Merrell Men’s Moab Adventure MOC Hiking Shoe – Review

Merrell Men’s Moab Adventure MOC Hiking Shoe – Product characteristics

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Nubuck and mesh upper
  • EVA midsole for stability and comfort
  • Breathable mesh lining

Merrell Men’s Moab Adventure MOC Hiking Shoe – Reviews

(Updated Review: Not as good as I thought) Snugger than Jungle Mocs & Good Water Resistance

[Update] Everything below the line I wrote before I actually wore them for 3 (very painful) days walking around Japan. In retrospect, they’re only comfortable for casual wear. Their water resistance is a liability because they’re not breathable at all – even with wool blend socks my feet were always wet. And because they’re slip-ons they move around all the time, which leads to rubbing and blisters.As a result I now only wear these in the winter when I’m heading to the store or need to step outside for a few minutes.———-Here’s why I researched a ton and bought these shoes: I’m taking a trip for 2 weeks that will require a ton of walking around cities, and some light hiking. The trip is to a foreign country, so I’d rather take a single pair of shoes. Also, that country is Japan, where they take their shoes off a lot. So, what I needed was a pair of shoes that was comfortable enough for a lot of city walking, but also could be used for hiking, and that could easily be slipped on/off.Due to their popularity, I naturally landed with Merrell’s Jungle Mocs. Problem was, they felt like oversized clown shoes. And I tried the half size down but my toe hit the front of the shoe.So I tried these instead. SO MUCH BETTER. They feel nice and snug without being too small. They feel like a pair of sneakers and are really nice to walk in. The insoles are removable too, so I have the option of going with a pair of Super Feet insoles (which I usually need), but I may just stick with how they are out of the box because they’re that comfortable.The only think that these don’t have that Jungle Mocs do have is water resistance. But honestly, the fabric on these seems like it has some resistance. And in the end I’d rather have breathability in shoes like this anyway.UPDATE: I just wore these for half an hour in the rain to clear the wet slush off of my driveway after a snow/ice/wintry mix storm. Not only did I not slip, but my feet stayed warm and dry. To be fair though I was wearing longer pants that covered my ankles.They don’t claim to be “waterproof,” but they’re a hell of a lot better than a pair of sneakers at keeping moisture out. I’d say they’re great all weather travel & walking commuter shoes. So glad I bought them for my 2 week trip to Japan.And they’re getting even more comfortable, especially in the heel area, after a little break in period. When they were new I felt that the forward heel ridge was a little too far back, but now it feels very natural.

Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2018

Very comfortable and nice looking as well

These shoes are very comfortable and slip on/off easily. I replaced the factory insoles with Superfeet insoles (Green) because I use them in all my shoes to avoid foot pain. They are a bit looser feeling than my Merrell Moab hiking shoes but that’s to be expected since they don’t lace up. I just shoveled snow today and got them soaked on the outside but my feet remained dry. I really like the way they look and seem true to size. I would definitely buy another pair.

Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2019

A great upgrade from the Jungle Moc

I bought these to replace an aging pair of Jungle Mocs, and they’re fantastic. I really like Jungle Mocs, and I’ve been wearing them for over a decade. But after buying these, I don’t see myself ever going back.First, as most people will tell you, the weak point of the Jungle Moc is the outer sole. They tend to wear out quickly. The Moab Adventure Moc has a Vibram outsole, and while I’ve only had these shoes for a few months, my experience with decades of Vibram soled-shoes is that they are long wearing and durable.Second, the Vibram sole is both comfortable and grippy. Great upgrade.Third, the shoe itself is slightly snugger than the standard Jungle Moc. I like the more secure fit, and I think it feels great.Finally, I think the shoe has good styling and is overall quite comfortable. It’s a great shoe for walking, with enough grippiness to be used in some casual outdoor adventures.

Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2018

Highly unsafe – this could be an ice skate, not a hiking shoe

Bought these for a 10-day trip that involved some basic hiking (a couple of miles a day) and lots of travel. The first impression upon receipt was that this is a wonderful shoe. The fit is very comfortable, and the shoes look great. Walking around for a few miles on dry surface was fine. And I’ve been happy with previous Merrell shoes I’ve owned in the past. So I took this to my trip as the only pair of shoes that I traveled with.Bad call, as I soon realized. The pair I received has a sole that is extremely slippery on wet and inclined surfaces (e.g. moderate downhill road or hiking trail during/after rain). It almost feels like an ice skate that hydroplanes once it is placed on a wet, hard surface. I slipped and lost balance several times on my trip, and actually fell down to the ground twice. Others walking with me on the same surface had no issues whatsoever. I don’t have any slipping issues on wet/inclined surfaces with any other pairs of shoes I own – including hiking shoes, running shoes, formal shoes, loafers, flip flops etc.So I am not sure if it is a defect specifically with the pair I received, or that’s how this model is. But this is by far the worst pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.

Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2018

With the Merrell name, these should should be better made.

This is my FOURTH pair of Merrell Mocs. The three previous pairs were all Merrell Jungle Mocs. This is my first pair of the Adventure Mocs.That being said, I must admit, I’m somewhat disappointed with the quality of the new Adventure. Granted, it has a nice leather upper finish but the structural support is lacking for shoes that are touted to be “slip ons.” The very first time I attempted to slide my feet into these shoes, the back of the shoes collapsed. I was rather surprised and annoyed. I removed the shoes and firmed up the back of the shoes again before attempting to put my feet in again. This time, I used my thumb as a “shoe horn” to slide my feet in.No, I did not have these types of issues with the Jungle Mocs. In fact, the back of the shoes seemed to be more reinforced than the Adventure model. I will continue to wear them but will be more careful with the back of the shoes.PROS: Nice leather uppers, incredibly comfortableCONS: Structural support is lacking

Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2018

Merrell Men’s Moab Adventure MOC Hiking Shoe – FAQ

How are these different to the merrell men’s moab rover moc slip-on shoe?

Not much of a difference at all. Still essentially the same shoe…I’ve worn both.

I typically wear a size 13 but lately all new 13s seem to running a tad short. Should I go with a 13 or 14 in this shoe?

I wear a 10 and the 10 I ordered fit fine. I’m not sure a 13 would but my experience was that the size ran true.

If you wear a 12 will a size 12 actually work

This wasn’t my case. Been wearing the Moab Moc for years at a size 12, but just got my adventure in a 12 and I feel like I’m swimming in it. I Will return for an 11.5.

Are all sizes shown u.s., u.k. or both?

Shoe sizes are listed in both. I have a wide foot and the 11.5 Mens US fits fine.

Do you have 10 and a half extra wide

NO, I have a pair of 11 reg.

Do these shoes have a removeable foot bed?

Yes, I removed the foot bed and inserted orthotics.

where is this shoe manufactured?

My shoes say Vietnam

“what size would you recommend for this slip-on? i take a 10.5 wide in the merrell moab 2 mid waterproof. skechers equalizer double play : size10 wide

I purchased one pair and I wear 11 1/2 Med and they fit perfectly. I then ordered the other two colors and they fit perfectly as well. Very comfortable shoes and easy to care for.

Can I Scotchgaurd these? and how?

Yes. My husband wears them for work doing lawn sprinklers, and scoth guard works great to keep his feet dry. It did darken the color just a bit though.

Do you have wide sizes

Merrell definitely does have wide sizes of this shoe. I just ordered a men’s size 9.5 in a wide width – but directly from the Merrell website. Unfortunately, because they haven’t arrived yet, I couldn’t comment on whether they are true to width. Hope this helps.

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