Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe – Review

Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe – Product characteristics

  • Fabric or Textile
  • Imported
  • Vibram sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Runs small, Go up a size
  • Lightly padded tongue & speed lacing system.Care – Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry
  • Serrated blade lug design.Select half size up or down
  • XS Trek Outsole
  • Zero Drop.Machine wash cold. Air dry
Vibram Men's Five Fingers, KSO EVO Crosstraining Black 46 M*
  • Manmade and mesh upper for a glove-like fit
  • Bungee lace closure for a secure fit
  • Individual toe slots help deliver a natural running motion

Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe – Reviews

Ripped after 5 weeks of light to moderate use. Out $70

Purchased these on June 4, 2018. It’s July 9th 2018 (so a little over than 30 days) and they now have a hole on the side of the big-toe on my left shoe.I contacted customer support and they said that the 90 day warranty only covers manufacturing defects, not rips. Keep in mind I use these to run about 2 times a week, roughly 20 minutes. They probably have less than 5 hours of total use on them and have already ripped, and the manufacturer doesn’t consider this a defect. So many people gave 5 stars so I did NOT expect these to rip with such light use.Absolute garbage quality, with terrible customer service.Would NOT recommend.

Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2018

Work great but sole hole every 6 months

This will be my third pair of the KSO’s in about 1.5 years. After 6 months I pretty consistently get a hole in the toe.My usage: 5 day a week weight lifting. 1-2 mile runs 3-6 times a week. 1 mile walks 4-7 times a week. So, very heavy use.The good: These seemed to have cured my plantar fasciitis that I got walking around Europe in boots. When I switch over to running in Nike frees, they feel insanely heavy. Maybe placebo but it feels like I can run faster in my Vibrams (when doing HIIT).The bad: The biggest issue of course is the hole on the sole. Also, despite using some anti bacterial shoe powder, they start to smell pretty bad around the 5 month mark.Overall: Despite having to order new Vibrams every 6 months, I continue to use them.

Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2018

Small stretch

I bought this to help transition into barefoot shoes and exercising. My actual longest foot length exactly 10 Inches and width is 4 Inches. I usually wear size 9 for regular shoes (Vans, Nikes, Adidas) and had a little under an inch gap of space for my toes. My friend says these shoes will stretch a little overtime so I bought EU40/US8-8.5 with fits my foot perfectly with no gaps whatsoever. It was very unfortable for my first few walks because there was little room for toe flexion when walking. After about 2 twenty minutes walks and 1 ten minute light jog a week for 2 weeks, the shoes finally breaking in well and stretched a bit. 1/4 of an inch gap toes and the shoes feel great.

Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2021

Use them to run in almost every day, almost every run. Just ran a 1/2 marathon wearing them

Over a period of years I significantly altered my running style from an un-coached heel striker to a composite chi-running/evolution running/barefoot running style – essentially a mid-foot strike running style. The vibram five fingers shoes have helped with that change. I don’t get shin splints, plantar fasciitis, or knee pain since I changed my running style (but it was an extended learning process). The one time I tried to run a longer (10+ miles) distance in my standard somewhat cushioned shoes, I ended up with stress fractures in both of my feet – recovery took a pretty long time. Now I only run short distances (5k or less) in standard cushioned running shoes. This is my 3rd pair of five fingers, I started using them about 9 years ago, and I pretty much have worn my first two pairs completely out via hundreds of miles of running (about 50-60 miles/month average). During that time the 5 fingers did share training duty with my other shoes, but again the cushioned shoes were mostly for the shorter runs and annual fitness tests. Having said all of that, using any minimalist shoe without injury requires a lot of careful experimentation and training, and even then they may not work for everybody. Running on rocky paths or driveways with large rocks in this specific vibram five fingers offering will be painful. I would not recommend wearing most minimalist-type shoes where rock or debris filled areas are likely to be encountered. This specific vibram five fingers offering is best on fairly smooth dirt trails, sandy trails, tracks, asphalt and even concrete. Rocky (like large, loose gravel) paths or driveways will badly bruise your feet. If you want to use vibram five fingers on those types of surfaces, I recommend their more trail oriented offerings which are designed to absorb and disperse the shock of landing on rocks, sticks, acorns, etc.I wouldn’t do my longer, 6+ mile runs in anything else. YMMV.

Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2019

No regrets on this purchase.

Big fan of these. They will destroy your calves the first few times, so work up to your normal run.I run 4 miles 3 times a week in these. Make sure to stay vigilant though. After 20+ years of running with yoru heel hitting the ground first, it takes a bit to retrain yourself. The only time I’ve ever had knee pain of any kind with these was in the beginning when I would get tired and fall back into my old running style. With sneakers the padding on the shoe absorbs the heel first impact, until it doesn’t and you need new shoes. Anywho, big fan. I went through a pair of sneakers every 3-4 months before.Not sure why the blue ones were cheaper as they look cooler to me.

Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2017

Great shoes! Just don’t expect them to last long at all!

