Merrell Barefoot – The Best Quality Barefoot for Men and Women

Merrell barefoot is currently among the top most reputable brands on the market and is genuinely an excellent brand for purchasing barefoot shoes.

And with this intro, I welcome you all to my blog. My name is Dirk, and I am a barefoot shoe enthusiast. My favorite time of the day is writing this blog for you guys after assessing the top reviewed barefoot shoe brands and scrutinizing what they have to offer.

I understand that while barefoot shoes are not known worldwide yet, I am happy that you are giving them a chance. For anyone who has heel pain or aching ankles, these shoes are a wonder. Notably, the range that Merrell barefoot has to offer is spectacular in terms of quality and pricing.

Okay, guys, now let’s get down to some business!

Why do I personally like Merrell barefoot?

a woman with backpack walks barefoot over stones

The first reason is perhaps that Merrell barefoot resonates with my morals. It has barefoot shoes for men and barefoot shoes for women.

They wholeheartedly stand by the notion that if you have feet, you can trail, and if you can trail, you need shoes! 

My blog is open to all, and I want you guys and gals to consider it a safe space. Merrell does the same; the promotion strategies it has, along with the inclusivity it offers, are exemplary.

Merrell believes that you can achieve the impossible, which is one reason I love this brand.

It doesn’t discriminate, it has a great deal of innovation to offer, and in the fight for equality, you will always witness Merrell barefoot on the frontlines. From a brand like this, I, for one, would want to purchase my shoes. 

What’s that now? Do I feel that you all want to buy some shoes too? Then without further ado, let us see some top-rated shoes they have. 

The best merrell barefoot shoes for women on the market

Considering how there are many shoes out there, and you all should own the best ones only, below is a list. This has been crafted after much research and diligence, especially for my fellow followers. 

Trail Glove 6 Eco

a pair of maritim merrell trail glove 6 eco

These Merrell barefoot shoes are for women and are renowned for their simplistic yet lightweight and flexible nature. Merrell dedicates this shoe to all the women out there who are aspiring athletes, go to the gym, or even jogging. 


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable with a thick sole
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Breathable


  • It is heavy due to its thicker sole
  • Not completely durable
  • Not waterproof

Vapor Glove 5

a pair of grey merrell vapor glove 5

Another keeper in your closet, these women’s barefoot shoes are designed to keep your posture straight and feel comfortable. All the women out there who require shoes that are great for regular usage should consider this.

Oh, and lastly, they are also recyclable. Hence, no pesky carbon footprint trails from our side!


  • Affordable and highly stylish
  • Accurate to match the shape of your feet
  • Excellent grip on harsh terrains
  • Ideal for everyday wear


  • Slightly constricting for the toes, as reported by a few wearers.
  • No guarantee that it is waterproof.

The best merrell barefoot shoes for men on the market

Trail Glove 6 Eco – Earth Day

one merrell trail glove 6 eco earth day

This Merrell barefoot shoe is explicitly for all the men out there. If you want to gift your beloved an anniversary gift, then these shoes are it! These are a Merrell special edition and come in appealing colors.

The design of this shoe is such that it completely emulates the foot’s shape and gives a memorable shoe-wearing experience. No scrapes at all!


  • It has a rear sling lock in the sole
  • Easily recyclable
  • A rock plate for adequate feet protection
  • An attractive design with gorgeous colors


  • Less breathable in comparison to others

Trail Grove 6 Leather

one merrell trail glove 6 tobacco

Unbeatable when it comes to quality and closer to Earth experience – these are a few qualities of the Merrell barefoot trail glove. Additionally, if you want your feet to feel comfortable, and restricted in no way, then these are perfect!

From sling locks to flexibility and less hassle, these shoes have everything! 


  • Easily adjust to the feet without scraping or poking
  • A sling lock to provide protection
  • Highly durable
  • Breathable and easy to wear


  • The grip can be an issue, as it isn’t remarkably intact.
  • It is not recommended for hiking and ventures involving high terrains.

Vapor Glove 5

one lava colored merrell vapor glove 5 men

These Merrell barefoot shoes accomplish it all with freedom in motion and are lightweight to the core! They will naturally adjust to your feet and provide a protective grip over them.

So feel free to run as much as you want, but the shelflife and durability will not be unswayed!


  • A natural fitting to the feet
  • A stable sole with exceptional grip
  • Affordable
  • Breathable


  • Not meant for water-related activities


To search for convenient barefoot shoes as seamless as possible, the above are a few shoes that should be a part of your list.

Over the years, after a great deal of experimentation, it is now that I have the skills to identify what shoe is excellent and which isn’t. Trust me when I tell you that Merrell barefoot has some stellar shoe collection for you to see.

Remember that you can consistently achieve incredible things if you have the willpower and the determination. You are indeed a wunderkind in your way. This is my message to all my followers out there.

As humbled as I am by your support, I am grateful that you trust me with your feet. Here is to an unbreakable bond between both of us!

If you all want me to do another “Best Of” edition concerning a brand of your choice, then let me know. I am always open to suggestions.

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