SAGUARO Boys & Girls Water Shoes Lightweight Quick Drying Barefoot Shoes Beach Sports Aqua Shoes ToddlerLittle KidBig Kid – Review

SAGUARO Boys & Girls Water Shoes Lightweight Quick Drying Barefoot Shoes Beach Sports Aqua Shoes ToddlerLittle KidBig Kid – Product characteristics

  • Spandex and Rubber
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable upper: The water shoes are elastic mesh uppers made of polyester + elastane that can be stretched comfortably and have good breathability and windability and adapt to children’s feet.
  • Easy to open and close: Bathing shoes uses a velco design that allows the width of the shoe to be customized.The swimming shoes are equipped with a pull tab at the back so that you can easily take it.
  • Thickened honeycomb insole: The beach shoe insole is a honeycomb construction that can drain and breathe easily. It made of soft EVA materials, they can absorb shock and reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs.
  • Thickened rubber sole: High quality, thickened, non-slip rubber protects children’s feet from hot sand, sea urchins and sharp objects.The sole has 7 drainage holes through which the water can drain off quickly during water sports.
  • Easy to carry: The soles of swimming shoes are easy to bend, can be folded into small pieces and can be easily carried in a pocket. Suitable for Beach, pool, swimming,sailing, boating, jogging, walking, fishing, gardening, Family outings!

SAGUARO Boys & Girls Water Shoes Lightweight Quick Drying Barefoot Shoes Beach Sports Aqua Shoes ToddlerLittle KidBig Kid – Reviews

Good for bean-shaped feet

I got different styles of Saguaro water shoes for my daughter and myself, and we love them, so I got these for my son. These are a different model than the others we got, so be aware that Saguaro has different models, and make sure you’re getting the right one for your feet.Our other Saguaro shoes are a good shape for our feet, with plenty of room for all our toes in the toe box. These are more bean-shaped, so there’s even more room for the big toe, but less room for the little toe. It’s like the front of the shoe curves inward. If your feet are that shape, these are the shoes for you. They’re not ideal for my kid, though. It’s hard to tell since they’re slightly big on him so he’s not wearing them yet, but I suspect that he’ll complain about a lack of room for his pinky toes once he grows into them.I erred on the side of too big, since he’s growing. I ordered US size Little Kid 12, and the shoes I received are labeled Eur 29.If you have bean-shaped feet, these would be great minimalist shoes for you. They’re thin, lightweight, and flexible. They have no toe spring. Like most water shoes, they’re zero-drop without the insoles. Unlike most other water shoes, the insole is zero-drop as well, so they’re also zero-drop with the insoles. They have “drainage holes” in the bottom to let water out. In my experience, these holes let a lot more water, mud, etc in than they let out. If my kid winds up wearing these, I’ll plug the holes with Shoe Goo to prevent this.

Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2022

So cute!

I knew these would be great before even ordering as I have the adult versions! They were easy to get on my 4 year old, something I will admit I was concerned with since they’re slip on and supposed to fit snugly. It was as easy as slipping her foot in and scorching it forward while pulling up on the backs. She’s worn them to the beach the last few days now and hasn’t once asked to remove them (a miracle and a first lol). After hours of play when I removed them they weren’t overly filled with sand or other debris, they fit snugly enough around her ankles to keep most of it out. They’ve got a solid yet flexible sole so she’s able to navigate any rocky areas, but not have to worry about a twisted ankle. Definitely an awesome water shoe at an even better price point!

Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2022

Nice Shoes, But They Don’t Fit A Child

I got these for my ten-year-old granddaughter, who wears a “Big Kid Size 4” shoe in US sizes – so that’s what we ordered. These are marked, “EUR 36,” which should be the equivalent of a big kid 4, but they are wildly too large. They are actually a slightly snug fit on a size 9 woman’s foot.This is a real shame, because they are really nice shoes. They are lightweight and attractive, with good tread. My daughter-in-law, who wears a woman’s 9, can get into them and says that they are super stretchy and comfortable. We figure my granddaughter will grow into them in about six years.I would love to recommend these, but how can I when sizing is basically a crap shoot?

Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2022

Solid Water Shoes

I was hoping these would be similar to a pair of knockoff minimalist trail shoes I got for myself in a lookalike style, but these are definitely water shoes – they have a swimsuit type material as the upper and the hook and loop strap keeps things snug around the ankles. The soles are decently thick, but I don’t think that upper material is much sturdier than a sock. They’ll still work great for tide pooling and beach combing and they look aesthetically pleasing, so happy with them in the end. My kid is between sizes, so I ended up sizing up and it worked well for his foot.

Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2022

Look nice, tad big

These are exactly as pictured. My daughter has water shoes that are a size 2-3 and she’s been complaining they’re getting tight. Honestly, I think she just wants new water shoes because her brother got new ones. I ordered the 2.5 since the 2-3s we had were snug and she wears size 2 and some 2.5. These are too big for her to wear. They would fall off in water. They are well made and comfortable. We will just hold on to this pair for next year or maybe end of summer if her foot grows enough.

Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2022

Honestly…not feeling the price for the quality.

I know water shoes of major athletic lines can be pricey, but yet still these are not near that quality or comfort to command more than $14. Just my opinion. However, they are fun designed and they do fit properly so basically an economical choice for something they will soon outgrow. Our toddler wears a 10 little kid size and these are accurate.

Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2022


My daughter really likes the purple color, though the random flecks on the bottom kind of make it look as though you stepped in something. The shoes are tight enough that the laces seem completely unnecessary. Good traction on the soles, which are fairly firm, and a thin stretchy upper; they are similar to other water shoes we’ve had.

Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2022

Surprisingly Awesome

We needed water shoes fast, and so we ordered these quickly without much analysis- but they are really nice! Really great quality, vibrant colors and easy for my 7 year old to get them on himself because of the strap- We love them! Perfect for camping, lake swimming, creek exploration and summer!

Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2022

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