Best Socks for Barefoot Shoes You Need Right Now


Like Barefoot shoes, barefoot socks are designed to provide you with a purely natural walking experience. They are more breathable and comfortable than regular socks that press your toes together.

In addition, barefoot socks allow your feet to receive complete sensory information from the surface you walk on.

Best socks for barefoot shoes

Drop the idea of regular socks if you’re wearing barefoot shoes because that beats the purpose of wearing barefoot shoes.

Regular socks press your toes together, restrict movement, curve toes, and block the sensory information coming through the thin sole. It would be best to opt for one size bigger and spacious socks or go with toe socks.

Best socks for barefoot shoes with toes


Toetoe has been the leading international brand for separated toe socks producing socks for over two decades. Toetoe helps in balance while walking and facilitate the movement of toes.

They offer a variety of socks ranging from stylish footwear and yoga socks to outdoor socks and sportswear.

TOETOE - Essential Everyday Micro Crew Cotton Toe Socks

TOETOE – Essential Everyday Micro Crew Cotton Toe Socks

  • Fit: True to size
  • Size: 4.5-11.5
  • Colors: Black, Denim Stripy, Fuchsia, Turquoise Stripy, White
  • Materials: 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane


Injinji offers comfortable, durable socks having a separate section for each toe like toetoe. It helps toes stay in shape, avoid skin friction, prevent blisters, and absorb moisture effectively.

Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show

Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show

  • Fit: True to size
  • Size: 5-13.5
  • Colors: Black, Gray, Noir, Limeade, Malibu, Coil, Deep Sea, Lightning, Reef
  • Materials: 28% Coolmax/67% Nylon/5% Lycra

Best socks for barefoot shoes for children

Leguanitos Socks Shoes by Leguano

Are you struggling to make your children wear socks and then shoes? Well, you can lessen the hassle. Try Leguanitos by Leguano.

They’re cute, anti-slip, safe, with breathable, airy fabric, and no need for extra socks.

a pair of blue leguano leguanito barefoot sock shoes

Leguano Leguanito

  • Fit: True to size
  • Size:
    • 5.1-9 (Inches)
    • 22-35 (EU)
  • Colors: Blue, Turquoise

Best socks for barefoot shoes for winter and water


As the name suggests, it seals your skin but only from water and not the air. Sealskinz are waterproof but breathable socks with various lengths, i.e., ankle-length socks, mid-length, and knee-length socks.

Pick the perfect length and enjoy your winter with warm feet.

SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock

SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock

  • Fit: True to size
  • Size: 3.5-15
  • Colors: Black/Grey, Black/Navy Blue, Grey, Grey/Red
  • Materials: Outer: 62% polypropylene/29% Nylon/9% ELASTANE;
  • Inner: 36% Merino Wool/36% Acrylic/18% Polyester/5% Nylon/5% Elastane

Sockshoes. Do socks count as shoes?

Well, it’s an interesting question. Because some of the brands have started producing socks that can be counted as shoes. For instance:


Leguano offers a wide range of different shoes. These aren’t shoes and not socks; they’re a hybrid of these two.

Leguanos are comfy for feet having a good cover and sole for walking. You can wear them to walk, run, or go to your office.

one black leguano classic black barefoot sock shoe

Leguano Classic

  • Fit: True to size
  • Size:
    • 4.5-13 (US Men)
    • 6-14.5 (US Women)
    • 36-47 (EU)
  • Colors: Black


Skinners are two in one – they feel like socks and protect like shoes. These are great for traveling as they take much less space in your bag than other shoes.

You can walk diverse terrain, go hiking, or work out in them efficiently.

Skinners 2.0

Skinners 2.0

  • Fit: True to size
  • Size: 4.5-15
  • Colors: Aqua, Carmine, Ivory, Moss, Sand, Stone, Anthracite, Marine
  • Materials: StretchKnitTM with 6 functional fibres

Should you wear socks in barefoot shoes at all?

Well, it’s more of a personal choice. For example, many people don’t wear socks in barefoot shoes. But others suggest wearing socks because the stink can be unbearable.

