Is Walking Barefoot Bad? Sure Not!

In this article, I would like to address the question: Is Walking Barefoot Bad? Unfortunately, many people develop the habit of walking barefoot.

Some sectors of society warn that this is not a good idea. But there is another school of thought which insists that is good practice.

In any way, this is an issue that needs looking at with a clear mind. You can also have a clear picture of what you can manage if you look at expert advice. Some people have already gone through this. These are the ones who can also offer some tips worth checking out because they walked the talk.

We will look at the following issues in this article:

Curious now? Then let’s take a closer look at the most important questions.

Is walking barefoot bad?

2-small-barefoot-baby-feet on a footpath

For me personally, a clear no. I even think that we can offer our body nothing better than to run barefoot as much as our daily life allows.

  • Nature has not provided footwear. Only our environment has made this partly necessary.

Some have trouble walking barefoot on cold floors, and others get pain in their ankles. For some, it can also lead to soreness in the joints and back pain.

But I think after consultation with the family doctor, and in the right measure it should bring no problems, but on the contrary, only benefits. At least, that’s what my own experience has shown me.

What is barefoot walking?


Barefoot walking is an act of moving around your environment with exposed feet. In other words, you walk around the place with bare feet which are not covered.

Barefoot walking is what you see when someone ventures out. They will not be putting on socks, sandals, shoes, or anything covering their feet.

  • After doing this, the feet will be directly in contact with the ground. As we shall soon see, this practice has issues that you need to understand before trying it.

Is it bad to walk barefoot on a cold floor?

someone sits with bare legs and feet in the snow in front of an ice lake

We can only answer such a big question after looking at what happens when you walk barefoot on a cold floor. Even the statement sends chills to the brain!

When you walk barefoot on the floor, you feel the direct impact of the coldness through your feet. It means that the cold moves through your legs to the rest of your body.

Doing this is one sure way of inviting complications in yourself. The first thing you are going to notice is that the cold can cause infections.

This is the kind of cold that triggers many conditions at the end of the day. It would be best if you listened with caution here. The fact that you have been using this habit does not make it safe.

  • The best way out is to act in a manner that leaves you protected and healthy. To this effect, you will have many infections and conditions that come this way.

That is why it is not good to walk barefoot on the cold floor. So you have to use other alternatives to correct this and act healthy.

Do your ankles suffer when you go barefoot?

an x-ray of a splinted ankle

It is yet another question that seems to spark a lot of debate. But it does not have to be that way.

The ankles are there to protect the food and keep the leg balanced. When you walk barefoot, there is always that danger of stressing the tendons leading away from the ankle.

Experts warn that walking barefoot for a long time can be dangerous for your ankle and other parts. In this case, we are talking about areas of your feet that you trust.

  • But when bruised, you will feel the effects of such a decision. Whatever you do, this is one common practice you can manage to avoid and save the trouble.

Is walking barefoot bad for your back?


When you walk barefoot, some people suggest that you could be endangering your back. But that is a bit too fast.

Walking barefoot does not affect your back so directly that a doctor will diagnose it that way.

  • Instead, you can feel how refreshing it is to move around the beach and enjoy the healthy sun—of course, doing this with nothing covering your feet!

To hit the nail on the head, walking barefoot exposes you to other pathogens. So there are other diseases you are going to get. But walking barefoot will not cause that back pain as some suggest.

Are bare feet better than shoes?


There are cases where you will find it very refreshing to go barefoot. You could even have your reasons.

In such a case, you have to make sure that you follow all the precautions experts give you. However, when you look at it from the flip side, you find that this is a habit that most people avoid.

  • This is because when you use shoes, your feet are protected. You receive protection against bacteria, broken bottles, and other sharp objects on the ground.

In simple terms, walking bare feet is generally not good practice. This is because of the many dangers you may find in your environment. These can attack your feet and leave you with an ailment.

What are the benefits of walking barefoot?


We have taken the time to talk about the dangers of walking barefoot. But now, let us look at the other side of the issue. What about the benefits.

To start with, when you walk barefoot, you also enjoy some excellent balance. This means that your feet eventually get used to this new way of life.

You also determine the best foot positions as you balance your fear. After some time, the base of your feet becomes more robust and better.

Wear socks or barefoot at home?


This is the question many people have wondered about. To make the analysis simple, you can walk barefoot in the house.

But you may decide to put on your socks if the floor is too cold and you are not comfortable.

  • As a rule of thumb, moving around with socks on your feet gives a good start.

Also, it usually feels cleaner to be out and about with socks. Even at home, especially with children, the bathroom- or kitchen floor can be sticky and dirty. One would like to distribute them unwillingly in the rest of the apartment.


the wc sign with a blue man and a pink woman figure of a public toilet

Dangers await you if you decide to move around the community with nothing covering your feet. Even when inside your house, you have to make sure that you avoid exposing your feet to the floor.

You can also balance this by considering that benefits follow along the way when you walk barefoot. But, again, this means that you need a balanced approach and a good understanding of your environment.

  • And don’t forget: If you are going to a public toilet, you need to cover your feet :-)

If you can report from your own experience or have additional suggestions, feel free to share. I am looking forward to it.

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