TOMS Men’s, Alpargata Slip-On – Review

TOMS Men’s, Alpargata Slip-On – Product characteristics

  • fabric
  • Suede sole
  • Men’s Toms Casual Shoes
  • NAVY
TOMS Black On Black Men Classic 10002931 (Size: 11)*
  • Brand New
  • Original Packaging
  • Breathable textile lining

TOMS Men’s, Alpargata Slip-On – Reviews

Classic Tom’s Red Alpargata, Sized for MEN!

For all the ladies looking to purchase this shoe: please remember it is sized for MEN, it is the MENS model of the classic Alpargata. I repeat: The sizing you see above is for men. So if you order a 7, thinking of the size 7 ladies Tom’s you have in your closet, these will be at least 1.5 sizes too big for you.I, myself, am a woman. And I ordered these shoes, sized for men, because I have giant lady feet that can fit average male sizes. I could not find a women’s 10 in the red alpargata stocked anywhere reputable on Amazon but lucked out with this item listing. I am a size 10 in women’s footwear. Ordered an 8.5 in these Alpargata slip ons. They fit great. Here is a quick guide for conversion sizing:If you wear a size 10 in womens, you’re an 8.5 in mens.9.5 in womens, you’re an 8 in mens.9 in womens, you’re a 7.5 in mens.8.5 in womens, you’re a 7 in mens.You get the picture.These are classic, authentic, well made canvas Tom’s. They are comfortable, easy to wear, versatile, and can take a good beating. This specific listing has great options for the MENS sized Alpargata, and by extension, options for ladies who have larger-than-average feet.Otherwise, order arrived on time, in genuine Tom’s packaging. The were shipped by a third party but are still completely authentic Tom’s.A word to the wise: once you’ve broken these in and wear them regularly, try not to get them soaking wet. As in, do not submerge in water. It can warp the (p)leather sole, and they will stink to high heavens, as if somehow releasing all the dirty feet smell they previously contained & kept at bay. This goes for all canvas lined, leather/pleather soled Toms. That certainly shouldn’t be a delabreaker though.

Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2020

Size a little to big

All my pair of shoes(Nike,adidas,vans) I buy them in size 11 so it was no brainier to get these in size 11. But when I got them they were just a little to big. I don’t know if it’s because I have narrow feet or more then often people that are size have 11 wider feet. But overall I liked them. And they dont run in half size. But Tom’s FAQ say you should get one size down if you wear size and half shoes

Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2017

Weird Sizing

I don’t understand how the all black fit so different from all other Tom’s. I’ve had several pairs of Tom’s over the years and never had any issues with sizes, I’m always a 9.5.I ordered 9.5 but they were too loose. The shoe pops off when I walk. Okaaaay, so bizarre. I went back and ordered a size 9 thinking they run big and it’ll fit properly. The size 9 came in today and it’s too tight!! 🤬I added a picture of the 2 side by side. That is a huge difference from 9 to 9.5

Reviewed in the United States on October 3, 2018


Friends! I will first admit that I am a lady.. but my feet are much larger than most men’s, so TOMS men’s canvas classics were SUPERB. They hold my tootsies like a cradle. The support is enough for most days, but I wouldn’t run in them or anything (unless there’s a wild boar.. I’d run if there was a wild boar.. or probably a gorilla) These are my go-to-closed-toe-shoe for work/nights out/dog walks/pretty much anything that might require a closed toe. I got black, which I hear from the kids is super stylish nowadays (mainly since it goes with anything and everything).Did I mention that they are great for dancing?! It doesn’t even matter where you are! You can just dance! They don’t fall off, so you can feel like a ballerina!

Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2020

Great HOUSE shoe, serves its purpose. / UPDATED review

(after almost 4 months of non stop use, bending throwing and running small distances with these things and they are still holding together all around, though a little dirty are still a great house shoe and NOT EASILY destroyed, take into account what others dislike about the shoe maybe they are over weight and causing more strain on the product, maybe they are in harsher environment’s idk, but the shoe is a 5 star for me.) UPDATEfit is a little tight nothing serious still able to wear comfortably but a bigger size would have been perfect.

Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2020

Lightweight and Light sole for use as an indoor Slipper

This was one of the few lightweight slip on shoes with a light colored sole that I could use as an indoor slipper in a warm climate. It works well for me.

Reviewed in the United States on January 4, 2022

Great shoe Great company.

I get made fun of for these shoes. I honestly could care less. They rock. It is something I can slip on and go to the gym. I got them for leg day for a flatter shoe. However I found my self using them in place of my saddles. Also anyone who buys a pair need to register them online. The company gives a free pair away to kids that need them. Which is pretty cool.

Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2017

Great shoes

Got these for our uncle who loves these shoes. Easy off and on for him in his assisted living center. Great shoe for the money and it was the color he wanted.

Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2021
TOMS Black On Black Men Classic 10002931 (Size: 11)*
  • Brand New
  • Original Packaging
  • Breathable textile lining

TOMS Men’s, Alpargata Slip-On – FAQ

Is the size chart listed as kids then women’s? Can you explain the chart a little?

I did not refer to the chart when I ordered. I always buy a 6 Medium in Tom’s and this one fit fine. The numbers on the left of the chart are US women’s sizes, I think.

Is This Machine Washable?

real toms are washable, but these are knockoffs! (if they are priced at $19.99)

What is the difference between D(M) and B(M)?

normally sellers add their own interpretation to size description, from what we know all the toms shoes are M so it should not be any differencenormally D stand for Medium and and B stand for narrow, but on toms they are all medium

I wear a size 11 adidas sneakers, do i go smaller on the size?

Toms fit tight & stretch as you wear. I wear a lady 10 , men’s 8.5 I have wide feet so I buy the men’s size, because they are wider If you are buying lady size or have narrow feet… your normal size will work ,but like I said… Will be tight at 1st.

Do they run big?

I am a woman and bought them for myself because the women’s are pretty snug on my wide foot. Unfortunately, now that I have been wearing the men’s a month or two they have stretched to be too big on me. I don’t think they would be too big on a man.

so when u select 11.5women/11.5men which are u getting…

We ordered these for a man, size 11.5 and they fit him perfectly so I would say they are a man’s size.

I wear size 11.5 in men Nike what size?

Go for an 11 , I bought some for my brother inlaw he wears 11 they were too big I ended up exchanging for 10.5 they fit perfectly

Are they made in the USA

No, says made in China on shoe. Really comfy shoes though tbh.

Is this style completely flat or is there a slight lift in the heel of the shoe pad inside?

It’s not completely flat, it has some arch support but very little compared to other shoes.

TOMS Black On Black Men Classic 10002931 (Size: 11)*
  • Brand New
  • Original Packaging
  • Breathable textile lining

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