Vibram Barefoot Shoes – A Brand Ensuring Quality For Men

Vibram barefoot shoes is a name unheard of. Yet, it is renowned in the market for the innovation and marketing strategies that it has to offer. This brand does everything from warranting shoes that don’t hurt the feet to a price tag that doesn’t constrict the pocket.

Hello, my companions. My name is Dirk, and as you already know, the brand we will be covering today is Vibram. Well, when I was gradually getting into the habit of wearing barefoot shoes up until a few years ago, Vibram was there.

This brand dates back to 1935, and since then, has had multiple satisfied customers. For me, Vibram has been great. The brand pays special attention to quality assurance testing and has high-quality products that are incomparable. 

Are you looking for barefoot shoes that aid you in getting the job done? Look no further, guys, because Vibram barefoot shoes are here to save the day!

Why Vibram barefoot shoes?

Having gotten the label of the “most iconic soles on Earth,” anyone would be flattered. Yes, this is the brand, and the reason why Vibram barefoot shoes, in particular, are a sight to behold is because of its devotion to excellence.

From ensuring balance, agility, and a great posture, to being great in terms of style and fashion, they retain expertise in all. The quality of an excellent barefoot shoe is adequately showcased through the sole.

If the sole is soft, yet has a good grip, then you are good to go. Vibram has managed to achieve this, which is a reason for its popularity among the general populous.

If you want to buy a shoe that exhibits results, then look no further than Vibram! 

With this brief introduction, let us get down to business. Presenting to you:

The 5 best Vibram barefoot shoes for men

SeeYa Men’s

one pair of vibram barefoot shoes seeya in black dayglow

Do you need shoes that have the flexibility and adequately protect your feet? These Vibram barefoot shoes are something you should consider.

They endow you with superior control and aid in improving your balance too.


  • Highly lightweight.
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • A minimum amount of thickness to allow for a natural foot movement.


  • A loose grip as there are no laces involved
  • Not advised for physical activities such as running, trekking, and hiking

Furoshiki Icon Men’s

one pair of vibram furoshiki_icon_mens_moonlight

What’s better than wearing award-winning barefoot shoes? These Vibram barefoot shoes are winning the award for giving a natural feel to the feet and their new design.

They grant your feet flexible movement and reduce the risk of attaining any injuries. 


  • It penetrates quickly into the feet within a short time.
  • Firmly protect the feet
  • Affordable
  • Emulate the foot’s shape easily


  • Not recommended for water sport activities.

V – Aqua Men

one pair of vibram v-aqua-blue-black

If you need thin and comfortable barefoot shoe men, then my advice is this one. These Vibram barefoot shoes are outstanding in the water and prevent you from slipping.

Additionally, they have an excellent grip, too, and farewell in a ton of water-related conditions. 


  • Allows safe fitting in the water
  • It provides a firm grip on the feet
  • Easy drying out
  • Convenient to wear with minimum hassle


  • Some users have reported the sole to be a little heavy for their liking.
  • Allows for quick removal of water from the feet and will dry out.


one pair of vibram kso-evo-black-red

I know from experience that you need a shoe that is immensely lightweight when exercising. You already have to pull a lot of weight throughout, and if the shoes you are wearing aren’t comfortable, the chances are that your mood will turn foul soon.

Hence, these Vibram barefoot shoes for men are meant for athletes. They aid you in feeling closer to nature and result in the free movement of your soles.


  • These shoes have a lightweight feel
  • More breathability and flexibility
  • Zero heels for minimum discomfort and a close to nature feeling


  • Thick cushioning that many customers have remarked to have poked their toes.

EL – X Men

one pair of vibram el-x-khaki-coyote

Simple, classy, and resulting in a seamless walk, the EL X Men is indeed an excellent addition to your closet. It offers excellent resistance to your feet whether you choose to run or exercise.

Additionally, the risk of injury is also reduced to a great extent.


  • Adequate cushioning to protect the feet
  • Resistant to water and harsh terrain conditions
  • Great grip
  • Affordable


  • Slightly less breathable in comparison to other Vibram barefoot shoe models on the market.


Okay, guys, so these are the shoes I was talking about. They are stellar for their price range, and albeit every shoe has pros and cons, they are worth it.

You don’t have to purchase all of them, of course, but if there is a remarkable man in your life, then these Vibram barefoot shoes are the ideal gift. As a barefoot shoe enthusiast, I prefer this footwear apparel over anything else.

Luckily, my family is also aware of this, and now, I mostly end up receiving shoes are birthday presents. Do I complain? No! I love it!

Anyway, I am grateful to all of you guys, who have acted as my pillar, and continue to shower me with immense admiration. I couldn’t be happier!

Remember that if you ever need help choosing barefoot shoes that work for you, then I am here. I may not respond to all of you individually, but I will surely see and act on it if you continue to comment in the comment panel.

Let me know if you guys want another brand review in the making. Of course, there are numerous barefoot shoe brands out there, but I follow your demands. You command, and I answer! 

Lastly, wear what makes you feel comfortable, and that brings out the best within you. You have the power to do extraordinary things, but you have to believe in yourself.

Let your feet be free and relieve your mind from worries. Relax, purchase some barefoot shoes, flaunt them, and chill!

Until next time amigos! Stay grounded!