The Best 5 VivoBarefoot Shoes for Men in 2021

Vivobarefoot shoes for men are the ideal barefoot shoes for athletes, and they are also a perfect option for gym lovers. In addition, their barefoot shoes make the walk easier and comfortable. 

The barefoot shoes give you the feeling that your feet are closer to the ground. They are easily stretchable and are more elastic. These shoes contain soft foam, which allows you to feel a cushion under your feet. In addition, they protect your feet from being jagged.

The Vivobarefoot shoes help in creating a balance of feet over the ground. They keep your toes in the right direction with a controlled grip over them. These shoes also play a vital role in preserving the muscles from swooping.

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Furthermore, Vivo is providing minimalist soles that help in running. The Vivo minimalist barefoot shoes are based on the softest sole for shoes. In addition, they use technology that matches the shape of feet and allows a complete grip over the foot. 

Experienced athletes approve the Vivo minimalist barefoot shoes. Moreover, many trainers also accept that these shoes are an excellent option for athletes and people who exercise daily. Their use will improve your posture and muscles position.

Top 5 VivoBarefoot Shoes

The following are some of the best Vivobarefoot shoes you must know about in 2021:

Geo Shell Men’s

Vivo is providing the most comfortable barefoot shoes for men in 2021. These Vivobarefoot shoes have a minimalist type. They develop this design by keeping the old school sports shoes in their mind. As a result, this design is more in demand and preferred by the customers. 

Moreover, these barefoot shoes are more natural and comfortable. They are made of natural material, and all the products used in their assembling are incredibly light in weight. Furthermore, they are more flexible than other barefoot shoes available in the market. 

These shoes are stylish as well. It gives up-to-date fashion vibes to the user. Its comfortlessness allows you the freedom of movement while running. The design of Vivobarefoot shoes is according to the shape of feet. 


  • Geo Shell men’s gives a natural grip to the feet.
  • It is made of flexible leather.
  • The innovative and advanced design ensures the long-lasting durability of shoes.
  • These shoes give you the freedom to walk without any extra weight of shoes.


  • These shoes are not recommendable for long tracks
  • The use of leather makes it tight sometimes 

Primus Knit II

When looking for uncaged barefoot shoes, you must go for primus knit II by Vivobarefoot shoes. These barefoot shoes have a unique design. They are made of knitted wool. Besides that, its sole includes soft wool.

Moreover, the use of wool as a sole put these shoes in the limelight. This comfortable feature of Vivobarefoot differentiates it from the rest of the alternative shoes. It also benefits the user by providing needed heat to the feet.

Furthermore, this feature improves the level of running and posture. Besides this, the use of primus knit II also helps in keeping your feet warm in cold weather. It protects the feet from over cold climate. 


  • The Primus Knit II is thin and allows the feel to feet.
  • They provide stronger control over running and exercise.
  • The sole used for it is multi-designed.
  • It gives heat while cold and keeps feet cool while it is hot outside.


  • It contains a thin toe sole. 
  • The use of knitted wool makes it uncomfortable in scorching weather. 

Geo Racer

Geo racer is another minimalist barefoot shoe by Vivo. These shoes effortlessly provide a stronghold over your feet. They help in controlling the muscles of the feet. The design of these shoes is according to the shape of the feet. This feature gives lightweight potential to these shoes. 

Moreover, the sleek design of the geo racer makes it trendier. The material used for these Vivobarefoot shoes is synthetic. It helps in keeping the feet dry while it is wet outside. People who are athletes or do gym regularly add it to your collection for a comfortable experience.


  • It is available at affordable prices.
  • They have feet adjustable soles.
  • It ensures tight-fitting according to the exact feet size.


  • The level of permanence is low. 
  • There are chances for cracking of sole. 


The Vivobarefoot is providing another minimalist shoe named by Ababa. Ababa is barefoot shoes with minimalist slips. The design of this shoe gives the most natural feel to the customers.

Its best feature includes the hand stitching sole. This feature enhances its durability as well as the flexibility of the shoes. The user may feel barefoot and would feel comfortable while wearing them. 

This shoe gives freedom to run and protects the feet from any injuries. The handmade sole gives easy moves and protective material. Trendy old looks inspire the skillful designs of these shoes, and it makes the shoes more attractive.


  • Ababa is made of a flexible rubber fabric. 
  • The sole is also breathable for a comfortable feel.
  • It protects your toes.
  • It provides needed balance to the feet and body.


  • These shoes are not economical in price. 
  • The sole of it makes it slippery.

Ultra III Bloom

Ultra III bloom Vivobarefoot shoes are best not only for land but for water as well. The design of these shoes is for both purposes. It helps in protecting the feet from both ground and sea. But these shoes give a natural barefoot feel for both situations as well.

Furthermore, the design of this shoe is made after keeping in mind water pollution. Therefore, it helps in avoiding harmful material while jumping into the water. It also protects the feet from any water damage.

Moreover, the design of these shoes is according to the shape of feet. Therefore, they are flexible and easy to wear. The benefits also include its foldable nature. Therefore, you can take these shoes anywhere by just folding them.


  • Ultra III Bloom has an excellent elasticity.
  • They are easily adjustable.
  • These high-quality shoes are available at an economical price.
  • The shoes increase comfortability.


  • These shoes are suitable only for underwater activities. 


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Vivobarefoot is a highly recommended brand. We assure you that you can select the one you are looking for from our list mentioned above. We are sure that you will get the best and most desirable Vivobarefoot shoes out there. 

What are your experiences with Vivobarefoot barefoot shoes? Please share them in the comments below to help others make a better buying decision.

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