SAGUARO Unisex Barefoot ShoesMinimalist Multisport ShoesZero Drop Sole & Wide Toe Box – Review

SAGUARO Unisex Barefoot ShoesMinimalist Multisport ShoesZero Drop Sole & Wide Toe Box – Product characteristics

  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Zero Drop Sole: The sole is thin and allows for a more natural feel while running. Being able to feel changes in the terrain greatly increases your ability to stay balanced.
  • Wide Toe Box : Unlike the traditional toe shoe, there is no separation between each toe. The wide toe box makes your toes free as a sneaker, it is super comfortable.
  • Barefoot Feeling: Super lightweight & breathable barefoot shoes, you can wear them with and without socks. You also can take the insoles out of the shoes for a more barefoot feeling.
  • Non Slip Sole: The tread pattern offers exceptional grip, even on wet or uneven surfaces
  • You can use the minimalist shoes to: hike, rock scramble, parkour, boulder, beach walk, trail run, offroad run, downhill hiking/running, urban walk, cross-training, move furniture, serve & bartend.

SAGUARO Unisex Barefoot ShoesMinimalist Multisport ShoesZero Drop Sole & Wide Toe Box – Reviews

I’m in LOVE

I have fat “duck feet” so I usually order a size 7 in shoes but since these came in size 6.5 and they have a wide toe-box, that’s what i bought. OMG I’m SO happy to have shoes that actually FIT! I’m an out-of-shape-60year-old-woman who is now jogging without tripping/falling thanks to these goofy things. I’m ordering more! SO comfy, so snug, so protective but without being clunky.

Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2022

Very Comfortable!

I had originally bought another pair that were marketed for women. I wear a women’s size 12 and these fit perfectly both with or without socks. I have a serious back injury and have found that these barefoot-style shoes really help me. The original pair I got merely for working out, but now I wear them all the time. They have a great non-slip sole, are extremely comfortable, and actually look pretty cool. If you have back problems or want to give the barefoot concept a try without forking out over $100 these are definitely worth a try!

Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2022

Stylish, comfy and looked good with jeans.

Bought these for my friend to get him into barefoot type shoes with a wider toe box because he was having foot problems. He loved them and he specifically picked out this black gum style because they weren’t goofy looking to him. He looked relieved when he tried them on and said they were comfy. They looked cool looking with his black jeans. He is actually a 8.5 but I got the 9, and it was still tight on him. But because of the wider toe box and stretchy material he still felt that spread out your toes relief. With that said I think it runs a little small. But when he took the insole out he did have more room. I think 9.5 with the insole in would’ve been perfect but he was very satisified with this completely new style of shoe for him.

Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2022

Like walking in bare feet!!

I have mobility challenges and feel safer and move more fluidly if I can directly feel the earth or pavement and these shoes are the best! I also use them when I lead yoga classes because I can feel my feet connected to the floor with just enough of a sole to provide a non slip surface! Perfect! I bought 2 pairs!!

Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2022

Most comfortable shoes ever

I love these shoes! I was an early adopter of the “barefoot” shoe craze. These are so much more comfortable and way easier to put on than the 5-Fingers that I used to wear. I can’t wait to order more colors. The only issue I had was that I needed to size up. I normally wear an 8.5/9 and the 8.5 was just a tad short (but they fit my mom and she loves them). I thought the 9.5 would be too big but it’s perfect and I can wear them with normal socks. Yay!

Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2022

Pleasantly surprised!

I’ve ran, and weight lifted in these and my feet feel great. Much higher quality than I felt the price tag suggested. Very happy with this purchase.

Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2022


These are good shoes for your feet, bet these ones are mine. I have them on my own feet at this moment. They are so comfortable you could wear them to bed, but don’t because someone (my wife) may make you sleep on the porch (but I still kept them on.

Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2022

Great pick!

Love this product! I ordered the wrong size—it is TRUE to size and instead of 40 I should have ordered normally 39s. Too long but love so much that I am wearing anyway and will order properly NOW! Extremely comfie and cool but…needs a proper orthotic support and then is fabulous! I gave 5 stars but really four out of my ignorance this time—5 if you give proper size!

Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2022

SAGUARO Unisex Barefoot ShoesMinimalist Multisport ShoesZero Drop Sole & Wide Toe Box – FAQ

Do they have a tongue?

Yes. They have a tongue.

Would these do well with rock climbing?

For a rock wall, I think you would need something with a harder toe? But I use these for hiking in rocky trails and mountains in Arizona. They protect my feet from goat heads, but I can feel everything else, with is what I prefer.

Do these have arch support ?

they will select the closest international equivalent

What size to order if i’m 8 1/2 men?

just select 81/2; they will pick the nearest international size equivalent

What size should you order if you need a women’s size 9?

I am a 8.5 in women and that’s the size I got, and they fit comfortably with and without my no show socks.

Will these shoes fit extra extra wide feet?


Will these shoes be comfortable and sturdy for a brisk daily 5k walk?

WoooH…hard to say as “comfort” and “sturdy” are always different from one person to another. From my experience with these, and with regards to what you asked, I’d say no. It’s been mentioned here in another “answer” that it’d be best to just get a good pair of actual shoes. I do enjoy these, but for a “brisk 5k walk” I’d suggest a running shoe. Hope this helped!

Are they light enough to float?

The shoes don’t float by themselves, but I can float while wearing them.

I need the wide toe box AND width for bunions, do these have both?


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