New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 818 V3 Cross Trainer – Review

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 818 V3 Cross Trainer – Product characteristics

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Bootie Construction
  • Removable Insert
  • Bootie construction

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 818 V3 Cross Trainer – Reviews

Fake 4E, it’s really just a medium.

In recent years New Balance has chosen to cobble together extra wide shoes by building them on medium width soles. I discovered this when I purchased some Coast V3 during “Prime” day 2018 and when trying them on the sole was slim enough that my extra wide foot was hanging over the edge. I learned the soles were just medium width by comparing them with the same make and model from a local store. My 9 4E and their size 9 medium had identically sized shoe soles, my 9 4E upper was roomier.Since then I have occasionally ordered pairs of NB, hoping they would make them properly again. Hasn’t happened. Easily a dozen models of NB shoes, all with this same medium width soles passed off as 4E shoes. This shoe is no different. Since it is unwearable and unusable, that is pretty much the review.Other NB shoes to avoid:690690v2590v4WW813 (women’s, inspected for family member)District Run V1480v6590v3515v1Arishi V1 Fresh Foam (traditional separated tongue)Arishi V1 Fresh Foam (bootie-style tongue is part of upper)24v1Coast V3Virtually any NB that is sold in a solid red box.

Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2019

Best cross training shoe to date

I have been cross training for more than 30 years and have spent literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars on many high end training shoes from Nike, Reebok, Inov-8, Under Armour, and others. While there are many fine trainers made by these companies, this is the absolute best one that I have found. I “stumbled” on to my first pair of these trainers in a New Balance outlet store a few months ago and I was absolutely astounded by them.I have paid over twice as much for high end trainers that did not give me the satisfaction that these to.I don’t do Crossfit related exercises like rope climbs, overhead squats and the like but I do perform squats, deadlifts, cleans, bench presses, military presses and other weightlifting exercises. I also incorporate sprints and 400 meter and 800 meter runs in my training and bodyweight exercises like pushups, pullups, burpees, mountain climbers, etc.I have long searched for a shoe that would suit me for weight training and bodyweight exercises as well as sprints and shorter runs. There are many trainers that are perfect for weight training and bodyweight exercises but when it comes to the runs, they were not suitable for me. The problem for me was that most shoes felt as if they were “flopping” when I ran making the shorter runs uncomfortable. In order to prevent this I would arrange my workouts so that I could change into running shoes to do the shorter runs.But these shoes solved my problem for me. These shoes were noticeably cushioned and comfortable from the first moment I put them on. Not only were they good for my weight lifting and bodyweight routines, they are most suitable for me for my short runs. There’s no “flopping” or uncomfortable foot landings on the short runs.It was a major find for me after spending a lot more money for other training shoes.If you incorporate short runs and sprints into your cross training program, I would highly recommend these trainers.

Reviewed in the United States on April 16, 2019


MY ALL TIME FAVORITE sneaker for casual everyday wear. I LOVE my New Balance 818’s. This is the SECOND PAIR that I’ve owned because they’re that comfortable and durable. I’ve had two pair, both in this grey/white color way and I can’t say enough great things about them. The first pair I had lasted about a year and a half. That’s a hell of a long time considering how much they were worn and what they were put through. I work in a hospital and wear mine DAILY. I move medical equipment and supplies all over the hospital, so I’m NEVER sitting down and always on my feet. Other sneakers would cause my feet to be sore halfway through the day and would start to fall apart after about 4-6 months of daily use.Not these babies though. The New Balance 818 is super comfortable, and extremely durable. I bought my second pair recently specifically because my first pair had finally started to wear a hole through the bottom some, and I didn’t even want to think about what it would be like to go back to work in some other kind of sneaker because these have spoiled me so much haha.. My favorite thing about the New Balance 818 (in this particular color way – gray/white)hands down, is the material used for the upper and most other major parts of the shoes body.I’m pretty sure it’s neoprene. I love it though. It’s really comfortable and stretches really well. Best of all though, it dries SUPER FAST. So if it’s raining when you pull up to work and have to walk or run through it to get inside, no worries about working in soaking wet shoes all day. That’s THE WORST.These bad boys will go from soaking wet to completely dry in about 15-20 minutes. Definitely give these a shot if you’re on the fence about them. I promise they’re worth every penny.✔️💯🔥

Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2020

Stylish but flawed booty design

I really wanted to like these shoes, but the booty design just made them unusable. It’s meant to act as a sock around your ankle, however the heel is way too soft so my foot would slip out with every step. After 5 minutes of wearing them, my socks were bunched up and uncomfortable because of the way my foot slipped out of the booty.If they were just casual shoes, they’d be decent. They look interesting and the materials feel good. But I just couldn’t do any serious movement in them without my foot slipping out, which makes them worthless as cross trainers.

Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2019

Crappy Slippers With Laces

I have been buying New Balance running and athletic shoes for many years. I am appalled by these lousy shoes, which the tags say were made in Vietnam. I have nothing against Vietnam, but these shoes are garbage. They don’t have a tongue! They are slippers with laces. Who thought that was a good idea? The soles feel uneven and are very uncomfortable. Note to New Balance; I would gladly pat $120 or more for a good pair of shoes like you used to make in America than this crap you’re pedaling for under $70.

Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2018

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 818 V3 Cross Trainer – FAQ

Is the insole removable for orthotics?

They could be, but the orthotics would have to be thin

The color says green, that’s not green. The new balance website has green color. This is more of a cream. Please advise.


How wide is the toe box?

My son has a wide foot… and yet, doesn’t get wide size shoes.. unless, it’s a fitted dress shoe! The resason he likes the NB brand.. it seems overall to run wider in an athletic shoes and so, he tends to gravitate this direction. He said they fit really well and he doesn’t feel his foot is cramped- even with a slightly heavier sock. So, without knowing a measurement- I would say it may be worth trying… as it tends to run wider then, not! Hope this help in finding what you need, good luck…

Why does this product say green when it’s clearly beige?

No clue but its a nice tan color with a wave pattern on it. It looks great with anything really.

Is arch support good for a wider foot?

I have a very wide foot and NB is the only shoe I will buy. Good arch support

Is the 4E supposed to mean that its really really wide or is it just a regular wide?

4E is extra wide. My son has huge feet (15 wide) and the regular wide (2E) are do not fit as well and are not as comfortable for him as 4E.

Soy de Venezuela y calzo 43, la talla 10 me quedaría bien?

No creo, yo soy 42 y el 10 es que me queda, te recomiengo vayas a una tienda y te midas unos tenis para que este seguro de size,

Are these tie-up or slip-on?

Tie up. However, they do not have a detached part over the instep, much like a slip on.

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