Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Aqua Water Shoe – Review

Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Aqua Water Shoe – Product characteristics

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Vibram sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Lightweight and durable synthetic upper
  • Slip on style with adjustable hook and loop strap
  • This water friendly style allows for natural movement in and out of water
  • 2 mm EVA insole with Silicon Treatment
  • 3.7 mm Megagrip Outsole w drainage perforations
Vibram Men's FiveFingers V-Aqua Water Shoe, Black, 45 EU / 11-11.5 US*
  • Silicone prints inside the shoe for a secure fit.
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Aqua Water Shoe – Reviews

Best shoes EVER! Diabetics take heed!

I’ve been wearing Vibrams for five years now. They most certainly do condition my lower leg muscles VERY well. They are by far my favorite shoes. Hiking, swimming, daily around the house. Nothing gives more versatility and balance. Also, I am a diabetic who is slowly losing the feeling in my toes and at risk of losing body parts from lower extremity infections. These shoes do two things for me with respect to my diabetic condition. First, it literally KEEPS ME ON MY TOES, using them instead of allowing atrophy from being bunched up in shoes. Second, this particular model ( V-Aqua Walking/Hiking Vibrams ) enables me to dramatically reduce the chances of cutting my feet with sharp rocks, glass, bits of metal that could cause the sort of infection that would take a toe or foot away from my body when I go swimming at a beach or swimming hole.I hope this perspective helps people into the future.I strongly suggest buying them a size smaller than you think you need because A) they run largeB) a snug fit maximizes the amount of control and agility they offer on any given terrain.Also, I wore them for the first 4.5 out of 5 years without socks ( struggling to keep them clean smelling 😬) but then I discovered the value and comfort that came with toe socks. It makes them so much more a pleasure to wear.I really can’t say enough about these shoes.Thank you. Take good care.

Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2018

great for ultra wide feet

I have wide feet (4E) and there is enough stretch in the front of these to accommodate them.I am missing a tendon in my ankle due to a bad set of sprains and these shoes give me the same great stability that I feel when walking barefoot. I can walk on uneven surfaces without any sense that I’m about to roll my ankle and fall over. When I wear regular shoes, I can only safely walk on perfectly smooth surfaces.I think if I had known about Vibram, I probably wouldn’t have sprained my ankle and tore my tendon to begin with. Not having the thick sole of a running shoe removes the extra stress on your tendon when things aren’t perfectly flat. These are great and I now wear them any time I’m in the yard working. Even stepping on sharp rocks doesn’t cause any pain which is great. They are like an extension of the pad of your feet.

Reviewed in the United States on April 10, 2020

There are holes drilled on the bottom of this shoe…

I ended up returning these because there are holes drilled on the bottom large enough to let in sand and pebbles. Be aware of this when buying. They were comfortable and a good fit, but I paddleboard on rocky shorelines, live on a sandy beach, and walk many dirt trails. The holes let in dirt, pebbles and sand and then they are hecka uncomfortable to wear for the rest of the day. I LOVE Vibram 5 finger type shoes, but these are a bad design in my opinion. Traded them in for a regular pair made for “walking and light trails” and guess what? They work amazing as water shoes too.. With no holes!

Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2019

Get what you pay for (in a good way)

This is the 5th pair of shoes that I had ordered during my mission to find the perfect river shoes for kayaking and other water activities. Initially I was looking in the $25-$40 range. I tried two pairs of strappy sandalls and two pairs of mesh river shoes with toe indentations.I was hoping I could find a cheaper alternative to the Vibrams that I knew were great but I had no such luck. All four of the previous pairs that I received had issues with fit and comfort so I ended up returning them all.Folks, this is it. These shoes are amazing. I know the price tag is a bit steep but you get what you pay for. I usually wear size 11 shoes but I knew that I wanted these to be snug and read reviews which recommended sizing down so I went with the 9.5-10 size and ooooh baby, they fit like a glove. There is no uncomfortable rubbing anywhere, especially on the back of the ankle which is a concern that I had. I even got a bad abrasion on my small toe from going for a walk in my vans without socks. This happened the day that these Vibrams arrived and I was worried that my toe going into the toe pocket would rub on it as I walked and cause me pain but I don’t even notice it. they are seriously comfortable. Some reviewers have mentioned the ankle strap not having enough velcro to tighten them to their liking and I agree that it could be extended just a little more but the strap that goes over the foot is plenty to secure the shoe. I put this to the test. During my first kayak outing my friend and I stopped at the side of the river and when we stepped out of our boats we immediately sank shin deep into the mud. Alarm bells immediately went off in my head because I had read reviews about the shoes being insecure and coming off. I didn’t want to lose one of my brand new shoes but I had no choice. I had to get my foot unstuck. Well I finally got my foot free of the mud and the shoe didn’t budge at all I walked in the mud a bit more and felt totally confident that the shoes were secure.I also read a review about concerns of the black shoes getting too hot. I don’t know where that person lives or how hot it is but I have gone on multiple 20-30 minute walks on paved trails in 95-100 degree weather and they get a little warm but nowhere close to the point of being unable to wear them. Maybe they just have sensitive feet.The only question remaining is whether they will hold up over time. I saw some reviews that concerned me but as I said I have owned Vibrams before and they endured a lot of abuse before finally biting the dust (probably due to my own negligence) so I am optimistic that if I take care of these they are going to last.TLDR: Buy once, cry once. Shell out the extra money for these over a cheaper alternative. Order one size down. You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2020

