The Best Vibram Barefoot Shoes For Women 2021

I am Dirk, and I welcome you all back to my blog that is I know you have all been pining for another “Best Of” edition, and I am here to deliver!

Ever since I discovered Vibram barefoot shoes, I realized that my life had taken a turn for the best. However, I still see many others who require shoes that don’t end up becoming uncomfortable.

Trust me when I tell you that barefoot shoes have been my lifesaver. They can certainly be yours too if you give them the opportunity!

Why is Vibram worth your pocket?

a woman with white sweater and blue jeans sits barefoot on the floor

Well, who doesn’t know Vibram? So when you say Vibram, I say quality at its peak.

I have many female colleagues, and they have all had to say that Vibram barefoot shoes are out of this world. So perhaps that is the case.

Vibram is a brand that is renowned for targeting runners primarily. However, it acknowledges that women are no less of an opponent, and they need shoes that deliver.

It is here that the Vibram barefoot shoes for women come to the rescue. They are gorgeous and have a grip unlike any other.

They are advanced, have a degree of usage, and the shelflife is excellent too. You certainly want to check these shoes out.

The best part is that they also work wonders when you are on ice. Usually, many issues lack the grip and end up becoming immensely slippery, but not Vibram!

Trust me when I say that the weather can be lethal in Germany. I am susceptible to the cold, and when it snows, boy are you in for a ride!

Hence, waterproof shoes and warmth fare well in this regard. Vibram helps, and therefore if you want to give your beloved a gift, these shoes are something to pay heed to.


The Vibram barefoot shoes are explicitly designed to prioritize your feet’ health and for you to get the most out of your experience. They are lightweight and shock absorbent, which protects you against any possible injuries and also help provide you with a relatively natural experience.


  • The sole design has incorporated weather resistance to maximize the performance.
  • Soft, breathable materials maximizing their purpose
  • Ideal for trekking, acrobats, racing, and other fun activities.


  • Not waterproof



These shoes for women are specially designed for trekking and hiking purposes for which the features of the soles are appropriately chosen. In addition, lamination around the toes prevents splitting at the seams, making them much more durable.


  • Waterproof compared to previous models.
  • Durable in harsher terrains.
  • Cocoon mesh to protect sharp objects.
  • Superior grip and design


  • Slightly expensive


Vibram Barefoot shoes have not only changed the game for barefoot shoes in general but always have something new to offer with their ultimate, practical, and innovative designs. The V NEOP WOMENS, with their unique design and features, are shoes that make water sports more accessible and fun, adding a flavor to the experience of being barefoot.


  • Highly adaptable and can be worn in various environments
  • Water-friendly technology.
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Highly classy.


  • Lack grip for activities such as trekking and hiking.


someone walks barefoot on asphalt

Vibram shoes for women have, through time and time again, changed the face of barefoot shoes. This is because they always have focused on methods that can perfect their design and function. The V ALPHA for Women is no exception to this tradition.


  • Minimalistic experience for your feet
  • Maximum protection
  • Closer ground experience and maximization in agility levels.
  • Can withstand terrains and surfaces along with temperatures.
  • Highly robust and unique.


  • Not recommended for water activities.


To be the superwomen that these women are, they deserve the proper footwear. Vibram’s barefoot has been a game-changer, and this shoe is no exception as it makes long walks possible and gives you the most of your barefoot experience from grip to style.


  • Thinnest sole technology
  • No compromise on the stable grip.
  • Perforated kangaroo leather for the feet to breathe.
  • Mega grip technology for adjusting to dry and wet surfaces.
  • Enhanced blood circulation.


  • Come with a somewhat hefty price tag.

In essence, the above are the five best shoes that you should be adding to your bucket list. Now, I don’t mean for you to be purchasing them all, but having a pair or two of these barefoot shoes for women won’t hurt any soul.

In terms of the price, value, and shelflife they have to offer, they will indeed last you a lifetime. No repurchases anytime soon with these babies!


someone standing with toe shoes in forest

I am a staunch supporter of women, and I believe they deserve all the good that the world has to offer them. Vibram barefoot shoes are exemplary in endowing the feet with a respectable amount of comfort and breathability.

Vibram is a brand that always has excelled in quality assurance mechanisms.

When you wear Vibram, you aren’t just putting on a shoe, but you are linked to a corporation that values you and strives towards your happiness.

The best thing about these barefoot shoes for women is that they are refundable and have a 30-day return policy. So what are you waiting for?

Please take my advice, and get your beloved a pair of Vibram barefoot shoes now!

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