The Interesting Tale Of TOMS Barefoot Shoes


TOMS isn’t a traditional shoe company. Its story intrigued me to the point that I had to research and find out what was really going on?

  • Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS in 2006 based on an interesting One for One model. It means that the company will give one pair away free for every pair sold.

This model is exciting and unique. The company markets itself through the free giveaways while supporting healthcare, education, and improving lifestyle.

Is “One For One” Just A Marketing Tactic?

TOMS claims that it has positively impacted the lives of over 100,000,000 people since its foundation till 2020. Recently, the company announced that instead of donating pairs of shoes, it’d donate 1/3 of its profits to social campaigns focused on mental health, ending gun violence, and other grassroots goods.

  • However, many people blame the company for its marketing tactics. Here’s what I think.

TOMS shoes are market competent. They aren’t lagging behind anyone in style and quality. Moreover, The prices are as standard like other companies. So, if I’m getting a nice pair of shoes and a pair is also donated to a poor child, where’s the harm? It’s a win-win situation.

The new model is as good as the previous one; business and social work go hand in hand. So, I can’t really complain. In fact, we need such creative and helpful marketing campaigns.

Are TOMS Still In Style In 2021?

TOMS has a variety of styles in its collection. TOMS’ products range from high sandals for women to slim and sleek slip-on for men and women.

  • The different styles tell distinct stories and highlight multiple features of a personality. You can choose from the black and mysterious, the stylish grey classic, and navy-blue elegant designs.

The Alpargata 3.0 slip-on and Baja sneaker are all comfortable contemporary stylish designs you can flaunt at various events.

Are TOMS Barefoot Shoes?

Well, it’s a million-dollar question. TOMS’ products are barefoot or not? The answer isn’t so simple. With a range of products, TOMS caters to a variety of customers.

  • Many think TOMS produce barefoot shoes, while other don’t agree. The truth is, TOMS produce convenient shoes which cater to all kinds of people.

There are multiple TOMS shoes that can be considered barefoot. You can take TOMS Men’s Alpargata 3.0 Slip-On Shoe as an example.

Are TOMS Shoes Zero Drop?

Not all, but most TOMS products are zero-drop. The stylish designs they offer are often zero-drop with no difference in toe and heel height. The purpose is to provide a natural experience and stabilize walking.

  • However, some TOMS shoes are modern with enhanced cushioning and support disconnected feet and the ground.

Best TOMS Pairs

TOMS For Women: TOMS Women’s Navy Canvas Classic

These are your best bet for this summer with lightweight fabric and a neat design. The shoes are made of canvas, while the sole is a durable and flexible rubber. The comfort and simplicity of these shoes are top-notch that you miss in other shoes.

Price: So, don’t wait to grab your pair between $32.93 – $59.99.


TOMS For Men: TOMS Men’s Alpargata 3.0 Slip-On

These grey Alpargata are durable with an improved outsole built with super lightweight rubber to ensure traction and flexibility. If you want to connect with the earth in style, get yourself Alpargata 3.0 and enjoy the natural comfort.

Price: Starting at $38.00 – $75.55.

TOMS Mens Alpargata Slip On Casual Shoes - Beige - Size 7 D*
  • Elastic gore for easy fit
  • Direct injected TPR construction for seamless fit
  • Flexible outsole

Why Is TOMS A Bad Company!

Can a company that donates a pair of shoes with every pair sold be bad? Well, some people say, Yes.

So, many people criticize TOMS for exploiting the narrative of giving shoes free of cost to the poor. They believe it’s a marketing strategy and nothing more. The company donates shoes, but it’s promoting the company and increasing sales. And many consider this inherently wrong.

However, the real questions to ponder are these

  • Are TOMS shoe market competent? Yes.
  • Are they more expensive than others? No.
  • Do I receive my pair? Yes.
  • Is the price unfair? No.
  • Does a poor child get a free pair? Absolutely Yes.

Therefore, given the questions and answers, the argument that TOMS exploits a narrative or children is invalid. Moreover, the company has now moved into another model in which it’ll be donating 1/3 of its profits. The donation will go to organizations and movements supporting campaigns regarding mental health, gun violence, and other social problems.

Why Should You Own A Pair Of TOMS?

Speaking from experience, TOMS isn’t great for hiking or wild adventures. They’re thin, delicate, and don’t provide much cushioning or support. That’s why they’re good for your health.

  • Shoes with less cushioning and zero-drop offer a natural walking experience and keep your feet in a natural shape.

Due to their thin sole and excellent traction, you’ll feel the ground, and the sensors will function accordingly. And that’s beneficial for your overall health, including feet, legs, and spine.

What’s The Right Way To Wear TOMS?

The way you wear your TOMS is also essential. You’ll want to wear no-show socks with the iconic TOMS with simple canvas uppers for added comfort. It also helps in preventing blisters.

More latest versions of the classic shoe include a more comfortable inner surface coated in faux fur, allowing you to wear them without socks.

  • Keep in mind that TOMS are casual shoes for good weather. They might be inconvenient in the cold, the off-road paths, and the water.

Keep them on a suitable surface and in good weather to get the most out of them.


TOMS has had a long journey. Every company learns through the journey, and we can see that in TOMS. The brand has improved over time by diversifying its products and styles.

  • It’s also adopting environmentally-friendly models by producing 100% vegan shoes.

TOMS obviously aren’t perfect for rough terrain. But, if you’re looking for a good weather casual and barefoot experience, add TOMS shoes to your list, and they won’t disappoint you.

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