
  • Men's Exercise Shoes
Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Womens, Vegan Light Movement Breathable Shoe with Barefoot Sole Bright White*
  • Our vision of the lightest movement shoe possible, following the natural shape of the foot with the least possible interference of natural movement
  • Breathable Recycled PET Mesh – to keep feet cool
  • Women's Exercise Shoes
Vivobarefoot Womens Geo Court Leather White Blue Pink Trainers 8 US*
  • Premium durable leather upper
  • Soft leather and textile lining for comfort
  • Removable 3mm thin Performance insole


Nursing staff, especially nurses, are indescribably crucial to our entire life together. However, it is more important that their feet are doing well.

Therefore, they should wear the best footwear to endure the many strains and kilometers well. Doctors found Vivobarefoot shoes to be particularly suitable for this purpose.

Check out my other Vivobarefoot recommendations here.

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