Vibram Women’s CVT-Hemp Sneaker – Review

Vibram Women’s CVT-Hemp Sneaker – Product characteristics

  • 100% Hemp / Poly Blend
  • Imported
  • Vibram sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Hemp/Poly blend combines sustainable fiber with durability
  • Casual slip on upper
  • Stretch points at key locations
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry
Vibram Women's FiveFingers CVT Hemp Shoe, Khaki, 39 EU / 8 - 8.5 US*
  • Hemp/Poly blend combines sustainable fiber with durability
  • Casual slip on upper
  • Stretch points at key locations

Vibram Women’s CVT-Hemp Sneaker – Reviews

Helped my knee pain

My first Vibram’s… got them because of my daughter telling me what her chiropractor said about the benefits of wearing them. I feel my weight on all parts of my feet when I wear them & that helps my knee pain very much. I was surprised with the amount of arch support they give, because they look ‘sooo’ flat. Very happy with the support & pain relief they’ve given my body. I sprinkle the inside with cornstarch baby powder to help them slid on & that makes them more comfortable. Have thrown them in the washer in a small laundry bag & they come out clean & odor free.However, being an older lady, I just had a hard time with the weird look… So I placed a big flower over the toes :0) Now I can even wear them with skirts & dresses & feel comfortable with the look.Very happy with my purchase :0)

Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2018

You will love these Vibrams!

This is the same high-quality construction and materials typical of the Vibram brand. The shoes are lightweight and super comfortable, even for all-day wear. I wear a women’s size 8 shoe, (not narrow or wide) and the shoes fit perfectly. What I love the most is that they are even more lightweight than my running FiveFingers and look great with casual clothes.**UPDATE** Over a year later, these shoes are still as good as they were the day I got them…and I wear them a lot. You can’t go wrong with Vibrams.***UPDATE*** It’s now March 2018 and I am still wearing these Vibrams all the time. They still look brand new and they are still incredibly comfortable shoes.***UPDATE*** Still looking new in January 2020!***UPDATE***July 2020-I still wear these about twice a week. They still look as good as new and still super comfy.***UPDATE***May 2021-Still wearing these at least once a week. They still look and feel good as new. Why do I keep updating? Because it’s rare to find a product that excels in every way like Vibram’s do. I have many styles of Vibram’s and not a single one disappoints.

Reviewed in the United States on October 18, 2015

I love these shoes

These are my new favorite Vibrams. They were a bit snug at first, but fit perfectly after a few wears. They’re comfortable & pretty easy to get on, especially if you’re used to these types of shoes.I will say they do absorb odor quickly, but I can’t smell it unless my face is right by the shoe. They were a bit too tight to wear socks with, so I usually just go barefoot which is probably what caused the odor. I did run these through the washer & hung them to dry, which helped.These are fantastic shoes & I’d highly recommend them. I normally wear an 8.5-9 & wear a 40 in Vibrams. These were snug at first, but I don’t think I’d go up in size.

Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2018

These initially felt uncomfortable on my left foot but after wearing them for an hour or two, I no longer had any discomfort!

When I first took these out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how light they are! The hemp fabric is surprisingly soft. When I put these shoes on, it was slightly difficult to get my toes in and they were a uncomfortable around my left little toe. Any discomfort resolved within an hour or two. After wearing them around the house for three days, my toes easily slip in and they feel so comfortable! I no longer have any discomfort in my left foot and I feel like the toe separation these shoes provide will help the issue that caused my left little toe to initially feel uncomfortable in this shoe.I usually wear an 8 or 8.5. My other pair of VIbrams are a trail running shoe, size 39, but after reading advice to order up for this shoe, I ordered the 40s. Although they fit, they seemed a little big. I was worried about them being too big to wear comfortably if they stretched even a little, so I ordered the 39 to compare. The 39s were just a tiny bit snug, but after reading that they would stretch, I kept the 39s and returned the 40s. I’m glad I did, these stretched just enough!

Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2018

Shoes are excellent, but wrong size received 🙁

Ordered size 38. When it arrived, box said size 41. Shoes are actually size 39. What gives?As luck would have it, turns out 39 was perfect (with toe socks). I wore Vibrams for years in size 37 that fit my feet perfectly but not enough room for socks. I finally decided to get some larger ones so I could fit socks underneath, so I ordered one size up. Turns out I did actually need a 39 to fit socks underneath, so it’ was a lucky mistake, but the point is I didn’t receive the size I ordered. I’d love to order another pair, but I am worried I won’t receive the size I order. I got the black pair, and I’d love to have the beige pair also, but I hesitate to order because it’ll be a hassle if I receive the wrong size and have to return them.These shoes are the most comfortable Vibrams I’ve ever worn, and I don’t think it was just the addition of socks. These are about my 8th pair of Vibrams and these are the most comfortable so far. They are lightweight, soft, flexible. I honestly forgot I had them on. Many hours later after the package arrived, one of my family members asked “how do you like your new shoes?” and I had to look down to confirm they were still on my feet. I’m not kidding; I forgot I was still wearing them.Definitely recommend the shoes, but it seems like a free-for-all in what they actually send. I could understand if maybe the box itself said “38” (the size I ordered) and whoever fulfilled the order thought it was the right size, but the box said 41. And shoes said 39. Didn’t anyone actually compare to what the order said?

Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2019

Perfect fit

I have alot of Vibrams so I went with my gut and ordered my normal size despite reviews saying to get a larger size. All my Vibrams are size 42 and I ordered 42, they fit great as always. I was surprised at how light weight they are based on the picture. All my vibrams are light weight but these are realy light. I love these shoes alot as, all I wear are vibrams and I needed something casual and slip on. I’m not sure why some people are needing a bigger size, perhaps it is people with wider feet. This design is quite slender. I would suggest if you have not worn Vibrams before you find a store that sells them and try them on first. I Love my Vibrams

Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2018
Vibram Women's FiveFingers CVT Hemp Shoe, Khaki, 39 EU / 8 - 8.5 US*
  • Hemp/Poly blend combines sustainable fiber with durability
  • Casual slip on upper
  • Stretch points at key locations

Vibram Women’s CVT-Hemp Sneaker – FAQ

I wear a size 8.5 regular shoe. Should i get the 41 or 42?

Hello, I wear a 7 to 7.5 . I get either 38 or 39.. it depends on if I think I will wear socks or not.. that being said 42 will be way too big.. the CVT hemp canvas shoe that is showing.. I don’t wear socks with.. I love then.. very comfortable.. they do stretch a very little over time.. in my opinion is to get a 41 Hope this helps.. happy trails.. love five finger vibram!

The sizes listed here are strange. Which corresponds to a size 39 in the Vibram sizing?

I wear a size 39 womens in most all Vibrams. I have not tried these but if I were to get them that is where I would start. I am a true size 7.5 with wide feet. I have a pair of KMD EVOs and they are a 38. All the styles are different and they should be a tiny bit snug at first..but your toes not touching the ends, so start somewhere and make sure you do 2 things. 1 measure your foot the way it says on the Vibram website and 2 make sure you buy where you can return for another size.

I want to buy these, but I do not understand the sizing. Everywhere I look Vibrams are sized in European sizes (38, 39). I know what size I wear in EU

Vibram Five Fingers website has a size and fit guide for their shoes in both US and Euro sizing. I wear woman’s size 8 US .I wear 39 or 40 Euro depending on the style of the Five Fingers.

Is the upper part of the shoe stretchy at all? I have a very high in step and I’m wondering if they will fit.

Well, the upper part is made of some sort of canvasy fabric. On my foot it isn’t tight and I have a wider foot. It’s not stretchy like an elastic though. HTH

Can you hike in them or walk all day outside in them? I’m asking more of a daily thing and at a theme park situation?

I would not hike in them or get them wet like at a theme park. Yes I wear them all day outside and they are very comfortable. I also wear them in my exercise class and walking at the mall.

“Price: $72.44 + $16.21 Shipping + $16.21 shipping” is this information correct?

The once I bought were from Amazon UK, I payed 25$ to return them, because they send me the wrong size and I didn’t get the money back for the shipping, so be careful of the seller!

Is the “numeric 9” a size 41 or 42?

9 is 41. 42=9.5 Sizes are listed now in American measurements: 8, 9, etc

Are these zero drop?

Why do people answer a question that they don’t know the answer to, only to say that they don’t know the answer??? All Vibram Five Finger shoes are zero drop (meaning that there’s no heel rise).

Vibram Women's FiveFingers CVT Hemp Shoe, Khaki, 39 EU / 8 - 8.5 US*
  • Hemp/Poly blend combines sustainable fiber with durability
  • Casual slip on upper
  • Stretch points at key locations

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