GROUNDIES womens Groundies Universe Regular Fit – Review

GROUNDIES womens Groundies Universe Regular Fit – Product characteristics

  • Cowhide leather, lining: microfibre – Made in EU
  • Made in EU – sole from Germany, produced in Portugal
  • TrueSense barefoot sole made of 100% LTPU: 3.3mm base with 3.9mm tread sole
  • Zero drop and neutral footbed
  • Wide toe box and anatomical shape
  • Flexible, non-slip, abrasion resistant
  • 3 years warranty against wearing through of sole
  • For each order we plant a tree

GROUNDIES womens Groundies Universe Regular Fit – Reviews

toe box is not wide enough. Would not consider it to fit the criteria for a true “minimalist” shoe.

These shoes are cute, however I would not buy again. To me, the toe box is not nearly wide enough for my toes and they don’t fit what I would consider minimalist shoe criteria. I wanted to give them try because I wanted a shoe that looked a little more “normal”. My feet hurt after wearing these shoes for an extended period of time. I have multiple pairs of barefoot shoes and my feet don’t hurt in those. I can’t pin point why the sole of this shoe is uncomfortable. I purchased the Colorado style from Groundies and LOVE them. The sole is perfect, the toe box width is perfect, it could be making it’s way to my most comfortable barefoot shoe, so I was disappointed that the Universe was somehow so different.EDIT – I see now after reading the product description closer, it reads “Regular”, which I now understand means a more narrow and traditional toe box. To me it seems this is deceptive advertising, in the product description immediately under the size and listed price, it reads “Wide toe box and anatomical shape”.(see screenshot).However when you scroll much farther down the page and read the Product Description, it reads “No heel and full barefoot feeling. Regular toe box: traditional, narrower fit in the toe area”. This is terrible advertising in my opinion. In most parts of the description it says there is an anatomical design, anatomical foot bed. Full barefoot feeling. Etc. And then in one spot it explains that it is a traditional toe box. I’m disappointed in this false advertising. Don’t advertise full barefoot feeling if you are intentionally making it a narrower and more traditional footbed. I have worn them multiple times and obviously can’t return at this point. But for the price I paid I could have bought a way cuter pair of shoes with a traditional foot bed if that’s the look I was going for.

Reviewed in the United States on May 7, 2022

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