GROUNDIES® Universe Men – White 12.5 Wide – Review

GROUNDIES® Universe Men – White 12.5 Wide – Product characteristics

    GROUNDIES® Universe Men – White 12.5 Wide – Reviews

    Not wide enough

    In case you missed the other comments, ladies, these are men’s sized shoes. It is a great barefoot shoe if you have narrow feet. But as I think most of my fellow barefooters can attest, we don’t have narrow feet. If we’ve worn true barefoot shoes (or just been literally barefoot) for any length of time, our feet have widened out. Most of the cool barefoot shoes, like Groundies, use a footprint that is too narrow for me. So I’m stuck with the homier, backwoods cousins of shoes that actually fit and let my toes splay.The fit and finish on these seem very nice and for the price, you can’t find a better barefoot shoe. But don’t buy if you’ve got them Sasquatch feet.

    Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2022

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