Barefoot Tennis Shoes to Perfect Your Game!


Barefoot shoes tend to provide a more natural walking or running experience. A natural walking experience is essential.

You’re able to receive more sensory information, your feet and toes don’t deform, and you walk the right way. That’s how humans have walked the earth for centuries: barefoot.

Tennis is no different. You have to move a lot as well as fast and accurate.

That’s why you need to move your feet following the ground below your feet. With barefoot tennis shoes, your feet receive excessive and precise sensory feedback and move accordingly faster and safer.

What are the best barefoot tennis shoes?

Xero 360 Men

If your feet hurt at the end of a tennis session, you’re probably not wearing the right kind of shoes. Xero 360 Men are barefoot shoes meant for demanding, tiring tasks, including tennis.

They’re high-quality shoes with a minimalist zero-drop design, excellent lateral support, agility, and breathability. Undoubtedly the best barefoot tennis shoes.

Xero 360 Men

  • Fit: True to size
  • Size:
    • 6.5-15 (US Men) 
    • 39.5-48 (EU)
  • Colors: Asphalt, Olive Gray, Blue Gray

Xero 360 Women

Similarly, Xero 360 Women shoes are fashionable minimalist shoes for women to move fast, safely, and accurately. They’re fantastic for tennis, court sports, parkour, CrossFit, and other tasks involving quick, accurate movement and lateral support.

Xero 360 Women

  • Fit: True to size
  • Size:
    • 5-10 (US Women) 
    • 35.5-40.5 (EU)
  • Colors: Blue Yellow, Asphalt

What movements does a foot have to make when playing tennis?

Playing tennis involves numerous foot movements and actions. For example, a tennis player must move forward to handle the ball and backward.


  • side-to-side movements with sudden stops,
  • activities, and
  • jumps are required.

It would be best to have excellent sensory feedback, a firm sole, and side support to perform random and rapid movements. Therefore, tennis players need proper training and footwear to avoid foot, ankle, calf, or knee injuries and perform well.

Are Tennis Shoes Necessary?

If you don’t want to roll out your ankle while playing tennis, you need a good pair of shoes. Tennis isn’t only about running; it also needs control, sole support, and side support.

That’s why Xero 360 Men or Women could be a good choice for you. They support intense Tennis play and provide a firm sole and maximum ground input.

Moreover, the Tennis Shoes’ lateral and strong side support secured the complex feet’ movement and action.

What are the advantages of tennis shoes?

While running shoes focus on cushioning, Tennis shoes provide much-needed stability during the game. Unlike running, tennis involves several sudden stops and starts.

That’s why you need

  • a firm sole and
  • lateral support for jumping and other sudden movements.

Proper tennis is a heavy-duty task that requires abrupt movements. Tennis shoes solve that problem.

They are durable and aligned with such demanding heavy tasks. Some Tennis shoes might be heavier and provide lateral support and side support for ankles. Tennis-specific shoes are fit.

Fit shoes translate to more comfortable shoes with a good grip and improved athletic performance. Therefore, many people prefer sport-specific shoes instead of all-purpose sneakers.

Can you wear tennis shoes for other activities?

The answer isn’t straightforward but let’s explore it. Tennis shoes are sport-specific; however, it depends on personal preference and history.

If you have tried them and had a good experience, there’s no problem. But if you’re a professional runner or sports person, you might need a separate pair for Tennis, Running and other activities.

Tennis shoes vs. running shoes: What are the differences?

The main difference is the

  • weight,
  • cushioning, and
  • support.

Running requires only forward motion, while tennis is quite different. Tennis shoes are chunkier with a firm sole and side support to facilitate the various random movements while running shoes are lightweight to speed up forward movement.

Running in Tennis shoes can slow you down, and your shoes will wear off quickly.

Is it possible to play tennis barefoot?

Yes, it is possible to play tennis barefoot. This is because the skin on the soles of your feet is much thicker than the rest of your body skin.

However, you should do small bursts and see if you can handle them. It’s not recommended to play tennis barefoot for long periods.

a woman lies on a blue tennis court with a lot of tennis balls

What are the advantages of playing tennis barefoot?

There are several advantages of playing tennis barefoot.

  • Firstly, you develop a habit of natural walking.
  • Next, you try to put pressure on your feet balls instead of heels while receiving better input and traction from the ground.
  • Secondly, your connection is more assertive with the court, and your movements more accurate and faster.

However, it would be best not to go for professional and competitive tennis barefoot because that can impact your feet and produce blisters. So, only play short sessions of 5,10,15 minutes barefoot to adopt the natural way of your feet movement.

Are barefoot shoes good for tennis? 

Yes, many people are transitioning to barefoot shoes, and there are good reasons for it. Barefoot tennis shoes are non-elevated with zero-drop and provide the base for a perfect posture.

Such shoes offer

  • balance and
  • improve agility to perform better at the court. In addition, you have the
  • freedom of random movements,
  • lateral movement, and bends along with
  • proper support to secure your feet muscles.

Therefore, Barefoot Tennis Shoes are highly recommended by several professionals.

What are the benefits of barefoot tennis shoes?

Barefoot tennis shoes are known for their

  • lightweight and
  • great support. These shoes give you
  • control over your sprints while chasing the ball.

Furthermore, experts suggest that proper barefoot tennis shoes reduce the risk of

  • stress fracture and
  • ankle sprain.

Therefore, you can cover more ground, perform sideways movements efficiently, and receive better input data from the ground.


Many experts and pros recommend barefoot tennis shoes. Due to several sudden, forward, backward, and sideways movements, many people roll their ankles.

That’s why Barefoot Xero 360 (Men and Women) cross-trainer shoes are essential for secure and safe play. Tennis-specific shoes are also necessary because they’re designed for athletic purposes with unique features.

Some have strong soles, while others have good side support. Many are zero-drop, non-elevated to ensure incredible traction for accurate movements.

Therefore, many people recommend Barefoot Tennis shoes.


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Do pros wear barefoot tennis shoes?

Of course, pros know what is good for them as humans and athletes. Many YouTube and Social Media influencers also endorse wearing barefoot tennis shoes after using them.

Are there waterproof barefoot tennis shoes?

Yes, there are waterproof barefoot tennis shoes available. However, you might want to get something that has a suitable drainage mechanism.

Are barefoot tennis shoes also zero drop?

Yes, Barfoot tennis shoes are also zero-drop, non-elevated to balance your posture.

How should barefoot tennis shoes fit?

You know your fit better, but an extra 10 mm should be enough to keep your feet comfortable.

How much can barefoot tennis shoes cost?

The prices of barefoot tennis shoes vary depending on the company and quality. Their prices range from $99 to several hundred dollars.

Where can I buy barefoot tennis shoes?

You can buy barefoot tennis shoes from Xero 360 (men and women).

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