Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing Barefoot Shoes For Toddlers

I have explored many things; however, I wanted to segment barefoot shoes for toddlers. You must be wondering why?

The reason for this is that when we as adults value our convenience and breathability modes, then why not give our kids the same privilege? A lot of things come with age, and discovering barefoot shoes has been one of them. Well, enough about me.

Today, let’s focus on your little sugar plums. 

What key aspects do you need to look at before buying barefoot shoes for toddlers? 

a toddler just climbs out of a sandbox

There are quite a few things to keep in mind. Some of them are:

Flexible soles

A toddler will undoubtedly have a high momentum of activity compared to an actual human. Therefore, you have to ensure that the shoes that you provide them with can protect their soles.

The underlying objective should be to make sure that feet movement is not restricted and that their feet can move around comfortably. 

A zero-drop sole

I say this because if the soles of the barefoot shoes for toddlers that you buy aren’t flat, it could cause their bodies to get strained.

Remember that your children need free movement at the end of the day to prevent injuries. Hence, a flat sole platform is a better option in this regard.

A toe box that accommodates

Many people don’t know this, but I will tell you guys – always get wide-toe box shoes for your toddlers. The aim is to propel freedom of movement via the shoes emulating the natural shape of your child’s foot.

Hence, there should be some room to allow your babies to wiggle their toes all they want!

Durable and breathable

When I say to purchase barefoot shoes for toddlers, you don’t have to go around getting a ton of them. But, of course, your child will be growing, and purchasing a lavish amount of shoes will only affect your expenses.

I advise that you buy two to three pairs, but don’t compromise on their quality. Toddlers will crawl anywhere. Therefore, the shoes you give them should be comfortable, durable and give them the added breathability they need. 

Do I need to get barefoot shoes for toddlers at such a young age?

a toddler holds his hand screaming into the water hose

This is a question that many people often tend to ask me. And here, my usual response to them would be that consulting a child doctor is always the best course of action.

However, you must bear into consideration that the majority of toddlers are flat-footed and have underdeveloped ligaments.

Therefore, barefoot shoes are best incorporated into their routine earlier on to encourage them to maintain a good posture, balance, and coordination. 

Because toddlers need to jump, crawl, and travel to spaces, they need barefoot shoes that get the job done. Remember that toddlers can’t speak, and it is up to us to warrant that they are comfortable. If they are often cranky in the shoes that they wear, then you know that that is a sign.

Thus, while there is no limit to when you can start getting your child to wear barefoot shoes, I would recommend that you do it sooner. Of course, consultation with an expert should be of prime importance in this case. 

Barefoot shoes vs. standard shoes

a toddler stands at the window and looks out

Putting on barefoot shoes leads to optimal foot development by amplifying your child’s agility levels. Additionally, it will also aid them in maintaining a balance of various kinds of surfaces.

The sensory-motor capabilities of your kid will also enhance, and over time the awareness level will increase too.

On the other hand, classic shoes may not offer the same advantages, and neither will they be comfortable for your child to wear. For example, they lack flexibility and strong ankle support – critical components for protecting your child and making their foot ligaments stronger.

Furthermore, then there are also persistent issues such as breathability that could make your child feel uncomfortable. Here, you have to be the judge and decide what will suit your kid best.

Is there anything I need to bear in mind before commencing the barefoot shoe journey for my toddler? 

a mother holds her toddler in her arms and kisses her on the cheek

The best piece of advice that I will give you here is to take it slow. You may have trained your toddlers to use shoes that are either high arch, rigid, or slightly restricted.

Therefore, when you change the shoes suddenly, it could cause them to lose balance. Also, because they have become so accustomed to using those shoes, shifting to barefoot shoes for toddlers can be slightly challenging for them. 

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate them in your child’s closet. Instead, trust in your toddler’s ability to showcase those shoes like a pro.

Give them the time to build the necessary muscles and grasp the balance and motion they require. Once you see this is happening, I promise you that your toddler’s feet will never be the same! Instead, they will undoubtedly be grateful to you. 


In essence, before I sadly part ways with you guys, I want to say that prioritize your toddler’s comfort above all. There are many shoes on the market, but barefoot shoes for toddlers are unlike any other. 

They are great in terms of affordability, guarantee a closer-to-nature experience and aid in making the shoe-wearing journey for your kid as easy as devouring pie.

Try these shoes out, and you will not come to regret them. Your kids need shoes that boost their productivity, and barefoot shoes are the ideal option for them! 

I would love to know the experience barefoot shoes for toddlers have had on your sugar plum. Feel free to comment down below! 

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