Let me just start by saying the KSO EVO is a great shoe. The upper is lightweight and super breathable which conveniently makes them super easy to put on compared to, say, the V-Train’s.After almost 10 years of wearing these shoes, from the Bikila’s, TrekSports, KomodoSport LS, KSO’s, V-Trains, and I’m sure some others I am forgetting, these seem like a great evolution to the product line.HOWEVER, for the price, I cannot recommend these. I fully understand the “story” to this line of FiveFingers but the sole is just TOO THIN, and not in the way you don’t want it to be, just too thin to handle daily use.I used these shoes daily for walking my dogs (about 3 miles) then working out in my backyard at home. I purchased these on July 1st, 2018 and as of September 6th, 2018 – they have holes in two of the toes – not in the fabric – but the sole themselves under the toes have worn down exposing the fabric and ripping a hole in the toes. Because I love the fit and feel of them, I will use shoe goo to keep them going for a little while longer but as of this point, $90 for 2 months of wear is a little ridiculous.All that said, you will love these shoes while they last.In the images you will see the shoe goo I applied over the hole that developed in the left shoe. The right shoe hasn’t developed any holes yet but they are very close to it. You can see just how worn down the sole is.

Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2018
Vibram Men's Five Fingers, KSO EVO Crosstraining Black 46 M*
  • Manmade and mesh upper for a glove-like fit
  • Bungee lace closure for a secure fit
  • Individual toe slots help deliver a natural running motion

Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe – FAQ

would you recommend using on reef or in the ocean?

Yes, but I’m not these are thick enough on the sides to prevent reef scratches. The traction is reasonable otherwise.

Should they be snug or should there be room in the toes? i just purchased the vibram kso evo in size 42. it doesn’t quite have that eco skelton feel.

I just purchased my 1st pair of fivefingers about 2 weeks ago so I can’t compare to other styles but mine has a little room in the toe. Not too much to seem too big but enough for me to not be too tight. I’m an 11.5 – 12 in a regular shoe and I got the 44.

What if my feet are wide ? Will these be too narrow?

I sometimes buy wide shoes, sometimes regular, at all depends on the shoes but I assume my feet are wider than average. These fit great and I have no problem with them not being wide enough. I have never needed a wide version of vibrams.

Are there toe dividers (like my toe socks where each toe is separated) in the toe box of this shoe? Tell me what shoe has this.

Yes, there are separate spaces for each toe.

Which Vibram could be used for yard work, like walk behind mower, weed eating? I am looking for something to help work through my plantar fasciitis.

Hey John, another plantar sufferer here. I love the KSO EVO Cross trainer. They are light, super comfortable, and help immensely with my bunions and plantar fasciitis. That said, two things that make them “not great” for yard work are the fact that they are so thin that every little rock and twig that you step on or come into contact with, causes pain and they aren’t waterproof (mesh top) so they aren’t very practical in the winter. For grassy yards in the summertime, they might be okay. Cheers

I usually wear a size us size 13. what size should i buy of these shoes? -the sizing chart confused me a little bit.

Looks like it should be either a 48 or 49. There is also a Heel to Toe measurement off to the far right — the difference between the 2 sizes is 1/4 inch. You may want to go by what your feet actually measure.

I currently have the v-run but i am now looking at the kso evo. do the kso evo’s run smaller or bigger than the v-run?

I don’t own the V-Run, but I’ve owned a dozen pairs of VFF’s over the last six years and I’ve always just bought the same size regardless of model. Some felt a bit snug and some felt a bit loose, but they all worked. I will say that I think the KSO EVO is a bit more snug than the original KSO, but it’s also thinner and more flexible so, again, it works for me. I certainly wouldn’t go down in size versus your V-Runs.

If my heel-to-toe is 10.43″, should i get 41 or 42? I don’t wear socks.

If this is your first pair, go 41 as the shoe will mold to your foot and will stretch over time/use. My foot is 11.5 inch I started with 46 first pair. I also wear 47s. Both are comfortable. Hope this is helpful.

Would the transition to this minimalist shoe from a regular generic running shoe be too big of a jump? (Minimalist shoes are a new concept for me)

Transitioning to these wonderful shoes is a process. I have been wearing them exclusively for about 13 months. Retraining my feet to be natural was my goal. I walk/run 10 miles a day. My job gives me this ability. Much of my daily travels is done on blacktop and concrete. The process…. Take your time. We’re Vibrams daily a few hours at first then go longer…believe what your feet tell you. If your feet tell you they hurt after hours of wearing Vibrams…they are not ready yet. I love mine! Vibrams are my only shoe. May not be your goal but I will tell you I can run again without pain in my knees. Hope this helps.

Are the men’s shoes wider than the women’s? tried a size up in the women’s, but they were still to tight around the largest part of my foot, and at th

I have same problem. My first pair over 10 years ago were fine. But as I got older and heavier guess my feet are wider and the fit is not good; I need more width. Oh but you’re asking about women’s. So I guess yes if you try a man’s size it should fit you better.

Vibram Men's Five Fingers, KSO EVO Crosstraining Black 46 M*
  • Manmade and mesh upper for a glove-like fit
  • Bungee lace closure for a secure fit
  • Individual toe slots help deliver a natural running motion

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