Mens Womens Athletic Hiking Sandal Closed Toe Outdoor Walking Water Shoes – Review

Mens Womens Athletic Hiking Sandal Closed Toe Outdoor Walking Water Shoes – Product characteristics

  • Rubber sole
  • BREATHABLE UPPER: SAGUARO hiking sandal use durable mesh and artificial leather upper to enhances breathability in summer outdoor activities.
  • SAFETY DESIGN: Closed toe design reduces hurt from hard objects, elastic band with adjustable buckles and hook-loop at heels for adjust to personalize the fit and easy on/off NOTICE: Detachable hook-loop, can be as a slippers.
  • SUPPORT INSIDE: Textile lining and soft holes design foam footbed of this sports sandal gives additional cushioned and ventilated support.
  • RUBBER SOLE: These athletic hiking sandals featured with upgrade groove round rubber outsole provides excellent grip and durability function, thick back heel offers long-lasting cushioning and stable walking.
  • SUITABLE OCCASION: Casual, hiking, climbing, camping, river, wading, stream, cross waterfalls, beach, fishing, cruise, rafting, walking, other water sports.

Mens Womens Athletic Hiking Sandal Closed Toe Outdoor Walking Water Shoes – Reviews

Not bad — except for the funky smell

I bought these as basic knock-around sandals to replace my venerable Merrell sandals which I live in during the summers for going sock-less with shorts. I was pleased with the price (about 1/3 of the Merrells) and not at all unhappy with the appearance, the fit, and the walking comfort. However, there’s something about the materials of these sandals that quickly resulted in a ‘funky’ smell. This is not something I normally have any problem with, and it was never a problem with my Merrells. I’ve also noted that just sitting around, these sandals often feel “hot” on my feet, though they’re ventilated about the same as the Merrells they were intended to replace.I’ve purchased a deodorizing spray which somewhat masks the funk, but I’m reluctant to wear these in social situations. I’m contemplating purchasing replacement insoles, but maybe I’ll just spring for the kind of more expensive sandal that has served me well in the past.Apart from the problem with the odor, which others may not have, I’d say that these are a good value. Not the heft or quality of top-end sandals, but very serviceable for casual wear.

Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2020

Waste of money

I bought this shoes so that i can wear them fast with out sox.. but when you wear them and walk it bites your foot at the back… it is not properly designed… i have to wear a sox … so as to not to get hurt… that beats the purpose of wearing it in water or outside for a quick walk..I will not recommend this product.. poor design…

Reviewed in the United States on April 26, 2020

width for a man; too wide for woman’s medium

I’m not going to return these; I have a grandson I can give to. BUT, not happy. I should have known if these were advertised as men/womens there had to be a catch. The width is way too wide for a womans medium. Way too wide. Won’t be purchasing from Saguano again.

Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2020

Good grip, fast shipping, comfortable and good for arch support. Might need ankle socks.

Awesome shoes! Definitely suggest. Just broke them in at the Mark Twain national forest and didn’t have any major issues. The grip is awesone, i was able to walk up or down wet rocks with ease. Clay hills, np, damp dirt hilly trails, ok lol. I fully trust these shoes not to slip,, I had grip at all times except on mossey rocks….but I dont think anything can help with that. The only issue I reallg have are the ankle straps, they rub on my ankle bone which would probably cause a blister over time but it’s definitely noticeable. I just went and bought the thinnest ankle socks they had from DG and it solved the issue, no more rub. I actually started wearing these instead of normal shoes because they’re actually comfortable as well….coming from a person who needs arch support. Definitely suggest

Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2020

Very comfortable, but…

I have a medium arch, narrow heel and do a lot of walking and hiking. Living in Arizona I like having a pair of closed toe vented shoes that are my go-to pair for walking around town. Heel cushion is terrific and they’re very light. In fact, it feels like I’m walking in a pair of slippers. The uppers are thin and breathable. My complaint are the slides on the laces – they don’t grip. They slide loose so the upper feels very flimsy. If the slides held the uppers would grip my feet just fine, and they do so for about every 40 to 50 yards and then come loose again. I will need to cut out the laces and replace them or return the shoes. Haven’t decided yet. Three stars because they are super comfortable – if only the slides held.

Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2020

Way Too Big But Good

I had to order 3 pairs of these to get the right size but once I did they fit nice and snug. I wear a 12 but had to order these in a 10.5 for good fit. They are snug without tightening the cords and extra snug if you do. A nice alternative for yard work.

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2020

Great for hiking in rocky areas

I went looking for a sandal that had a bit more toe protection and stumbled across these. I have been wearing an old pair of Tevas that have completely open toes and kept tripping on the toe flap and getting them caught in the pedals of my Jeep.These sandals solve all of that. I like having the toe protection of a shoe with the cool comfort of a sandal. These sandals look good and seem sturdy. They are comfortable, so far (I have had them less than a week), and are an excellent price (I think my old Tevas were at least double this price).

Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2020

Loose-fitting sandal that looks the part – but is not really Keen

I will start by saying these sandals look pretty good coming right out of the box. Well – we’ve peaked, so if you’re looking for anything positive after that… you will be sadly disappointed. Now, there is nothing terrible to say about these relatively inexpensive sandals, but there is really nothing good to say about them either. You are getting nothing more than what you paid for here, and very likely a lot less.I covered the only real big positive above: they look pretty good. Not phenomenal, but pretty good. Now, the not so positives:These feel flimsy on the feet. More ill-engineered minimalism than anything else. Do not expect these will hold up under anything less than casual strolling… for short distances.These lack any adjustability to fit ‘real’ feet with any comfort. No matter how hard I have tried to adjust these – it has the fitment of an old Crown Royal bag loosely tied to your feet – except I feel a Crown Royal bag would be more comfortable… and you have Crown Royal to enjoy with the bags on your fee – if you’re into that.I don’t know who they used to model these – but they have ill-formed feet that are chubby in the middle and come to an unusual point at the toes.The loose fitment has also lead to several hot spots on different locations on the heel, as well as the big toe pivot above and lateral to the ball.I could not wear them for more than 20 minutes when walking continuously. I had to drop the back of the heels and walk on them like flops in order to make it back to my car to put on my 11 year-old pair of Keens (I own 6 pairs – all great-fitment and durability). The very old Keens lasted all-day without a single issue – as always.I don’t know why I keep trying to find a cheaper alternative when all you get is a cheap excuse for a sandal. Save the $35 and apply that to a real sandal that will last over a decade through several Disney, Sea World, Aquatica, Busch Gardens trips with well over a million steps on the clock. When Keens are cleared out at $70-$80… buy multiple pairs.

Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2021

Mens Womens Athletic Hiking Sandal Closed Toe Outdoor Walking Water Shoes – FAQ

Do these shoes have good arch support?

Actually the arch support is pretty good, I was surprised.

Are the soles have good traction?

Yes, the sole is rubber and have good grip.

Are they waterproof?

Not sure what you mean by “waterproof”. I use these (I actually opted out for KEENs) as my water shoes when canoeing. They float (very important for me) and dry quickly.

Do they have any width choices?

No. I’m normally a size 10; size 10.5 fit better

are these shoes good for people that has trouble with their feet?Like for instance plantar fincitis?Need a pair that wears good.

Well, they probably would be as long as you get the right size and your foot isn’t loose in shoe. Plantar fasciitis hurts through the heel, right? So to that fact, the heel is really comfortable.

Is the heel enclosed or open? I need to put orthodics in that won’t slide out the back

The heel is open with a removable strap. However, the sandals come with a removable insert that I replaced with Ortho Arch support inserts. Fit within the existing ridge of the sole.

Are these 0 drop? Meaning, is the thickness in the heel the same as the thickness in the ball of the foot, or is the heel thicker?

It is all the same thickness. It feels amazing when on a trail. Remember tho, the shoes are open with a back strap.

Mi talla mujer 8.5, la talla hijo hombre 10.5 no coinciden!?

La talla mujer en los estados unidos de 8.5 en México sería 6.5.

Are these sport sandals comfortable without socks?


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