New Balance Women’s 577 V4 Cross Trainer – Review

New Balance Women’s 577 V4 Cross Trainer – Product characteristics

  • 100% Leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Leather upper
  • Lightweight cushioned midsole
  • NB ultra soft comfort insert
  • Rubber outsole

New Balance Women’s 577 V4 Cross Trainer – Reviews

Great sneaker!

September 2017: First time wearing them today, half way through an 11 hour shift and they are the most comfortable sneaker I have ever owned. Zero breaking in needed, nice memory foam insole, which was loose inside the sneaker upon opening the box- not sure if that means they’re easily washable and safe to do so? Very happy with them, hope they hold up quality wise.Update May 2020: still have them, no rips, sole never separated or anything like that, laces still in tact. The memory foam insole finally wore down to the point a little hole formed so I found replacement memory foam insoles at Target with a similar texture I liked. Outside sole scrubs clean easily to get that new sneaker white back. Debating on replacing them in September since it’ll be 3 years, how often do people get new sneakers, is this too long? Haha. Goes to show how great they’ve held up though!

Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2017


If I could give these shoes more than 5 stars I would. They are literally THE best, most comfortable athletic shoe I have ever worn. In fact, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, period. I wish I had found them sooner. I have wide feet and struggle with finding shoes that offer support and don’t squeeze the daylights out of my feet. I also suffer from hereditary bunyuns and these shoes have changed my life. I can’t reccomend them highly enough!

Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2018

Not a good work shoe

This shoe is very comfortable to wear while going for a walk or moderate walking through out the day. However, I needed a new pair of work shoes that would last through an 8-12 hour shift, and these were one of the worst shoes ive ever worn for a long period of time, standing on my feet. The memory foam sole is comfortable for a short while, and then the foam is squished all the way down and i feel like im standing on the hard ground. My heels ached after wearing these to work. One more good thing about this shoe is that the fabric near the toes allows for freedom and movement

Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2018

Comfy, lightweight and airy, but with a sole issue.

I wear a 7.5 and I bought a 7.5 and they fit perfectly. They’re lightweight and the air flow is nice, especially in warmer weather. I have wool socks that I wear with them now, and the fit is snug, but not too tight. The insoles are *amazing*.I bought these for my 12 year old son from Nordstrom (he needed a wide shoe and it’s hard to find them for kids) and then bought a matching (non-wide) pair for myself on Amazon, and we both love them :)One thing that my son and I both agree on is that the laces could definitely be longer, but at least you won’t trip on them?My one complaint is that I’ve only had these shoes for two months, and about a month ago part of the bottom of the shoe came loose and it’s super annoying. It keep getting caught on carpets and other things.

Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2019

Love them.

These shoes are so comfortable. I needed a new pair of gym shoes. I only wear them at the gym, not outside or anything, so they stay clean. I work out about 3-5 times a week in these. Running on the treadmill and weight sessions. The memory foam soles are very comfortable. I’m usually an 8 in athletic shoes and that was the case with these. I’d say they fit true to size. Also, I should note, they were labeled as “wide” but I have narrow feet and they don’t feel wide. They feel normal. So for wide feet, I’m not sure if they’d work well.

Reviewed in the United States on June 13, 2019

They are comfortable

The color is black and gray and they fit as expected. They average width is just right for my feet, in the winter I wear thicker socks but they still feel good. I do a 5 mile walk in them and, as with other sneakers they do not get heavy on my feet as the walk progresses. I have been wearing this style for about a year or more. I love them. It seems that whenever I find a style I like it gets discontinued, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will be around for awhile. Buying good sneakers is like buying a bathing suit. It’s a tough job but when you find the right one you’ve got to go for it.

Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2022

I do try other workout shoes but…..

What can I say – I know my size – it has never changed. I bought a ridiculously expensive pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 shoes this past summer thinking the support would be better for a replaced hip – I got the worst, deep blisters on both ankles.I have never had a single blister from New Balance shoes and can put them right on without breaking them in. This pair is just a little bit classy to not look too plain. I love them! I do believe the toe box is a little slimmer than before but not enough to limit my enjoyment ——

Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2020


I had to return my initial purchase. I wear a size 7 always, if there is ever a problem with that size it is because they are too large. When I received my first pair, I knew just looking at them, they wouldn’t fit. They didn’t. I returned for 1/2 size larger and they fit perfectly.I’ve been having severe pain in my calfs when I’d walk even a short distance. It IS a medical issue that is addressed by walking. But, walking is painful. These sneakers are helping. Today is my third day on the treadmill (limited) and I also walked a big box store a few days ago without pain. My daughter has them, and recommended I try. I’m satisfied and found the price great for my purposes.

Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2021

New Balance Women’s 577 V4 Cross Trainer – FAQ

The listing says made in usa. are they really made in usa?

I checked their website and it says they manufacture the shoes in the USA and they also have manufacturers in UK. Also says 70% Domestic value. It sounds like they keep the most of it in the USA for these shoes.

Anyone with flat feet own a pair?

I don’t have flat feet, but low arches and I love these shoes. I do on average 5 miles on my feet all day for work a day and would highly recommend these shoes.

Are they comfortable to work in?

I work out in them for a few hours at a time & they are very comfortable, but have not worn them 8 hrs + straight.

Replace insert

don’t replace but put insert for arch support

Normally wear a 8.5. The reviews are very mixed on if i should buy my actual size or size 1/2 up? Suggestions?

I wear a size 10, ordered a size 10 and they fit perfectly. I have 2 pair, pair of black & pair of blue.

Are these all leather on top? The heathered portion doesn’t look like leather and that’s what I need for work.

There is no leather at all on the shoe.

Are the insoles removable for custom orthotic use?

Yes, they are. That is exactly what I did. I also have a hard orthotic and it fits in perfectly.

Is the insole removable?

Yes! They are super thin and if you walk a lot you’ll want to replace them.

What kind of Arch support

Not a ton of arch support and I recommend getting insoles if you need quite a bit.

Do the insoles come out? I use orthotics:/

Yes, they’ve do! I also use orthotics and they come out easily.

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