Desconocido Men’s Casual 14m6201 CVT-Hemp Lace-up Flats Green Size: – Review

Desconocido Men’s Casual 14m6201 CVT-Hemp Lace-up Flats Green Size: – Product characteristics

  • 100% Hemp / Poly Blend
  • Imported
  • Vibram sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • FABRIC: Synthetic
  • SOLE: Vibram Rubber
  • SOLE SPEC: Insole: 2mm EVA+Sockliner Midsole: 6.5 mm EVA Rubber: 3.5mm
  • UPPER: Polyester Blend
Vibram Five Fingers Men's CVT-Hemp Minimalist Casual Walking Shoe (42 EU/9-9.5, Khaki)*
  • FABRIC: Synthetic
  • SOLE: Vibram Rubber
  • SOLE SPEC: Insole: 2mm EVA+Sockliner Midsole: 6.5 mm EVA Rubber: 3.5mm

Desconocido Men’s Casual 14m6201 CVT-Hemp Lace-up Flats Green Size: – Reviews

Nearly perfect for hiking

These have become my go-to hiking and trail running shoe. Aside from some minor gripes they are perfect. I only wish I had another pair.I got these right before going on a 4 day hiking trip. I was nervous about the lack of support as I had not tried minimalist shoes before. My first day with them I did a half day hike up and down a mountain. From the trail head it was 800 meters of elevation gain. My feet were sore by the end of the first day, but it wasn’t painful it just felt like a workout. By morning the soreness was gone and I was eager to slip them back on. In addition to the hiking, on the last day I ran about 6km in these on and off trail. All told I was blown away at how comfortable they were.The thing that impressed me the most is that these communicate with you, giving you a new sense of feeling and touch you will never find in a shoe. It is exactly like the difference between puffy mittens and thin gloves. This has practical implications. Almost immediately it changed my gait. Suddenly I was able to easily feel things, like if I was struck my heel too hard on a given step. The constant feedback makes it easy to develop a healthier stride, one that engages your foot muscles in a more varied fashion.Now for the cons:• These need to be washed constantly, and take many hours to dry. You might want 2 pairs.• Typically my feet and socks never ever smell. But one day of wearing these is guaranteed to create an odor. Like others I wash these in the shower with me so they can get a daily freshening.• Very small rocks and the like can easily sneak in the sides. You have to take them off to remove debris. I find myself doing this a number of times during long hikes, primarily after steep downhill portions or when going off trail.• I tried both the “right” size and +1. I ended up returning the “right” size and going a size up. I was particularly grateful for this after using them for a while, as your foot will swells a little when hot. This swelling turned something that was slightly loose in some areas into a very snug fit.• When walking on dirt your feet will get very dirty. It’s a side effect of how breathable these are.• Stepping in the tiniest bit of water will get your feet wet. In between the toes there is no sole, thus water only has to be ~half a centimeter deep to get in. Even one step in moist mud will fill the bottom with enough water to slosh a bit. The weight of your body creates a small depression in mud which immediately fills with water.

Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2017

About the sizing

Ok so the shoes are rad overall but the sizing is confusing because I wasn’t sure how they were supposed to fit.I wear a solid 10.5-11 US (heel to toe my foot is exactly 11 inches). In other vibrams I’ve tried (like the v-treks) im a 43, 44 being much too large. So with the hemps I opted for a 44, as per all advice about going a size up.At first right out of the box I thought they were way too tight, like no way I could wear them. But after a day of flexing in them indoors I realized that the length and width were fine (my toes are right at the end, with enough room to curl my toes under a bit), and the tightness was from the height of the shoe. Like I was being squeezed a bit too much.So basically I got thicc feet. But I wore them out and they feel fine now, and I’m sure theyll stretch the minuscule amountI require, but even if they don’t, I can comfortably wear them all day, wherever.In summary, they seemed to fit very tight, but it turned out to be fine. I think you’ll kno if they’re too small, but if you’re not sure that a full size up is what you need, think about the tightness around the strap area. It feels like if I cut the strap off/ if they stretched a tiny bit upwards they’d be perfect.So there you go. They fit super snug, and it’s ok. It’s just different.

Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2018

Daily Wear Approved

I’ve used Vibram Five Fingers for the gym for years, but never as a daily wear shoe. My knees were starting to bother me with my sketchers and I had also heard whispers about the minimalist shoe movement so I decided to take a chance. I am not disappointed with these.Transitioning to these was probably the best decision in my life. While slowly increasing the wear time over several weeks, I noticed progressively less pain and irritation from my knees by the end of the day. While I do still occasionally get a twinge if I step wrong, it’s nowhere near as bad when it happens when I’m wearing regular shoes. Obviously these can’t repair the damage done by years of wrong walking and running, but they can certainly mitigate continued damage by promoting proper walking style and form.A great thing about these are they are airy for the top of your foot and lightweight. My feet never feel like they are overheating in these. Not like they use to in standard shoes. I do recommend several pairs of good quality toes socks, though they are not required, as they will significantly reduce your foot odor by the end of the day.Which brings me to the only negative of any Vibram Five Fingers shoes. Foot odor. The bottoms of your feet tend to get quite stinky, less so with toe socks. So remember to wash your shoes in the washer at least once a week, then let them air dry on the floor. If the odor bothers you, remember to wash your feet after taking the shoes off and you’ll be golden.I suppose I should mention their fit too. I never realized how loose and poorly fitting my other Five Fingers were until I tried the Hemp walking shoe. They literally fit like a glove. They are snug, secure, and fit my toe length perfectly. I should mention there is about a 1cm gap at the end of each toe for me so the fabric is not compacting your toe into your foot. I will say that they are a bit tight for about an hour if you wear toe socks in them, but they relax quite nicely during that time and are good for the rest of the day. As far as arch support goes. I wouldn’t say they have them, but one could argue they do as the sole does form nicely to the bottom of my foot/arches. Lastly the sole of these are quite flexible. So much so that I can curl my toes under my foot for stretching throughout the day. Something I cannot do in my other Five Fingers I own.These are the best shoes I’ve ever owned, even if they are expensive.

Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2020
Vibram Five Fingers Men's CVT-Hemp Minimalist Casual Walking Shoe (42 EU/9-9.5, Khaki)*
  • FABRIC: Synthetic
  • SOLE: Vibram Rubber
  • SOLE SPEC: Insole: 2mm EVA+Sockliner Midsole: 6.5 mm EVA Rubber: 3.5mm

Desconocido Men’s Casual 14m6201 CVT-Hemp Lace-up Flats Green Size: – FAQ

I was wondering about how long would these last for most people and what activities people do in these shoes besides running thanks

Hi James, unfortunately how long a pair of Fives will last is like asking “how long is a piece of string.” It depends on the terrain. They’ll last less on pavement, and more when on the grass. I can tell you that I used four pairs when walking the 3000km Te Araroa track of New Zealand. The terrain was mostly wilderness track, but there were large sections walking on roads and through residential areas, but overall that’s 750km per pair over mixed terrain. As for what they can be used for, that’s even more complex largely to do with the conjecture from major shoe manufacturers. They say not much, I say pretty much anything.I see Fives as primarily an extension of what I was born with, they simply allow me to go further over rough or hot terrain than I could barefooted. However, shoe manufacturers seem to want us to believe that evolution has given us nothing but lemons on the ends of our legs. As such, there are many claims that extending what evolution has already designed is dangerous, and we should in fact use their products which are totally different from what evolution ever intended. I’m not saying shoes aren’t beneficial, or that Fives are perfect, but what I am saying is that you can use Fives virtually anywhere you can use shoes (safety boots and thermal comfort excluded). For me, I wear Fives running (not on pavement) walking, hiking (with a pack), cycling, yoga, climbing, kayaking, climbing, socialising, in the garden, out to the movies, you name it. Admittedly I’m as far from being a fashion victim as one can reasonably be, so what people think of my “monkey feet” when I’m at the movies or watching F1 is somewhat irrelevant.If you haven’t guessed, I’m a big fan of Fives, but my main reason is because I like to travel light, very light. I’ll go away for six months with just carry on luggage, so one pair of Fives on my feet don’t take up any extra space, and I simply wash them just like my clothes. NoteIf you haven’t worn them before, be patient with getting used to putting them on (the five toe shuffle), and be prepared to have sore legs for a few weeks if you wear them a lot initially. Because they’re so thin, you get very sensitive feedback on your underfoot environment. This means your feet give extremely fast and accurate information back to your brain, and you will be shifting your weight (as you would naturally in bare feet) to keep your centre on balance – this uses different muscles differently, hence the possible sore legs. Additionally, your body knows how to protect itself if it gets the right information, so things like twisted ankles and jarred knees can’t happen (in my opinion) so easily. This is why I could do a 3000km trek with a pack in Fives. i.e. No ankle support that the boot manufacturers would have you believe is a must.Anyway, it’s all my opinion, based on experience, but with an admission of bias – I love ’em!

Order one size up.

Yes order at least on size up! Typically I wear size 46 I had to return them and get 4 which are a little tight but the hemp is very and not as hot as the normal material. You will love them!

What is your size 43 equivalent?

About 9-10

Has anybody gone to the gym in these? Specifically wondering if they will hold up during squats deadlifts etc…

I have various models of vibrams including the hemp ones and wear vibrams to crossfit every day. The hemp vibrams are pretty delicate compared to other models.

For the size 11 – 11.5. What is the European sizing? Thank you!

12-12.5 I believe, look it up..

Would they survive California cold weather and light rain?

Depends on the shoe. I live in Arizona so a light shoe works well. There are a number of shoes and socks that are ready for Calfornia weather and

How is the sole of the shoe when it hits a little water on the pavement? I have crashed and burned so many times just walking in my Columbia Omni grip

Hi Michele,I’m not familiar with Columbia’s Omni Grip technology primarily because I use almost nothing but my Five Fingers. However, I can’t ever recall having any issues on wet pavements when wearing them.Obviously water is always going to reduce traction to some extent, but the additional tactile dexterity (I believe) you get from Fives tends to alert the wearer more quickly to underfoot changes. As I wear them so much, I probably take for granted this increased feedback, because on the rare occasions I do change footwear (in snow for example), my first thought is how “clunky,” “blind,” and cumbersome my other shoes are.Cheers – Shaun

Are these shoes you can wear without socks?

You could wear any shoe without socks, these are designed to be worn with or without socks (special ones)

Are these shoes slip resistant?

I believe they are. I walk around on polished hardwood floors and have been on hardwood steps that had no anti slip protection. Never had any hint of a slip.

Vibram Five Fingers Men's CVT-Hemp Minimalist Casual Walking Shoe (42 EU/9-9.5, Khaki)*
  • FABRIC: Synthetic
  • SOLE: Vibram Rubber
  • SOLE SPEC: Insole: 2mm EVA+Sockliner Midsole: 6.5 mm EVA Rubber: 3.5mm

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