Also, the blisters and sore feet can be painful. So, decide for yourselves.

Advantages of barefoot in barefoot shoes

If you’re opting for barefoot shoes, you want a more natural walking or running experience. So, wearing socks with barefoot shoes beat this purpose.

It would be best if you were barefoot in barefoot shoes because that’s what you have opted for.

  • It’s more breathable
  • More natural
  • And feels nice

Advantages of wearing socks in barefoot shoes

It has its pros and cons. It protects you from blisters and sore feet. Furthermore, socks absorb sweat and prevent fungal growth.

  • Protect soft feet tissues
  • Provide protection against Fungi
  • Cushioning prevents blisters

Should I run barefoot or with socks?

It’s subjective. However, most people don’t wear socks with VFF (Vibram Five Fingers).

Many do wear socks in cold weather. Some say socks are too hot to handle. So, learn it through the test and error method.

First, try running with socks and then without and check which one you like. Also, we’ll discuss the types of socks below so that you choose the right kind of socks.

What are the socks for barefoot shoes?

There are three kinds of socks. You should select what works best for you.

Normal Socks

Most people wear these socks. They are tight and hold your toes together. Regular socks force the last two or three toes to fit the curve.

As a result, they alter your feet’ shape like regular shoes. It would be best to avoid tight socks that can deform your feet.

Toe Socks

The second kind of socks is Toe Socks. Toe socks are like gloves but for feet. They have separate sections for each toe. Therefore, you don’t need to squish toes for adjustments all the time.

Also, they look unusual and creepy but worth the effort because there is no deformation of feet, no adjusting toes to the curve, and a lot of sensory information coming in.

Wide/Bigger socks

If you’re hesitant towards the above two options, don’t worry because you got the third kind. You don’t like regular socks and toe socks, then buy a size or two big socks.

They will provide enough space for your toes and don’t force them to fit in the curve forcefully. Your feet will be at ease.

What should I look for in socks for barefoot shoes?

Look for certain qualities while buying socks for barefoot shoes.

Socks for barefoot shoes should not be too tight.

Tight socks are problematic because they restrict the free movement of toes. Furthermore, they stress the last toes to stick together and bend.

Moreover, preventing feet from receiving sensory information from the ground makes walking unnatural.

How to tackle this situation?

  • Give your socks a good stretch before wearing them
  • Buy one size bigger to have ample space for your toes

Socks for barefoot shoes should give enough space to the toes.

Barefoot shoes are meant to provide a natural walking experience like our ancestors who roamed the earth thousands of years ago. Many believe that barefoot walking and running are good for human health.

And barefoot shoes are an effort to replicate the ancient roaming style on the earth. If regular socks are worn with barefoot shoes, it’ll reduce their effectiveness.

Therefore, you should wear toe Socks with barefoot shoes because they have:

  • Separate pockets for each toe
  • Enough space to move and receive sensory information

Socks for barefoot shoes should be breathable.

Like barefoot shoes, socks should be breathable too. Your feet need fresh air and blood circulation, which you can restrict if your socks aren’t breathable.

Breathable socks:

  • Allow fresh air
  • Ensure steady blood circulation


Barefoot socks keep your toes separate with proper natural spacing. They provide freedom of movement to your toes and keep them in their original shape.

Regular traditional socks force your toes to fit in the curve of the socks deforming their shape. Therefore, go for a bigger size or toe socks.

They help stabilize movement, absorb moisture, prevent blisters, and receive sensory information from the ground. Barefoot socks feel comfortable and natural.

That’s why the movement is gaining momentum worldwide.

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Do you wear socks with Vivobarefoot shoes?

Each as he likes. It has pros and cons.  

Can you put insoles in Vivobarefoot?

Yes, it is possible.

How do I measure my feet for Vivobarefoot?

Take a soft tape and measure feet in millimeters. Then compare it with this measuring table and get your perfect size.

Do you wear socks with barefoot Merrell shoes?

Each as he likes. It has advantages and disadvantages.

Can you wear Merrell shoes without socks?

Yes, it is possible.

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