Merrell Men’s Hydro Moc Water Shoe – Review

Merrell Men’s Hydro Moc Water Shoe – Product characteristics

  • 100% Fabric or Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Single injected EVA
  • Articulated heel with strap for secure fit
Merrell Men's Hydro MOC Water Shoe, Olive DRAB, 10*
  • Single injected EVA
  • Articulated heel with strap for secure fit

Merrell Men’s Hydro Moc Water Shoe – Reviews

Yes!! What I have been waiting for in wide water shoe.

These are awesome!! Very, very comfortable, with good arch support. They slip on easily and comfortably and walking is easy wet or dry – even though when wet my feet slip around in them some (as would be expected with most types of shoes/sandals when soaking wet). One of the best features in addition to the comfort for a wide foot (mens 8-1/2 5E dress shoe) is that these have great gripping power in the water on slippery rocks. I expect this will reduce some as the EVA soles get worn down, but these soles are much “knubbier” than something like crocs or a flipflop, and should hold up for a while.Finding a mens 8-1/2 or 9 in 5E shoe of any type that actually fits is really hard. For a water shoe I have mostly been using Crocs for the width, but the Crocs are really slippery on slimy, algae coated rocks in the water, and they fit loosely and fall off when trying to swim. I did get a pair of Croc water sandals (Swiftwater Crocs ) and despite all the positive reviews and the fact that regular crocs are quite comfortable, my Swiftwater’s have been horrible and they chaffed at both the seams on the side and at the toe. The Swiftwater also has gaps that catch my little toe on both sandals whenever they are wet and my feet started to slip around in them. Although I thought $50 was expensive for a pair of molded EVA sandals, my other Merrell Moab 2’s have fit very comfortably and worked well for me. So I thought I would take a chance on these Merrell Hydro Mocs. Boy am I glad I did – definitely would buy these again!

Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2020

Mixed reviews. Mostly good.

Yes. Order a size smaller. I wear a 9, ordered an 8. Fit perfectly dry but my foot had a tendency to slip inside the shoe when wet. Worn them kayaking with mostly positive experiences. Solid sole on oyster shells. Picked up a few “hitchhikers”, drained well, comfortable, but with some slippage. Stayed on my feet in pluff mud. I realize if you’re from off, you don’t know what that is. I can’t give it 5 stars due to inaccurate sizing and the slip factor.

Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2019

Poor quality, won’t last.

Very disappointed in this product’s quality. The size ran small but it was advised to buy a size smaller and it fit perfectly but in first time wearing them the strap broke off. For $50 I was expecting a better built product that would last me a while not fall apart on day 1 of use. I don’t reccomend this product for any kind of use, I was just walking in my house.

Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2021

Sizing and comfort…my thoughts?

So if you didn’t know there is a difference between men and women. Essentially a men’s MOC is wider and slightly larger. Let me explain. I have ordered both women/men for my 9/9.5 feet. Based on the sizing, you should size down so I went with a 9 for both men and women. The women 9 size fit perfectly. I thought I would like the wider 9 men but it’s way too wide and slips my foot would slip around in them. In additional if I lift my heel fast enough, it would slip out. Maybe I need an 8 in men? Either way, between the look of the men and women MOC, you really can’t tell it’s for a women or men. Wearing the women’s version MOC that fits my 9 feet perfectly looks like a men’s moc. So I suggest to try both to ensure you are getting the proper fit.As far as comfort, yes, probably more comfortable than a CROC then again, I don’t own crocks but looks better than crocks. Don’t get me wrong, it can be mistaken for crocks :)

Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2021

These are the most comfortable shoes in the world…. of this kind, anyway!!

My husband got a pair of these shoes last winter, and once I discovered them not being worn daily, I began to slip them on to do all sorts of things around the house and yard. They are so comfortable! However, we couldn’t both wear them at the same time, which meant I ordered these. I absolutely love them. I actually own 2 pair now.

Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2019

Better than crocks

First of all I rarely order shoes on line (unless they are (merrells ). I love crocks for their ease of putting on, but they just don’t fit my narrow feet well. I saw the Merrell Hydro Mocs on line and took a gamble and ordered them. Still a tad wide for me but I’m getting used to them. I love the weird look and are perfect for house and yard and probably kyaiaking. Finally a crock type shoe that fits narrow footed dorks like me. The sizing is true for me. They are a bit crazy looking for this 58 year old Colorado boy, but love them.

Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2022


I feel like taking all of my shoes and donating them after I tried these on. OMG these things are out of this world. Is like walking barefooted & stepping on marshmallows!!!Could not imagine they would be this comfortable and provide support at the same time. Whoever designed these??? Take the cake!!’I am getting a few more colors for sure. Worth every penny… and don’t smell.. OMG!!Thanks Merrell; being a fan for almost 20 years and they never disappoint.

Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2022

Great water shoes

I bought these for my husband, because the beach we go to has rocks in the water that can’t always be seen, and are very hard on bare feet. These work great as foot protection, because the water flows through them, and they dry instantly in the sun. I would suggest you size down if you’re between sizes, because they tend to run big, and your feet will slide in them when wet.

Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2020
Merrell Men's Hydro MOC Water Shoe, Olive DRAB, 10*
  • Single injected EVA
  • Articulated heel with strap for secure fit

Merrell Men’s Hydro Moc Water Shoe – FAQ

Do these run big or small

BIG – I wear Hoka 12.5 shoes, and Crocs 12. Bought a pair of Hydro Moc in MS11 (size 11) they fit very well with socks and without.

How much do they weigh?

They will vary depending on the size, but the two pair we own weigh in as follow: Men’s size 9 – 15 oz. Women’s size 6 – 10 oz.

Is this Men’s or Women’s? Title says in cart says men’s as does size chart and department, but title on page says womens..

The listings are messed up. Title says Mens, but depending on what color you pick, it might show up as womens in the cart. Like Cobalt for example (which is unfortunately on it’s way to my house because I didn’t notice).

Will the fold or roll up for packing away for travel?

It’s very lightweight but pretty stiff. If you are looking to roll this up into a ball it won’t do it

I wear a size 10 in Nike cross trainers. An 8 in these is a perfect fit. ?

I doubt it. My husband wears 10.5 in Nike and got size 10 in the Merrell and fits perfect. So I would recommend just going down half a size

Is it mens or womens?

Men’s but they are the same.

How high/thick is the heel?

More than adequate as I broke my heel several years ago. This is about the most comfortable shoe I have ever wore and heel support is excellent.

Can there handle pavement/concrete?

I wear them virtually every where day. Other then running shoes when I work out, these are the shoes that I am wearing.

Are these more likely to stretch or shrink over time? I’m between sizes.

I haven’t noticed a size difference in almost two months of use.

12 vs 13 in width? i wear 14 shoes for width, im actually 13 to 13.5(one foot lil longer). i got the 13s but are a bit long and width is tight

I’m 8.5 but no sizes grab the 9 little bigger but it’s ok

Merrell Men's Hydro MOC Water Shoe, Olive DRAB, 10*
  • Single injected EVA
  • Articulated heel with strap for secure fit

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