TOMS Women’s Classic Alpargata Slip-On Shoe – Review

TOMS Women’s Classic Alpargata Slip-On Shoe – Product characteristics

  • 100% Textile
  • Imported
  • Suede sole
  • Brand New
  • 100% Authentic
  • Original Packaging
TOMS Women's Canvas Slip-On,Black On Black,8 M*
  • Canvas upper with TOMS toe-stitch, and elastic V for easy on and off
  • TOMS classic suede insole with cushion for comfort
  • Latex arch insert for added support

TOMS Women’s Classic Alpargata Slip-On Shoe – Reviews


I have never owned TOMS or BOBS in my life, but I thought both shoes were adorable and their missions noble, so I decided to buy both shoes and do a side by side comparison. (I also included side by side photos of the unboxing of each shoe in the hopes that it might be helpful to someone else!)First up, TOMS (they were $34.76 when purchased). They are completely authentic TOMS when purchased from the TOMS retailer (as opposed to a third party company) so no need to worry. They are made out of textile (cloth and woven fabrics) and have a synthetic sole. They also have a canvas top with an elastic bit for an easy slip on design and comfortable fit. The shoes are very lightweight and come in an awesome assortment of vibrant colors with adorable interior fabric prints (although I personally chose black again which had a very cute cream and black wild life pattern on the inside). The insole is made out of suede and feels very comfortable but not as supportive as I was hoping for. An additionally bonus is that with every pair of TOMS purchased, an additional pair is donated to a child in need which is super rad. I do like these shoes but part of me feels like you are paying for the name. But they are still a great price and when you think of the good they are doing by donating a second pair of shoes it’s totally worth it.Next up, BOBS by Sketchers (they were on sale for $28.88 marked down from $42.00 when purchased). They are made out of a canvas fabric and have rubber sole. They slide on easily and comfortably because of the stretchy goring wedge at the top of the shoe. The footbed is made out of memory foam and they have a shock absorbing low profile midsole which is great for those who find themselves on their feet longer. In addition they have an “arch pillow” that provides exceptional support. They also come in a beautiful assortment of colors, both vibrant, natural and pastel which I love! Even the interior of these shoes is adorable (for the comparison I opted for black which have the cutest black and grey cheetah pattern!). The bonus of buying BOBS is that they are currently running a promotion in which 25¢ from each purchase will be donated to the Petco Foundation to help save the lives of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. I am extremely pleased with these shoes so far!Although I really do like and recommend both shoes, I’d have to say that I personally like the BOBS more. In spite of the fact that both shoes look nearly identical, I do tend to side with the all black look that the BOBS have (although I recently found out that you can purchase that style in TOMS too! 😊). I also enjoy the fact that you have the option of choosing a wide fit (which I usually wear) in BOBS while TOMS unfortunately does not offer a wide option, they simply recommend buying a size up if you have wider feet. In addition, I really liked the memory foam footbed and the “arch pillow” in the BOBS because I’m on my feet all day chasing miniature humans and if I don’t have proper support, my knees and hips will yell at me 😂. I still recommend both products but again, I did like personally liked the BOBS more.

Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2020

Have owned a pair of TOMS for over 10 years now…

TOMS are always difficult for certain people to wear. I don’t have narrow feet but I have a high discomfort tolerance when it comes to my feet in new shoes. I know that with TOMS, it normally takes them a week before my feet feel comfortable in them. Once they stretch out a bit, I can honestly wear these day and night. They’re not meant for hiking, rainy weather, beaches, etc. so if you use them all the time, they will most certainly wear out quickly. I use them for running errands, shopping, walking around town, etc. and they have lasted me at least a year before needing replacement (and that was with me getting caught in the rain with them several times). I’m always a size 6 in TOMS (about half a size smaller than I am in regular shoes), so think about sizing down a half size. Try walking around in them in the house before removing the tags and if they still feel uncomfortable after 3-4 days, Amazon normally offers free returns. They shouldn’t be painful but they will feel tight on the sides for a bit but they always do stretch enough if you get them in the right size.

Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2018

Real TOMS. Size 7 Snug on a Wide Foot

I was concerned that the TOMS might be fake due to the previous reviews. I’m happy to find that these are legitimate TOMS. I recently ordered a pair directly from the toms website and I compared the packaging. Everything looks how it should be. They arrived on time and were the size and color that I order. However, I should have ordered maybe a size up as they are very snug and narrow. I ordered a size 7. I have a wider foot than most, so if you have a wide foot as well you might want to order up also. In their defense, I was told that these shoes stretch after a couple of wears, so that might be what needs to happen for them to fit how id like.

Reviewed in the United States on December 2, 2019

Perfect casual shoes

I needed a cute pair of casual shoes… I usually only wear heels, and I had nothing to run to the grocery store in except for flip flops. I struggle to find casual shoes because I have thick legs and I feel like flat shoes always exacerbate that. These are as good as it gets. They look great with leggings. I got the black with the white soles but I wish I got the black on black ones. They’re flattering, cute and comfy.

Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2019

Pretty comfortable and not FAKE.

I was worried that I would get a pair of fake ones like others have stated but I purchased it from Amazon. I even chatted with an Amazon representative inquiring about “what if I receive a fake pair” but they assured me I wouldn’t. I also looked up how to spot a fake pair once I received my pair and mine was not fake! They are true to size and surprisingly comfortable. I normally wear a size 6 and ordered a 6. Perfect fit. I always thought Toms were hideous but after a girlfriend raved about how comfortable they were, I decided to pull the trigger and do not regret my decision.

Reviewed in the United States on September 2, 2014

Comfortable fit and great price!

I purchased these for both my daughter and myself. Very comfortable and cute with Capri-pants, jeans, and even casual dresses/shirts. We live in the country where dirt is prevalent, so we clean these Toms Black Classic shoes regularly in the washer and then we air-dry them (we do not place them in the dryer). Very durable, attractive, and a great price…what more could you ask for?

Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2020
TOMS Women's Canvas Slip-On,Black On Black,8 M*
  • Canvas upper with TOMS toe-stitch, and elastic V for easy on and off
  • TOMS classic suede insole with cushion for comfort
  • Latex arch insert for added support

TOMS Women’s Classic Alpargata Slip-On Shoe – FAQ

So I wear a 7.5 in like most of my shoes so what size toms should I get? I was told to get smaller sizes in these shoes.

They run about a half size larger. I wear a 10 narrow in shoes and the 9.5 was perfect.

Do these have any arch support?

I found these TOMS very comfortable for errands, shopping, and general “walking around.” I wouldn’t recommend for extended distances, hiking, etc. More of a lounging “shoe” than anything for hiking or long walks. Arch support? — Not so much.

If I have wide feet, should I order a half size up? My foot measure 8.5 in. heel to toe, but my foot is 4 in. wide. I fit a Converse size 6 perfectly.

At the widest part of sole it is 3 inches, but if you spread out the material part it goes to like 3 5/6. I have very narrow feet, so it’s hard for me to say if going a size larger would help. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

what would my size be in womens i wear a 10.5?

I would size down to a 10 or maybe even 9.5z

Are these more narrow? I have wider feet…thanks!

Hello!! I would say yes, they are a more narrow fitting shoe.

Is it in woman’s or men size?

Women’s but they usually fit true to size. Maybe it was just he material

If i normally wear a size 9 should I go with the 8.5?

No go with your size, these shoes are made small. Thats the style.. go for 9:)

What are they made of?


TOMS Women's Canvas Slip-On,Black On Black,8 M*
  • Canvas upper with TOMS toe-stitch, and elastic V for easy on and off
  • TOMS classic suede insole with cushion for comfort
  • Latex arch insert for added support

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