Barefoot Shoes For Work That You Should Be Wearing

The shoes you need for work are barefoot shoes!

Hello, my fellow followers! I am Dirk, and I welcome you all back to another fascinating blog post. I have been receiving many messages regarding the need for barefoot shoes when going to work and why.

Kick-off your shoes because today we’re putting all these questions to rest. So, get that Coke and bag of chips ready while you read this interesting article.

Before I give you a few barefoot shoes for work that are bound to become your best friends for life, let me tell you my story. I have been on the search for barefoot shoes that are comfortable and affordable for a long time.

Much to my displeasure, I wasn’t able to find any, but alas! Once I turned 24, I wore my first pair of barefoot shoes. Since then, I have been as happy as a daisy. 

Light on the pocket and airy on the sole; this is how these beauties genuinely feel. Now, let’s revert to the topic at hand. 

Why should barefoot shoes for work be a priority?

a woman stands on a meadow with red toenails and sandals

Imagine that you have a long shift, and the shoes that you are wearing keep bugging you.

They are either too tight, prickly, or just oversized for you. Wouldn’t you be in a bad mood? 

This itself shows how imperative barefoot shoes are. These marvels don’t need a special occasion to make an impact.

They have become a necessity in this day and age. From improving your body’s stability to convenience at its best, barefoot shoes do it all. 

Many renowned brands now have embarked on the barefoot shoe manufacturing journey. The reason is that consumer trends are changing, and they are giving prestige to comfort rather than style.

However, with these barefoot shoes for work, you get style and comfort – 2 packages in one go! Impressive, right? Well, let us now scroll down and see the shoes that are gradually taking the world by storm! 

Top minimalist and barefoot shoes for work for men

I proudly present to you the highest-rated barefoot shoes for work. If you already possess any of these, then hit me up in the comments section down below!

Vivobarefoot Men’s Gobi Shoes

Vivo is a company that boasts its presence among one of the best barefoot shoe brands out there. They have a fantastic range of barefoot shoes for work that are comfortable yet stylish.

If you need shoes worth your money, and last you a considerable period, then these are it!


  • Incredibly comfortable and pleasant to wear. 
  • It can be worn wear at events, business meetings, and work. 


  • Sometimes, there can be a problem with the shoes’ fitting and sizing if your feet are wide. 
  • Slightly expensive.

Merrell Reach Glove Barefoot Shoes

If you know Merrell’s barefoot shoes, you know that they don’t like giving anyone the upper hand over the other. I mean by this is that their shoe line will always be open to both men and women. For example, Merrell Reach Glove is specifically designed for men who need barefoot shoes for work and wish to make a statement. 


  • 1mm ultra-thin shock-absorbing plate to prevent any injuries. 
  • Call for stability and superior grip.
  • Highly soft and flexible barefoot shoes, men.


  • Slightly on the expensive side.

Lems Barefoot shoes Nine2Five dress shoes

a man with brown leather shoes and a woman with colorful stiletto shoes

Because I know from observation and experience that many people find it uncomfortable to wear shoes every day, Lems has impressed me quite a lot.

The brand has launched its dress shoes, but they are minimalistic and composed of leather.


  • These barefoot shoes are very stylish and, therefore, can be worn at formal events. 
  • The rubber sole is flexible. 


  • Owing to their diverse function, these shoes can be a bit expensive.

Top minimalist and barefoot shoes for work for women

Merrell Barefoot Wonder Glove Wool Flat

a woman sits laughing on a ledge and looks down into the camera while swinging her legs

Did someone say barefoot shoes, women? Try these barefoot shoes for work that are manufactured by Merrell barefoot.

They are zero-drop, easily adjustable, and allow easy movement of your feet. 


  • Improve posture
  • Allow the flexibility of the feet. 
  • Ideal for everyday work as they are roomy, soft, and also provide support. 


  • Size issues can occur at times.
  • No proper strap button leading to a loose-fitting. 

Vivobarefoot Jazz Shoes

Vivo is currently leading the way when it comes to barefoot shoe production in general. Barefoot shoes for work are the best companion men and women can have, and Vivo acknowledges this fact.

It is here that the company’s experts have undertaken to produce a shoe that is commendable with regards to its features and pricing mechanism. 


  • These shoes have a 4mm sole 
  • Provide immense support and comfort to the feet 
  • Sleek and very lightweight to wear. 


  • Need to assess the size that works as many customers have complained of loose and tight-fitting.

Terra Plana Juniper Pump   

Other great barefoot shoes for women are the Terra Plana juniper pump. These barefoot shoes for work are simple yet comfortable. These are amazing to provide support and also reduce the stress on the legs.  


  • The soft leather of these shoes provides durability. 
  • The shoes have stacked heels that result in instability to the body. 


  • Sizes may differ, and therefore cross-checking is essential


a wooden box full of flat sneakers

Interesting, isn’t it? Barefoot shoes are indeed an exciting discovery. The sad part is that still, many people do not have awareness regarding these spectacular items. 

Nonetheless, I am not swayed. Instead, my mission is to enlighten everyone about the advantages that barefoot shoes offer to make an informed choice.

Nothing should be stopping you from being you! You don’t need uncomfortable shoes to stand out.

What you need is to be yourself, and most of all, proud of how you are. So if barefoot shoes for work make you feel at ease, then go for it no matter who tells you otherwise.

I am here, and I will always continue to support each one of you. I am grateful for all your love and admiration.

Continue to follow me for more intriguing content, and if you want me to do an edition of what kind of barefoot shoes you should be wearing to a particular occasion, let me know below. 

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