New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer – Review

New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer – Product characteristics

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • 3 Widths
  • ABZORB midsole absorbs impact through a combination of cushioning and compression resistance
  • IMEVA (injection-molded EVA foam) midsole for firm yet flexible cushioning
  • Internal midsole shank adds midfoot structure and support
  • Leather upper
New Balance Men's 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, White/Team Royal, 9*
  • Leather upper
  • ABZORB midsole cushioning aids in absorbing forceful impacts
  • Premium PU comfort insert

New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer – Reviews

Narrow toe box

As shown in the picture, the toe box on the 608v5 (left) is much, much narrower than it was on the 608v3 (right). I bought these to replace my old 608v3 shoes, and I bought the same size and width. While the old 608v3 shoes fit my feet perfectly, the new 608v5 shoes are much too narrow up front, causing my big toe to jam into the side of the shoe. The rest of the shoe feels the same in terms of length and in terms of width along the rest of the shoe. I don’t know why New Balance would make such a dramatic change in the fit (or last) but keep the same model number. Very disappointing.

Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2019

super comfortable and nice looking shoes

My old pair of New Balance 608V2 shoes were pretty worn out so I started looking at the newer versions and came across these 608v5 models. Super comfortable – feel like they’re broken in right out of the box. Lighter than the older ones as well. These are my church and dress up shoes as well as just good old everyday shoes if needed. Worth every $

Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2018

Horrible Fit. Will Never Buy Again.

I’ve been wearing the 608 V4 for years. Love them. I hate the Version 5. I’ve tried to break this pair in; but, I’ve given up. When I compare the Version 4 to the Version 5, I can see a slight difference in how they shoes fit around the ankle. As a result, it presses against the bottom of my ankle and causes my little toe to go spastic. A mile into my walk, my ankle and little toe are numb on my right foot.

Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2019

Great shoe!

I wear a size 9 walking shoe, but run in a 9 1/2 to avoid hammer toe. This size 9 shoe is the same or possibly slightly larger than most of the 9 1/2 running shoes I wear. They have extra room, but not too much that I would order a size smaller. Normally, a 9 fits my foot like a glove with just enough extra room for my toe. If a 9 normally fit me a little loose then these would be too big. These shoes serve as a black dress shoe for me. I don’t care for the firm leather sole found on most dress shoes. Plus, if I need to make up time or hustle to meet someone, I can easily break into a run with these and run as long as necessary without doing harm to my feet or legs. After looking at pictures and pricing for all the New Balance black walking and cross trainer shoes, I chose this particular pair because they are completely black (no silver reflective material anywhere) and the panel covering the toe box is also leather, not the woven material typically used for extra breathability on running shoes. Hence, visually they are more suitable to use a black dress shoe. BTW, I love the cushioning in these shoes. It rivals the cushioning found in most running shoes and is far superior to that found in a typical walking shoe.

Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2019

Finally a shoe worth buying: Update below, don’t get them wet…..

I have been thru several different makes and models in the last few years and was disappointed by every purchase.I have arthritis in both ankles and my left was shattered in an accident and is always painful. I was buying spongy shoes for the cushioning but those bothered my hips and back. My feet also roll outward and the shoes were only lasting 8-10 weeks. I’ve been wearing this current pair for 4 months and they are still supportive and comfortable. I hope New Balance doesn’t mess with a good thing as they seem to always do. I would recommend these to anyone needing a supportive cushioned shoe.Update: I live in SW FL. where it rains everyday. I was wearing a new pair to work and I got caught in a downpour. I work outside so I ended up having to walk in soggy sand and when the shoe got wet it lost all support.The shoes were only a week old and I ended up with my foot rolled outward and I was walking on the actual side of the shoe. Being out of town for a job I had to wear them walking on the side for 2 more days. My ankles hurt so bad I had to crawl through the house because I could not walk. This went on for 2 more days before I could put any weight on them.Having worn New Balance for as long as I can remember I ordered another pair and it felt awkward after just trying the on. I took a mini square and was amazed how far the shoe was. The top part of the shoe was attached to the sole crooked.SEE PIC.I just ordered a pair of Reebok DMX Max to try.

Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2019

Best shoes ever made

Where to start with these bad boys1) probably the most comfortable damn things you could ever slither into your feet it is literally like walking around on clouds2) if you are into golf these will make you much better it’s almost like adding years of experience to you game and not to mention they are a constant distraction to the people you are playing against since they will be in constant envy3) if you are married you need to be extra careful around the ladies because these suckers will turn you into a beacon of sex appealSo to sum it up for only 55 dollars you get the most comfortable shoes on the planet. You will have an immediate edge in your golf outings. Then finally you will have an instant panty dropping ice breaker for any night on the townPs.They look best when paired with cutoff jean shorts and high white socks

Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2020

Well cushioned

Compared to version 4, it feels better cushioned and the toe box is bigger in my D width. Some may not like the fake leather, but I think it looks nice and will clean with a damp sponge which makes them the perfect winter walking shoe.

Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2018
New Balance Men's 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, White/Team Royal, 9*
  • Leather upper
  • ABZORB midsole cushioning aids in absorbing forceful impacts
  • Premium PU comfort insert

New Balance Men’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer – FAQ

Is men’s medium equal to a D width?

According to the MEN’s size chart on NB website…. STANDARD=D, WIDE =2E, EXTRA WIDE=4E (Of note, the WOMEN’s size chart is different ie Wide=D ect)

Is the 608 x-wide v5 the same as 608 x-wide v4 and why’d they change v4 to v5

It is the same. V5 is latest version of 608.

What is the weight

reasonably light weight

Do the 608v5 have removable insoles?

Yes, the insoles are removable.

does the shoe have latex anywhere

I don’t think so. These shoes run wide.

Are these leather or man made? it says man made but the 608 v5 on new balance website is leather.

Read this on another site: Men’s training shoe with mixed faux-leather and breathable mesh upper. I’m going with the ‘New Balance Men’s Mx623v3 Training Shoe’

which number is for over pronation

I have no Idea…All I know is NB continues to keep the 608 almost exactly the same year after year.. They fit perfect and are very comfy

Is the “11.5 w us” the 2e or the 4e? i am looking for the 4e.

Extra wide is 4e in New Balance. 2e is less wide. I tried 2e it is substantially more narrow.

What size would I need to get in men’s if I wear a 9.5w in women?

Women should not wear men’s shoes.Their designs differ significantly.However,if you are intent on this, then upsize one half size. Do not be shocked if width & toe box feel uncomfortable.

Are your shoes the same width of the nike or are they smaller with i wear 11 d in a nike should i order11d in your shoe

I used to wear Nike 10.5 4e ( wide) now bought NB at 11 wide, they fit very well with Dr. Scholl`s inserts

New Balance Men's 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, White/Team Royal, 9*
  • Leather upper
  • ABZORB midsole cushioning aids in absorbing forceful impacts
  • Premium PU comfort insert

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