GROUNDIES® Milano Soft Women – Red – Review

GROUNDIES® Milano Soft Women – Red – Product characteristics

  • 100% Leather
  • Leather sole
  • 100% soft goatskin leather
  • Wide toe box and anatomical shape – almost barefoot feel
  • Barefoot sole – Original TrueSense GO1 sole with 3.3 mm base and 3 mm profile: light, flexible, abrasion-resistant – Made in Germany
  • Lace-up shoe – for a perfect fit
  • For each order we plant a tree – environmentally responsible

GROUNDIES® Milano Soft Women – Red – Reviews

Thin Barefoot Shoe Pronates Arch

These shoes are comfortable and flexible but no structure. The leather is very thin and flip floppy. The stitching is wide throughout. The sizing is true to size. If you are a 8.5 you want to get a 9. No half sizes. The size was fine for me as the leather conforms to your foot as it is worn. To compare they are a very very thin suede like leather and not lined in any way. They are much less structured than some barefoot shoes and have no support. However that being said they are easy to wear but no support if that is what you’re going for. Other barefoot shoes’ leather and/or material is thicker and more durable – yet very flexible providing more durability compared to this Groundie shoe. Because the leather and soles are thin their longevity will be most likely not be long term shoe. Unfortunately my knees hurt with this shoe. So I measured and found that the sole (also very thin) of the arch of the shoe is half a centimeter thinner than the other side causing the shoe structure to lean inward – as in the arch caving. I will sadly have to return these due to the overpronation structure of the shoe (foot rolls inward as you walk). Comfortable, true to size, very soft and flip floppy, uneven thin sole that causes the arch to roll inward.

Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2022

Great cool red color.

Roomy toe box. Best Groundies sole style in my opinion. This color is great as well!

Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2022

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