Merrell Women’s MOAB 2 WTPF Hiking Shoe – Review

Merrell Women’s MOAB 2 WTPF Hiking Shoe – Product characteristics

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Vibram sole
  • Waterproof membrane seals out water and lets moisture escape
  • Pigskin leather and mesh upper
  • Traditional lace closure
  • Bellows tongue keeps out debris
  • Protective toe cap
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Kinetic Fit ADVANCED removable contoured insole with reinforced heel cushioning for medium support
  • Molded nylon arch shank
  • Merrell Air Cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability
  • Lightweight EVA foam midsole for stability and comfort
Merrell Women's Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe, Dusty Olive, 7 M US*
  • Waterproof membrane seals out water and lets moisture escape
  • Pigskin leather and mesh upper
  • Traditional lace closure

Merrell Women’s MOAB 2 WTPF Hiking Shoe – Reviews

Very comfortable right out of of the box. . .

I purchased these shoes for a trip to Ireland and Scotland. I needed waterproof shoes that were both practical and comfortable, and I needed to be able to use my orthotic inserts with them. I selected this style after reading the reviews of others who had purchased this shoe and had good results. I wear a size 7, and purchased the 7.5 based upon customer reviews. The 7.5 gives me adequate toe room, and I am glad that I ordered that size. Although I have not yet been on the trip for which I purchased these shoes, I can honestly say that I could not be more pleased. I have worn them around town in both wet and dry weather, and my feet have stayed dry. As several of the other reviewers stated, they were comfortable right out of the box, and a break-in period was not necessary. I have not yet used my orthotics with them, because they have been very comfortable out of the box. However, I plan to take them with me on my trip in case I need them. I am happy with these shoes, and so far, would buy them again.

Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2018

Glad they make these wide, supportive and comfortable

I was very worried about finding a hiking shoe that is lightweight, waterproof, and (most importantly) wide enough for my extra wide feet, especially when wearing them with thicker socks. I need a very wide toe box and this shoe delivered on all of the above. PLUS they are very comfortable. To test them out before using them for my trip, I wore them to work, doing massage therapy. I need a light and fairly flexible shoe to work in and this shoe did it for me. I have collapsed arches, which also means I need some kind of support. This shoe delivered on that as well. I still have to add a bit of an arch support insole for long walks/hikes, but for day to day, they work just fine. So, review: Fits well for extra wide feet, flexible, comfortable, light weight, waterproof, and supportive.

Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2018

These shoes are made for comfortable walking

This is my third pair of Moab 2 Waterproof hiking shoes by Merrell. The fit is perfect. They keep my feet warm on cool hikes and cool on warm hikes. Never too hot, or bulky feeling. I use these for hiking and if I’m going to do a lot of walking for any day (like at Disneyland). I used to wear tennis shoes for all around walking at the Mall, etc. now I use these shoes most of the time. Way more support and comfort.

Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2017


Update: photo #1 10/20 photo #2 03/21. I wear these all the time and they’re indestructible. I live in remote country and I walk, hike, jog, garden, quad ride, chainsaw, mow, yard work etc all the time. You can’t hurt these shoes and you can get them dirty and they just brush off. Get the waterproof ones–I have stepped in the creek and submerged the shoe and come out with a dry sock and foot (the boots are even better for this, have those too). These shoes are amazing and comfortable right out of the box and they just get more comfortable as they shape to your foot. I have a kinda wide foot but they fit in regular shoes, but I order wide whenever it’s available, just ’cause. I wear an 8.5 sneaker, and I ordered 8.5W, and perfect. I love this shoe. I want to back stock it so I never have to be without a pair. I would buy these and go hike a marathon (is that even a thing? haha) the next day and my feet would be so fine and so comfortable. Hurry up and buy.

Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2020

Great shoe

I have high arches and struggle with tendonitis in my achilles. For this reason I exclusively wear Vionics, but they don’t have much selection for hiking boots. I read the reviews that Merrells provided good arch support, so took a chance and very happy. Broke them in around the house and neighborhood walks. Just completed a very difficult hike that gained almost 1000 feet in elevation on a rocky path with high steps. Everything in my body hurt except my feet! Very happy.

Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2021

Ordered 1/2 size larger since reviews indicated that this would be a good idea. I’m glad we did – I think …

Received as expected. Ordered 1/2 size larger since reviews indicated that this would be a good idea. I’m glad we did – I think the exact size would have been to tight especially with heavy socks. Still tried them out in wet conditions yet but poured some water on them let it set for a few hours with no sign of water getting inside of the shoe.

Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2017

Very happy with these! Not waterproof

Ammending my review. I’ve had these for a year and over the Summer I did find them to be getting my feet drenched even though I didn’t submerge my feet in water but only walked around on wet grass. I use them to walk my dog in the woods. They put up with the terrain well. I appreciate the wide size. I am a 6 wide with “boxy” toes and have trouble finding shoes that fit so I’m very happy with these. They aren’t heavy nor stiff; other hikers I’ve owned were too stiff to the point of hurting my ankles and the arch of my foot.

Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2017

Guards against snow/ice YES!

The media could not be loaded.  I ONLY write reviews when things are so terrible, buyer needs to be aware or when something is so great, buyer needs to know! This is a Great, need to know. I wear Merrell trail shoes to hike in. However, I wanted to do a 14er and I knew it was going to snow. I could not wear my traditional trail shoe because my feet would get so wet. I ordered this shoe 4 days before a 9 mile, 14,000 elevation climb. I know, not the brightest thing to do, but I was desperate. I did wear them a few times to try them out. I will say a few things. They are pretty light especially since they have Gore-tex. Many shoes I have had before are so heavy. They are not the most comfortable shoe ever.. BUT they do not hurt my feet which is great, because EVERYTHING hurts my feet, hence I usually hike in a trail shoe. The main point to the review is…Your feet will stay dry. I got them so wet in the snow and they remained dry and not cold. I was really amazed. They were not toasty warm, but they did not get bitterly cold. I hike 9 miles up in the snow. I was really shocked. If you are looking for a shoe to keep your feet dry, this is it. The video is not of me in my shoe, but I was filming right behind her and had this shoe on. You can see in the photos of the shoe and the mountain we climbed. 🙂 Enjoy

Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2021
Merrell Women's Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe, Dusty Olive, 7 M US*
  • Waterproof membrane seals out water and lets moisture escape
  • Pigskin leather and mesh upper
  • Traditional lace closure

Merrell Women’s MOAB 2 WTPF Hiking Shoe – FAQ

Do these have good arch support?

They do for my feet. I typically wear additional inserts for arch support and I do not need it on these shoes.

Is the M select more breathable and flexible than gore tex? Have a pair of merrell with goretex and too stiff and hot.

I have both the waterproof and the gore tex, and many pairs of each. I have found the ‘waterproof’ ones are hot and keep my feet hot and sweaty, where the gore tex breathe much better and keep my feet dry so much better. it is worth buying gore tex even though they cost a little more.

is this truly waterproof?

I have many pairs of the merrell shoes. I have found that they are waterproof , until you put them on when they are still wet on the outside. It somehow makes the waterproofing fail. for me anyway. As long as I completely dry them before wearing them again, they stay waterproof for a long long time. I put my shoes on the heat vent or radiator when wet so they completely dry before putting them on again.

Do these have a wide toe box like Keen?

I am unfamiliar with the fit of Keen, but I have wide feet and found this toe box similar to what I would normally find on a wide fit pair of shoes.

How’s fit for high arch?


How does the shoe fit if you have a rather narrow foor?

I have a narrow foot and it fits fine.

I wear an 8W in aasics. I need a big toe box but many wide shoes are too big. Size recommendations?

I Have wide feet, Merrell were tight on my feet so had to return

is this hiking shoe light weight?

yes.. just returned from hiking for 4 days. They were comfortable, light & water proof. I will buy these again

How’s the traction on this shoe? Looking for a good lightweight hiker for Hawaii/Kauai trips

Awesome traction! It’s a Vibram sole with a variety of patterns. I’ve worn this version, the vented version and the waterproof hiking boot with the same tread. No slips or falls, but a couple of trips which the shoe/boot did a great job of protecting my toes! Can’t recommend these highly enough.

The box says 8.5 wide. the shoe says only 8.5. if you have a wide suze shoe, can you show me what is shows on the shoe?

Sorry I wish I could down load picture but couldn’t but it doesn’t say 7 wide on the inside of mine shoe other only 7 but did say it on the box but they are wide fitting thank goodness. In New Zealand we don’t get a very large choice of wide fitting shoes (way I’m not sure considering must of us have wide feet here) so I went into the shops and tried all the different hiking shoes (which are very expensive here) and then looked on line for wide fitting sizes and the Merrell where the only ones that had wide fitting at good price, even with the exchange rate and postage fee. Good luck, sorry doesn’t really help. Pss I real think all shoe companies should state that they are wide fitting on the inside of there shoes as well though.

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe, Dusty Olive, 7 M US*
  • Waterproof membrane seals out water and lets moisture escape
  • Pigskin leather and mesh upper
  • Traditional lace closure

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