Merrell Women’s Terran Lattice II Sandal – Review

Merrell Women’s Terran Lattice II Sandal – Product characteristics

  • Nubuck Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Nubuck leather upper
  • Hook and loop closure system for quick adjustability
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Microfiber soft footbed
  • Remember Me Foam footbed cradles the foot for soft all day comfort

Merrell Women’s Terran Lattice II Sandal – Reviews

Comfortable walking shoe with good arch support

Very comfortable, no “breaking in” needed. I have a pretty high arch and have a hard time finding sandals that are both comfortable and cute, but these are great! The thin straps and low profile make these even more attractive than other Merrell’s while still offering the structure and protection to walk or hike for miles. I wear an 8.5 and ordered the 8/39 and they are perfect.I saw other reviews complaining about the small clip being hard to manage. I find the clip is basically just for show anyway. These slip right on, and I just adjust the heel strap and go.Looking for practical, supportive sandals that are not chunky and clunky? These are for you!

Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2016

Disappointing Quality

I felt that these were a poor quality given the price. I bought these for my daughter to wear as a camp counselor. She wore them all day, walking lots of miles and after 3 weeks the fabric in the footbed started to shred. I’ve always liked Merrell, but these were terribly disappointing.

Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2018

Perfect Fit

What I liked best was that there was no ‘breaking in’ time needed for this sandal. The foot bed is extremely comfortable and the straps are super adjustable, making for a perfect fit. This sandal is light, but sturdy. I’m not a sandal kind of girl usually because I can’t stand that thong thing between my toes, and walking sandals most often look to me like orthopedic shoes, but these really are cute. The straps are thin and keep the sandal from looking clunky/chunky… you know what I mean. I walked for days in these without issue, and they looked great with in shorts and skirts. Definately recommended.

Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2017

Great for adventures

I love these sandals. I ordered a few similar ones from different brands to try, and then to send back on Amazon. These were the ones I ended up keeping. I have some Chacos, but they are too heavy for my liking. I bought these and they have been great so far. I wanted to wait a few months to make sure they were holding up to my summer activities. I am not sure if they are rated for water, but I have worn them swimming in lakes and rivers. I love it because then I can go cliff jumping, and not worry about stepping on cacti or sharp rocks when making my climb. They are light enough to swim and not feel like they are pulling you down, but thick enough that I don’t feel every rock I step on. The only thing I have noticed with the water is around the 3rd or 4th hour the velcro on the back starts to come undone a bit. Not too bad, and I have the strapped a bit snug, so it’s a smaller length than probably what it needs to hold under constant pressure.I will be ordering more of these when my current ones ware out, which might be awhile considering I have pretty much worn them everyday for the last 2 months and they look and feel like new still.

Reviewed in the United States on July 22, 2018

Regret buying them

I usually use a similar style of o f Teva’s. But these had such great reviews I thought I would go for it. I wear the shoes everyday, live in the tropics and do lots of walking/working. The buckles are uncomfortable and they do not have the adjust-ability of teva’s. I have blisters from them and generally take them off every chance I can. I would not buy them again and if you are like me and have found a great fit in another brand I would just stick with it. I was trying to save a few dollars and ultimately it was not worth it for me. The shoes design is pretty, I like the way it looks on my feet. I also think if you have a less narrow feet and my be comfortable. My feed are long size 9 and narrow. The reason I get the blisters is they are too loose and I cannot tighten them up to be secure.

Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2019

Epic Fail

Well, maybe not epic, but definitely not a well thought out shoe design by a trusted shoe brand such as Merrell. I really love this brand and have many pairs, so I was shocked when I got these sandals and had to immediately return them. The strap that goes across the top of your foot is too long and it just sits up in the air and makes no contact with your foot. It isn’t adjustable at all. Then, there are so many velcro adjustment straps, but none of them are functionally adjustable! I suppose you could make the straps larger, but you can’t tighten them. The shoe was flopping around on my foot and with four adjusting straps, I couldn’t adjust them! Its not because they are the wrong size either. The size is true, but they are just made wrong. I still love Merrell and will continue to buy their shoes, but this one is a flop.

Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2020

Suggested for Comfort Seeking Busy Bodies and Adventurers

Size:I usually wear between an 8 1/2 and a 9, have a high arch, and thin heel. Ordered a nine and they fit well in both length and width. There is an adjustable Velcro strap on the outside near ankle. The back strap is also adjustable on both sides of heel. This really helps mold the shoe to fit just right.Comfort:I’ve worn these shoes non-stop for the past 5 days and have yet to find discomfort. The inner soles are soft and somewhat like a thin memory foam. In fact, the other day I didn’t realize I had gotten them wet until a bit later on because the microfiber-like sole did not hold moisture and the typical damp odor expected from wet shoes remained absent. The straps do not dig in, move, rub the wrong way, nor do they stretch. The bottom sole is pretty rugged and I’m comfortable walking on smooth and wet surfaces, as the tread is non-slip (and I’ve had plenty of practice from the non-stop rain in the southeast).Although I haven’t hit the trails or boat with them just yet, I am confident this shoe will hold up and meet my expectations.

Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2016

Rips, wear, and so unfair.

I ordered these in April 2019, and these are the shoes today, only 2.5 months later. They were love at first wear, but then that love was lost within a few weeks. These sandals are apparently not meant for true outdoor enthusiasts but occasional maintained trail hikes close to town. Waste of money, and I’m really disappointed because I put a lot of faith in the brand. But the photos speak for themselves. These do not last under normal wear and use for an outdoors enthusiast.

Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2019

Merrell Women’s Terran Lattice II Sandal – FAQ

Is the footbed actually removable? Would I be able to put in my prescribed custom orthotics?

The footbed isn’t removable. It has a footbed that supports like a tennis shoe though.

will these get damaged if they come in contact with water? like would i be able to wear them to the beach or the pool?

When we were in Disney World we did get caught in some rain. They got wet and seemed to dry out by the end of the day & seem to be okay as of today. I did have a sore side of my heel on my left foot but that was due more to dry skin that was irritated by the wet insole not any fault of the sandal material or design. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them like “water shoes” because that is not what this style was made for in my opinion. I think occasionally getting wet when caught in rain is all I would recommend as far as water contact. If you’re looking for something to wear in the water at the beach or in a pool then this is not the sandal for you. Casual dress & comfortable walking sandal is what I was looking for when I purchased these. This is my second pair of this style. The first pair I have had for a good 8 + yrs. Hope this helps.

“frequently bought together”: can i have one slate and one black?

Do you mean you want a single shoe in one color and a single shoe in another color? If so, then no you’re only able to purchase in pairs. But you’d be able to buy a pair of each color and wear them mixed.

How cushioned is the footbed?

Very comfy

I’m a size 7.5 and not sure which size to pick as they only off half sizes. i’m also a 38 in eu if that helps? any advice?

I would probably order the size 8 if I were you. I normally wear an 8 US, or 38 EU and the 8 is a perfect fit for me. Somethe straps are adjustable which helps.

Is it made of leather?

No, theses do not have leather straps.

Has anyone placed these sandals in a washing machine?

I have washed these on the gentle cycle in my washing machine. Worked like a charm!! They are clean and no worse for wear at all.

Good to wear in the water? No parts that are leather?

My pair has gotten wet but these are not like the Keen shoes made for water. No parts leather that I can tell. No adverse effects from the water.

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