They fell apart.

Unfortunately where the top strap connected to the shoe ripped because there is no reinforcement in the design. For water shoes that cost this much money I would expect that at least the strap would be sewn in.Also the side of the toe is starting to rip away.As you can see from the tread wear these shoes have hardly been worn.I’m very disappointed with my purchase.

Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2019

Best shoes

Heads up! These shoes are awesome, and have become my main pair. They are more comfortable than Sandals, very stable, don’t slip in wet conditions. Everything feels natural when walking/hiking in these. Admittedly, their breathability is mostly a plus, but keep in mind that these are like advanced water shoes, and they do have holes in the bottom. If you wear them with socks make sure you’re going somewhere dry. But they are just as comfortable without socks. The only other thing I don’t like is that the straps on the side of the shoes don’t have a long enough strip of velcro to make it quite as snug as I like, but it’s not a biggie.

Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2020
Vibram Men's FiveFingers V-Aqua Water Shoe, Black, 45 EU / 11-11.5 US*
  • Silicone prints inside the shoe for a secure fit.
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Vibram Men’s Five Fingers, V-Aqua Water Shoe – FAQ

Why are these in us sizes? what size is a 42 in us sizing? vibram usually shows eu sizing.

Hello, Thank you for contacting us. We advertise the Vibram shoes directly on our website in the EU sizes that they are manufactured in. Amazon then takes our inventory information and converts these to US sizes for buyers. According to the Vibram sizing chart, an EU size 42 is equivalent to a US size 9.5-10. You can view this item directly on our website as well.

Have the sizes changed over the years? I bought 42’s like 10 years ago in one of the original cross trainers. Those fit great till they gave out.

Yes I have owned several pairs and love this product they always fit same

Hard to clean out sand? Will be at the beach for 4 months and want to use these as beach walking shoes and for going into the ocean.

These are great for walking on the beach, in and out of the water. Just rinse out the sand if/when the 5-fingers gets sandy, or go in the water.

Can i use them for hiking, running on treadmill and in water?

I use them in water all the time. Kayaking, swimming on pebble beaches, diving and all short of white water activities. I won’t use them hiking over rough surfaces or rocky trails. Not enough protection for your feet. Running on treadmill is fine.

Can I run on the beach in these? How are the soles, is shoe tight/confy enough for long runs? Looking for shoes to run on a beach with lots of pebbles

Great to run on pebbles, but your feet will definitely feel the rocks underneath you. Shoes are comfy and tight, good straps. If you get the shoes wet though, its a totally different story.

I have the V-Train in size 43 (fits perfect), and the EL-X in 44 (43 was too small). Would these be closer in fit to the EL-X or the V-Train?

According to vibram these run small I would order a size larger.

How will these hold up against urchin’s?

the bottom might, but not the top…

Can I use it for deadlifting and weight training?

Yes! I do when permitted. Often, there are some safety regulations when lifting weights requiring a soled shoe or harder shoe to prevent injuries and for insurance reasons. Personally, I never had a problem in smaller or private gyms.

Does every toe have to go in it’s slot or does it just look like that?

Every toe does have to go into each slot. It can be a little tricky the first few times but you will get the hang of it.

Vibram Men's FiveFingers V-Aqua Water Shoe, Black, 45 EU / 11-11.5 US*
  • Silicone prints inside the shoe for a secure fit.
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

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