Vibram Women’s Five Fingers, V-Soul Indoor Training Shoe – Review

Vibram Women’s Five Fingers, V-Soul Indoor Training Shoe – Product characteristics

  • Imported
  • Vibram rubber sole
  • Lightweight, shiny polyester upper
  • Slip on style with adjustable hook and loop strap
  • Wool poly sockliner with 2mm PU foam cushion
  • 3 mm XS Trek rubber compound outsole for excellent grip and close to the ground feel
  • Best uses for this shoe are functional fitness, plyometrics, Pilates and Yoga, etc.

Vibram Women’s Five Fingers, V-Soul Indoor Training Shoe – Reviews

If you are looking for minimalism look no further

I love Vibrams and they have been my only gym shoes for the last 6 years or so. I love the minimalism of this style. Literally feels like you have nothing on. I switched to these from the KSOs as they do not make the style they use to and the new ones are too bulky. These are not a beginner Vibram shoe! They have very, very little support and if you do not have the muscles in your feet built up from already wearing Vibrams regularly you can very easily hurt yourself. But if you are going to only use these for yoga then you will be fine. I weight lift and do cardio in these and even run. I wear a size 41 and I am a size 8.5 to 9 normally in women’s and these fit perfect! They may be my favorite pair of Vibrams yet.

Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2018

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto….

I have a ton of the fivefinger shoes – love them and wear them all the time. These are a little looser on the toes that my others and the silver makes me feel like I going to paint myself silver and act like a robot on the corner for money. Strange silver material….. strange.

Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2018

So comfortable!

I absolutely love these shoes!!! They’re so freaking comfy. I want to wear them everywhere. Its like they’re giving my toes a massage, and I feel so much more grounded and powerful in them. One thing I was a little surprised by was how smooth the bottoms are (not completely smooth, but…) They’re a little more slide-y on wood floors than I would prefer, but good traction on carpet oddly enough and reasonably good traction on grass, gravel, concrete, etc. I love being able to splay my toes more as I walk and I’m excited to wear them at my massage practice.They look like ballet shoes from far away my husband says.

Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2020

Worth every penny!

OBSESSED with these!! Put them on and never wanted to take them off! I ordered the silver because it’s fine for around the house but now I want to wear them everywhere so I had to order the black too. Lol Insanely comfortable buy them you won’t regret it!

Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2021

Not recommended

Terrible service and the product does not make up for this. It arrived over a week late – thought they lost the package. I actually requested a refund as suggested by Amazon for the delay. Instead they rejected my refund and got the product to me faster. Would have been fine if the product was worth it but it’s not AND I was actually home (I had requested the refund because I wouldn’t be there to try them during the return period since it was late). They run small, don’t feel like they have much stretch, have a really short too strap so is a bit tough to close well (might be fine for others) and the bottom squeaks so much on every surface. Overall would not recommend the product nor the vendor.

Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2021

Absolutely Love these shoes!!!

I’ve been eyeing Five Finger shoes and other barefoot options. After a lot of research, I kept coming back to Vibram’s so I finally picked these, As I’m aging (I’m a very active 56 years old) I was feeling very unstable in traditional running shoes when doing squats and lunges which prompted my research. I’ve also had back surgery and some intermittent knee issues, Its been about 2 weeks and I feel so powerful when I hit the ground, I literally feel grounded, Both my knees were a bit aching from sprinting and now only one seems to be griping, I love feeling the ground and being able to spread my toes when squatting and lunging my form is so much better, I’ve only sprinted in them once it felt comfortable but of course time will tell. I wear them everywhere love them on my long walks with my poochie, This was one of the best decisions I’ve made! If you’re struggling with balance I say try them you might be very surprised because although there’s no padded sole you feel grounded for lack of a better word, My only concern is the Velcro, it’ll probably stop sticking once it’s beat up but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. The shoes are great quality so I can see the shoe itself outlasting the Velcro. Size was spot on, no weird rubbing they just feel natural. I picked lavender because I love pink and this was the closest I could get,,,I will wash them to keep them as nice as possible but they are lavendar after all so I expect they’ll get pretty dirty but that’s ok the dirt will be a sign they are well loved! Planning to get a black pair too,

Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2022

Feels weird at first/great product

I’ve never worn shoes with toes so at first it was weird felling. But after the first couple hours I didn’t even realize I was wearing them. Really helps with my Morton’s neuroma. The pain I get in my middle toes from being in regular shoes. These Vibram foot finger shoes keeps my toes separated so I have no pain. They are well made and I love the way the rubber is built up around the sides of the shoe, toes and heel. They are great for workouts (yoga/pilates/stretch/spin) andeveryday wear. Definitely look great with jeans. They are unique and different. That is a plus.Highly recommend. I purchased the gray. Color is good and quality is outstanding.Would highly recommend. Worth every penny. I will be purchasing more in different colors for sure.

Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2021

So worth it!!

I love being barefoot, I workout & typically feel like I have better balance when I am barefoot in general. I originally bought a size 5.5-6.0 in Black. My right foot felt a little snug. I therefore bought a size 6.0-6.5 and the black color was sold out in that size. So I opted for the pink color. When it arrived in the mail the shoes were not pink, but rather a lilac/lavender color, which I absolutely love!! These shoes definitely mimic the barefoot feeling and I feel completely stable when wearing them. I have worn them to the gym in my development to work out, I’ve worn them on walks around my neighborhood, and I’ve worn them during yoga. They are beyond comfortable, fit like a glove, and cannot highly recommend them. I have multiple sclerosis and finding shoes in general is difficult. I have never felt more sturdy and the comfort level when wearing them is amazing.

Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2020

Vibram Women’s Five Fingers, V-Soul Indoor Training Shoe – FAQ

How should they fit? snug around the toes or some space?

Some space, meaning the fit without a firm grip. They do not cut in between your toes like some toe socks do. Thanks for asking!

Does the heel of the V-Soul flatten down so that the foot can slide in first, and the heel pulls up after the foot is in place?

I unfasten the Velcro, slide my foot in, pull the heel of the shoe on. Then I refasten the Velcro.

Are these easier to put on than the other shoes? I had to return a pair cause I couldn’t get my last 2 toes to go in.

I would say they are in the sense that there isn’t a lot of fabric on top of the foot. I wear these is a 39 and normally wear a 7.5-8 and have high arches. For reference my second toe is longer than my big toe but other toes seem to fit just fine.

Is the foam insole removable?

There’s no foam; just rubber sole. It is lightweight and no support as intended.

I’ve had a pair of vibram before and i used them on the beach in hawaii. are these “water shoes”?

I would not wear them for water shoe. Vibrams are the only shoes I wear. I am a Nurse and frequently work 12-16 shifts in these.

Are these good for bunions?

I had bunions and they did not necessarily help or hurt them.

Is it durable enough to run marathon?

I have never run a marathon. But I love these shoes, and they are very durable

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