Leguano Barefoot Shoes. A Must Have For Men and Women in 2021

Leguano barefoot shoes are one of the most in-demand. As a result, Leguano is providing both barefoot shoes for men and barefoot shoes for women. Furthermore, their barefoot shoes are thin and breathable as well.

The minimalist designs of Leguano barefoot shoes are according to the latest trend of fashion. Moreover, the design of their boots goes with demand by the customers. The barefoot shoe men and the barefoot shoes women categories are available in up-to-date fashion styles. 

one black ballerina leguano shoe on meadow

Moreover, if you are an athlete or a walk lover, the barefoot shoes Leguano are made for you. Furthermore, these minimalist shoes are comfortable for gym time as well. The comfort of these allows your feet to move freely.

They give you a comfortable experience for feet. It helps in creating physical activities smoother. Moreover, they protect the feet from an unexpected mishap.

Leguano barefoot shoes for men and women

Active Black

If you are looking for trendy and comfy barefoot shoes, then Active Black is for you. This shoe contains a thicker sole that makes it more comfortable and flexible.

Moreover, the design of these shoes with laces enhances their looks. It is considered ideal barefoot shoes for men. The flexibility in use and its rubber sole gives a natural feel to the feet.

i balance a leguano barefoot shoe in my garden on my index finger

Furthermore, the trendy design of these shoes makes them multi-purpose. It is highly recommended for athletes and can be used for outdoor and travel activities. Many boat lovers also prefer it because of its non-slippery feature.


  • It serves both barefoot shoes and tie-up laces shoes.
  • Allow free moves with proper control over feet.
  • The Active Black Leguano barefoot shoes are flexible and breathable.


  • These shoes are not suitable for the winter season.
  • Sometimes it becomes tight from the ankle. 

Beat Anthracite 

Beat Anthracite barefoot shoes are different from others. It is made with an advanced and modern knitting design which allows long-lasting durability to these barefoot shoes.

Moreover, these shoes also give easy wear resistance. This shoe also contains an air hole. This unique feature makes it more breathable. This feature is more helpful in hot weather. 

Furthermore, it has a flexible sole. These Leguano barefoot shoes give the feet free movement over the ground. They do not restrict running even in the mountains. It keeps the feet healthy by providing needed air.


  • They are made on a knitting pattern.
  • Beat Anthracite provides better wear resistance. 
  • Easy to carry with a flexible sole. 


  • These shoes are comparatively expensive for few people.
  • This shoe is not recordable for heavy gym activities.  
Logo of Leguano Barefootshoes

Beat Silver

Beat Silver by Leguano barefoot shoes are more comfortable. These shoes are made of casual soles. Its silver color looks make it more attractive and trendy.

Furthermore, it is the first barefoot shoe by Leguano that includes a sole of this color. The design of these shoes is for men. This shoe is based on a knitting pattern which enhances its wearing durability. 

Moreover, its sole is made of high quality. This barefoot shoe gives a more natural feel to the feet. The thin feature of the sole makes it easy to move to the feet. The flexible sole gives the sense of enjoying the earth itself. 


  • Available in new and attractive silver-white color.
  • Its thin sole gives a more natural feel over ground.
  • It includes an air hole.


  • There is a chance of tearing the sole from the heel due to the thin sole. 
  • Prolonged use can hurt the ankle. 

Amalfi White

Amalfi white barefoot shoes from Leguano are specifically shoes for women. It gives chic design to the women considering the new fashion trend. The design of this shoe is unique due to its floral effects. 

Moreover, it gives a natural barefoot feeling. This women’s barefoot shoe is incredibly stylish and provides more comfort to feet. The trendy and casual looks of this shoe give women weekend gateways. 

Furthermore, these shoes are flexible. They are accessible in use and to carry as well. It helps in keeping the feet healthy by adding a breathable feature to them. In addition, it helps in protecting the ankles while running or walking.


  • It has a unique macrame design on barefoot shoes.
  • Amalfi white protects ankles from any injury.
  • These shoes gives a more natural and comfortable feel to the ground.


  • This shoe is available in only white color, which limits the choice. 
  • They are comparatively costly. 

Beat Pink

This minimalist shoe from Leguano is designed in pink colors after considering the common choice of females. This vibrant pink is more attractive and gives a treat to the eyes. 

Moreover, they are high-quality, long-lasting barefoot shoes for women. This shoe includes air holes that allow the feet better and easier breathability.

Furthermore, advanced innovative technology is used for the comfortable sole. It is thin and flexible. These barefoot shoes are also easy to carry. Moreover, it allows free and secure movement of feet. This footwear for women will enable them to protect their ankles from any injury. 

one pink leguano barfoot shoe on meadow


  • They are specifically available in pink color. 
  • It has a breathable sole.
  • It helps in protecting the ankles. 
  • They are available at is an affordable price.


  • The tightness of the sole makes it uncomfortable sometimes.


The barefoot shoes from Leguano are comparatively more comfortable and flexible. Therefore, barefoot shoes for men and women both are trendy and stylish. Moreover, the comfy sole of these shoes makes it the preferable choice. Consequently, we are sure that you will get the best barefoot shoes for yourself.

one pair of blue leguano barefoot socks for kids on the meadow

What are your favorite Leguano barefoot shoes? Share your experience in the comments below. Gladly also the negative ones to help others.

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