Best 5 Nike Barefoot Shoes to Buy this Year

Welcome to to the directory of the best Nike barefoot shoes. To help you find the best Nike barefoot shoes, I’ve compiled my list of Nike’s five best barefoot shoes.

So, hello everyone, my name is Dirk, and in this article, I will provide a list of my best Nike barefoot shoes this year with their advantages and disadvantages. Also, we will see what makes Nike barefoot shoes so unique compared to other manufacturers.

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Top 5 best Nike barefoot shoes this year

Nike Free RN 5.0

Nike Free RN 5.0 is a shoe for low distances that give you the best barefoot feel. In addition, it can be used as a strengthening tool to help improve natural motion. Free RN 5.0 is a lightweight, stable trainer and firm-riding.

It has a very flexible forefoot and is fit for distances up to 10 km. In addition, it has a thicker midsole than prior Free RN 5.0 versions, resulting in greater stability and an excellent ground feel.


  • Nike RN is Light-weighted and has breathable in the upper
  • Free RN 5.0 is a highly flexible forefoot
  • It helps enhance running form
  • Best and unique design
  • These shoes provide you with the stable ride


  • They are not made for long runs
  • Don’t have much outsole rubber decreases the lifespan

Nike Air Max Bella TR 3 – Best Women’s Training Shoes

TR 3 training shoes are made for intensive weight training and other gym workouts. These women’s Nike Air Max Bella training shoes hold a strap that wraps around your heel for solid support.

This shoe is made up of fabric and a synthetic upper, and it has a padded tongue and collar.


  • TR 3 is light and easy
  • These shoes are very comfortable for running
  • Stylish design
  • Super comfy
  • Best shoes for training


  • The toe box is narrow
  • Not at all cushioned

Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe

The Nike women’s revolutions come with the greatest and extreme comfort. These shoes are designed with lightweight material and a soft foam midsole.

Also, these shoes come with a lite knit textile that wraps your foot in effortless comfort.


  • Nike Women’s Revolution 5 is a Great fit
  • Affordable
  • Best comfort
  • No foot sliding
  • These shoes are pretty light and flexible


  • Lack durability

Nike Men’s Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoe

These shoes are made of synthetic and fly knit-formed upper gives zoned stretch and support. In addition, Nike men’s free Rn are dual-density midsole, and the tri-star outsole offers flexible cushioning.

Also, these shoes have a dynamic heel which is stretchy for a snug and adaptive fit.


  • As per many runners, these shoes are breathable
  • Rn Flyknit Running Shoe has excellent cushioning
  • Flexible
  • These shoes have the perfect fit


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Some customers said that their foot was sliding forward
Nike Men's Free RN Flyknit 2018 Black/White 7.0*
  • Flyknit constructed upper delivers zoned stretch and support.
  • Dual-density midsole and tri-star outsole provide flexible cushioning.
  • Dynamic heel is stretchy for a snug, adaptive fit.

Nike Women’s Free RN Running Shoes

Nike Women’s Free RN made up with spandex for natural movement. In addition, these shoes have a dynamic heel from heel to ankle with a Tri-star outsole pattern that gives the best comfort to the wearer.

In addition, it has the texture added under the toe and heel to improve traction in these high-abrasion zones.


  • Nike Women’s Free RN shoes are lightweight and flexible
  • The upper material is thin, and it breathes exceptionally well
  • The shoe keeps the foot secured in place and secure in the heel
  • These shoes have the adaptive and supportive fit


  • Lack of traction in tricky situations
Nike Womens Free RN Flyknit Running Shoe Black/Anthracite 6*
  • Inspired by the Flyknit Racer, this lets air flow freely to help keep your feet cool; The soft, lightweight sole mimics your foot's natural movement through its innovative pattern; Flywire cables work...
  • Rounded heel is made to roll with the ground as you stride
  • Textured toe and heel foam sole sections for traction

History of Nike’s barefoot shoes


The world’s famous and biggest sportswear brand, Nike, hit the market with barefoot shoes ten years ago. Nike provided the flavor of barefoot shoes with Nike-free technology.

Nike barefoot shoes stimulate running barefoot using midsoles with extensive lateral and longitudinal grooves to gain more flexibility.

These shoes in different models were classified as per a numerical scale from 1 to 10. In this method, the higher numbers indicate more cushioning and support. On the other side vice versa for the lower numbers.

But, most models available in the Nike stores were in the category of 5.0 and, as such, were reasonably well-cushioned. So by that statement, and the fact that there is a considerable heel lift, and the Nike Free wasn’t genuinely barefoot.

Nike is the top brand, and it is notable for several things. However, its unique design, quality, and constructions are the main reasons Nike dominates its competitors in today’s world.

Apart from everything considered earlier, Nike is also a brand of comfort. Here are the top reasons why Nike shoes are better than other famous manufacturers:

Athletic Shoe Branding

just-do-it letters

Nike invests a great deal of time, though, and money to build their “Just do it” brand, and it has taken off surpassing their expectations.

Best Quality

Nike made sure to their customers to maintain the highest possible quality they can. They listened to athletes and specifically designed their shoes to meet strength, durability, and performance measures.

Smart Moves

In the 1970s running and exercise became the most popular, and Nike grabbed this trend and created the best shoes that worked well for running.

Athletic Comfort

When it comes to sports shoes, nobody can beat Nike in the concept of comfort. This comfort is the one significant consideration people look for.

Most wearers look for sports shoes that can make them feel their best comfort, and Nike pays attention to all these things that make it different from other brands.


a-big-nike-symbol on a wall

Nike is one of the top leading brands in the world. Most of the wearers of the Nike barefoot shoes appear to report fewer knee injuries and less heel pain than runners who use regular shoes.

I’ve mentioned the top 5 best barefoot shoes by Nike. You can surely choose one from them for yourself.

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