Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Alpha Trail Shoe – Review

Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Alpha Trail Shoe – Product characteristics

  • 100% Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • 50/50 wool and synthetic upper material
  • Slip on style with adjustable bungee stretch laces
  • A protective shoe that also allows for ground sensory perception
  • 2 mm EVA foam insole for added comfort
  • 3.7 mm Megagrip Outsole
Vibram Men's FiveFingers V-Alpha, Trail Shoe, Black, 45 EU / 11-11.5 US*
  • Light Wool and polyester material all around the foot
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Alpha Trail Shoe – Reviews

Amazing shoes

* Update: It seems like the new 2020 models are wider and softer. Great improvement! (see photo, the blue is the 2020 model)After using the V-Run, V-Trail 2.0, and the KSO EVO for a while, this one is an amazing addition to the family. The perfect combination of a super minimal shoe with a good grip and high-quality materials.They are also beautiful!

Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2020

If your feet are painful from regular shoes, do yourself a favor and try a pair of these.

Let me start out by saying, I have in no way been compensated to give this review. It may feel like it by the time you get to the end, but it is my own 100% candid opinion.I’ve been wearing my Vibram V-Alpha Hiking Shoes for a week now. I feel qualified to talk fit and function.First, let me give you a short back story:I have had an increasingly difficult time finding shoes that, at least, don’t torture my feet. I’ve been angry at the sadists that design shoes for many decades. No matter how soft the shoes are to walk in, they all squeeze the big toe and the 2 smallest toes into a rounded point. The 2 longest toes were always standing on the 2 smallest which had turned sideways to try to accomodate the shoes. Turning sideways also meant they tried to contribute to my balance by pushing on the ground sideways, rather than down as they are designed to do. It eventually got to the point that my feet ached and burned even when I was barefoot.I broke my smallest toe on the left foot about 3 months ago. In trying to find a comfortable way to deal with it, I found that putting cotton between the broken toe and the one next to it when taped together gave me a measure of comfort. I looked for toe socks because the cotton balls kept moving away, causing the broken toe to rub on its neighbor. I’ve been wearing toe socks ever since.While searching for more pairs of toe socks, the Vibram V-Alphas turned up. I was intrigued, thinking if the socks were comfortable, the shoes should be at least as comfortable. I ordered a pair. I wear a size 10 in normal shoes so I ordered in size 10.5 to 11 because the page says they run a bit small. The pair was too small pressing my 5 of my toes against the inner end of the toe in the shoe. I could see the quality of the construction so I ordered another pair (from AreaTrends) the next size up (11-11.5). The fit of this pair was ideal. I sent the smaller pair back. The seller was very good about it.I realize now that I hadn’t measured my feet in a long time. Following the size chart in the detailed section (the section written by Vibram), I find that had I measured the length of my left foot (heel to the longest toe), I’d have chosed the correct fit the first time.These shoes are incredible! For the first time in so long that I can’t remember my feet don’t hurt in shoes! My poor abused smaller toes have there own space to protect them from their mean older brothers. In fact, they are more comfortable inside these shoes than barefoot!The info section of the page suggests that some people could have a hard time adjusting. I was fortunate, since I was spending as much time as possible barefoot already, no adjustment period was necessary.Now that I’ve been wearing them for a week, I’m finding my smaller toes are getting stronger and turning back upright. They are starting to press down to set my balance, instead of sideways. I never thought my feet would be pain free again, yet they are now.I really wish I’d have found these a long time ago. It is a shame that they aren’t available in shoe stores. It sure would make getting the correct sizing easier. ;)I will never again wear stylish shoes. I will be buying more of these shoes in different styles since they are the only shoe I’ll ever put my feet in again. When winter gets here, Vibram also make an insulated shoe.Thank you AreaTrends and Vibram for making my feet very, very happy!

Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2020

Great new addition

I’ve been wearing 5 fingers exclusively for the last few years. I’m a mechanic and am on my feet all day every day on a concrete floor. I use to suffer from crippling headaches daily since childhood.Since I changed the way I walk (I walk on the balls of my feet) the headaches have almost completely stopped and now I just get them for normal reasons or if I start walking wrong again. (If my walking degenerates I’ll have a headache within 2 hours.)The v alphas seem to be of good quality and the design is more subtle than previous versions which is good.

Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2018

Perfect for flat feet people.

First time trying 5 fingers and since no one sells them in a store near me I had to measure my foot and decide on a size. I measured an 11″ foot and picked a vibram size 45. But they are loose. I might do better with a 40. Reguardless, these things are PERFECT for someone with flat feet. I have always struggled to find shoes that dont hurt the non existant arches I dont have. Wish I had tried these when they came out years ago. Wont buy another foot covering ever again. I’m now a lifetime customer.

Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2020

Vtrek vs Valpha

The Vtreks are perfect for being on a roadway, in grass, and in a mountain area. I found myself able to run in them for short periods of time with no issue though I do not recommend running in the V treks because of the thickness of the bottom grips. MADE IN CHINAThe Valpha is perfect for marshes, swamplands, wetlands, and running in the grass. While you can run on a road it will get hot because of how slim they are. They do seem pretty durable, but are definitely more prone to wear and tear than the Vtreks. MADE IN VIETNAMI am not sure about where other Vibram are created. Personally, I plan to use the Vtreks with my weight vest on the road and use the alphas for yard work with my vest on or lifting weights with the two.Ultimately, I like the vibram brand and will be buying the Vaqua or another pair of Vtreks next.

Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2021

Like these

This is my 2nd 5 finger shoe and was purchased to use on vacation. Hiked about 3 miles uphill to start, and not terrible. After that, I knew I could do more so wore them off and on for a week doing about 2-3 miles a day in them and think they will last now. Feet muscles were a little sore but just getting used to them and no blisters like I’ve seen some complain about.

Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2022

Awesome Shoe!

These are great shoes. I can’t count how many Vibrams I have had over the years, but these are fastly becoming my favorite. Great grip on the rocks when hiking and yet still allows you to feel everything on the ground with your feet. Easy to clean, and they are really comfy. Keep up the great job Vibram!!

Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2018

Barefoot protection

Thought I’d hate them. Can’t stand things between my toes.I was wrong.First few times I put them on, it was somewhat challenging to guide each toe into each pocket, but the comfort is incredible. I drive for Uber 40-50 hours a week, and have been searching for something that was comfortable to drive in, and comfortable to help passengers load luggage in. 5 stars in both categories

Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2021
Vibram Men's FiveFingers V-Alpha, Trail Shoe, Black, 45 EU / 11-11.5 US*
  • Light Wool and polyester material all around the foot
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Alpha Trail Shoe – FAQ

Are these good for someone who suffers from planter fasciitis?

Initially, no. Eventually, yes. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in 2004. I kept running anyway because I was joining the military and suffered through it. Then the barefoot craze came along. I figured in 2007 I would give it a try. I had been a Navy Aircrew Rescue Swimmer (we run too) for less than a year and my knees and feet were already bothering me a lot. I hid it of course, because I couldn’t do my job if I told the Navy. I was the weirdo that showed up to PT in 5-Finger shoes in 2007. After 3 months, my calf muscles got used to it. After 5 months my feet stopped hurting. After 7 months my knees stopped hurting. I began running my best times on PT tests and after I aced a standard PT test with a perfect Outstanding Excellent score and scored 292 out of 300 on a Rescue Swimmer PT test, my squadron never complained again about my weird footwear. I have now been doing the barefoot thing (including actual barefeet if there aren’t dangers of broken glass and metal) for 11 years. Caveats: this took time. I also stretch correctly and frequently, especially my ITB, feets, calves, and hamstrings. My plantar fasciitis diagnosis was likely premature. The real deal is a lifelong struggle. I stopped dealing with pain 4 years after my diagnosis and only 1 year after starting the barefoot thing. Make your own decision, but that is my experience.

Can they be worn without socks?

Evidently, many people prefer to wear these shoes without socks, and they can be washed if there’s too much odor buildup. I usually wear them with toe socks for additional comfort, but I also occasionally wear them without, and of course it’s better to go without socks when you use them as water shoes. It’s just personal preference the rest of the time.

Does this shoe drain water well enough in and out of rivers? i know the v-aqua exists, but the heel strap doesn’t stay on. thanks

Yes, sweat and water is drained extremely well! They’re are trail shoes so you’re bound to hit all kinds of terrain. A must buy in my opinion.

Hi this shoes it’s good for pools????

They are not swim shoes. However, I have used them as swim shoes a couple times, and they work great. These shoes are basically good for everything.

Do these fit wide feet well? Or is it a little snug?

It is a little snug more more in a comfortable way. These do fit my wide feet and don’t feel like the material is stretching too much. There is still enough room.

I normally wear a 10 1/2 should i go up or down a size?

I’d stick w/ the recommended size, at least initially. I wear a 10.5 and i ordered a size 43, it’s a little snug in long runs, but other than that it fits like a glove.

The sizing here is a bit different from the us vibrams site. i usually a size 42 through them, or 43 — max. do they have sizes 42-45 here?

:) you will have to get a size bigger sometimes size and a half bigger if you were nine is too small you might need a 10 and a half they do come in bigger size

I am looking at using these to a trip to Cancun, are these good for full water, swimming, snorkeling, and all their water parks, would these work?

Definitely. They’re perfect for all of those activities. Except maybe snorkeling if your wearing fins. Safe trip !

Never recieved

Too bad…so sad

So what size in eu is this?


Vibram Men's FiveFingers V-Alpha, Trail Shoe, Black, 45 EU / 11-11.5 US*
  • Light Wool and polyester material all around the foot
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

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