Vibram Women’s V-Aqua GreyBlue Water Shoe – Review

Vibram Women’s V-Aqua GreyBlue Water Shoe – Product characteristics

  • 100% Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Lightweight and durable synthetic upper
  • Slip on style with adjustable hook and loop strap
  • This water friendly style allows for natural movement in and out of water
  • 2 mm EVA insole with Silicon Treatment
  • 3.7 mm Megagrip Outsole w drainage perforations
Vibram Women's FiveFingers V-Aqua Water Shoe, Light Grey/Blue, 39 EU / 8 - 8.5 US*
  • Silicone prints inside the shoe for a secure fit.
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Vibram Women’s V-Aqua GreyBlue Water Shoe – Reviews

They’re water shoes people, yes they have drainage holes!

These are my first pair of Vibrams. I don’t know why the other reviewers had a problem with the drainage holes… they’re water shoes after all.They’re a little though to get on because my toes have a close familial bond and don’t like to be separated. Lol Once they’re in though, they’re pretty comfy. I haven’t worn them to the river yet but I did walk around in them in my tub and around the house; they feel great. I’m sure it’s tough to make shoes for the various sizes of toes so there’s a little extra room in some of the toes. Not sure if that’ll be a problem outside.THESE ARE WATER SHOES AND NOT MEANT TO BE WALKED AROUND IN EVERY DAY.That being said, I wouldn’t wear them to the grocery store, but they’re perfect for the river or beach or pool.

Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2021

They work, but lack quality.

I bought a pair of Vibrams about 6 years ago and they were incredibly comfortable. I do Yacht cleaning/detailing for 8-9 months out of the year, meaning I spend most of my week on wet boats. I was using my old KSOs, until the treat got too worn out to be safe on a boat. These KSOs have been through everything with me. I would leave them on my car to dry out after using them, forget that they were there and start driving with them, They were even run over by numerous vehicles after falling off my car 3 separate times on the high way.. each time returning to me safely and in tact. I was never expecting that much of these new shoes, but I can tell you that Vibram has declined in quality. The materials are cheaper and they are just not as comfortable on my feet. They rub against my achilles, while being too loose on my heel. The hole does not fit closely to my ankle, but rather very loose. Not to mention that I first bought the wrong size (too large) because the conversion chart is off. I am an 8-8.5, but I ended up needing a 38, which says that its for a 7-7.5.I like the drains in the bottom, the grip works well and the silicone is a nice touch. So all that to say, they work and I’m not going to slip off the boat. But next time, I’m going for a different shoe.

Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2018

Use US Size not Foot Length

These fit great and look great. I wear size 9 shoe and ordered size 41. I pondered over whether to get the size 40 (8.5 to 9) or 41 (9 to 9.5) but when I measured my foot it was 10.5 inches so according to Vibram’s size chart it would be a 43, so stick with the US size chart. A 43 would be way too big. The toes can stretch a little. The small toe takes some getting use to for me. I have flat narrow feet but those with wider feet can loosen the top and side straps if they need more room. Product seems to be durable. I haven’t taken them in the water yet though.

Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2021

Pinky toe mis-sewn

The first time I wore these they seemed fine, but it was for a short time period. A few weeks later I was able to go paddle boarding and wore them for several hours. My left pinky toe started to ache, and I thought something was in my shoe. Took the shoe off and my toe felt better. Inspected the shoe and noticed the pinky toe has less space and it cramps my toe. The fabric is sewn crooked on the one toe. It was too late to send back for an exchange. I have several styles of Vibram shoes and have not had a problem until this pair. I just happened to get an expensive lemon this time. Will still buy Vibram, but will be more thorough in assessment when ordering in the future.

Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2021

The Water Shoe that Water Lovers Need

This has been one of my favorite shoe purchases so far. After going on vacation to Costa Rica and realizing what terribly sensitive feet I have, I decided to look for water shoes that would suit future beach travels and protect my feet in rocky areas. I dedicated a significant amount of time to comparing water shoes online in order to get the best bang for my buck and this shoe, without a doubt, is that. I’ve never been apart of the 5-fingers club until now and I’m glad I finally joined. It only took a few days to get accustomed to walking in these and everyday I feel my feet getting stronger while the experience grows more pleasant. My feet feel the ground comfortably, allowing tactile reception without enduring painful sensations from rough terrains. Something worth mentioning is that the grip on these are AMAZING. I am able to climb wet, rocky surfaces without a problem so I imagine using them as boating shoes/surfing, would also be ideal. I was sure to use the sizing chart and I successfully ordered the right pair for me. Keep in mind that you will need to measure from the heel to your longest toe. I have had these shoes for about a week and a half but I live near a beach and use these practically every day, so I will post updates if anything changes–but I don’t expect it to!

Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2018

I love the lightness is this shoe

Shoes a little big. I love the lightness is this shoe. However, I am a little concerned with the construction of these with my older pairs. I’ve been wearing this brand for over 5 years and feel the quality is not of the same standard as my older ones. I’ve noticed this in the last 4 or so pairs that I’ve purchased. The toes definitely don’t fit as well as my earlier pairs. They seem longer and not as cleanly constructed. Terrified that the quality is slowly disappearing. I wear nothing else. But the aqua v has restored a little of my concern.

Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2018

Let down, don’t buy, not worth it, not safe.

If I could give it zero stars, I would. The sole on the big toe doesn’t even fully cover your toe on the right foot, ensuring you will rip your toenail off and/or slice the heck out of it on the first rock that finds you on your adventure. The left foot is made fine(the four toes are rather long though, with the big toe fitting perfectly), too bad the right isn’t, I would have dealt with the four toes being a little long. They aren’t the same as they used to be. I loved my previous pair and wore them until they fell apart on my latest hike after giving me their all! I have worn them and loved them for every adventure I’ve been on, and I am so sad that these won’t work. It is $56 USD to return them and the shoe costs $62.42. I can’t even deal. It’s not worth it.I originally bought the 6.5/7 from Vibram on Amazon, and those shipped and showed up as a 7/7.5. This whole experience has been awful and cost way more time, and money in this latest debacle, than any of it is worth. It’s ironic because these are the one of the few things I am willing to buy new and actually splurge on. Totally let down by all of this.

Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2020
Vibram Women's FiveFingers V-Aqua Water Shoe, Light Grey/Blue, 39 EU / 8 - 8.5 US*
  • Silicone prints inside the shoe for a secure fit.
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Vibram Women’s V-Aqua GreyBlue Water Shoe – FAQ

Os this good for river rocks

Its good for protecting against the sharp edges and to maintain a good grip. But you’ll still feel the rock being hard under your foot…

How thick is the sole?

The sole is on the thin side compared to other Vibram models.

If i order 7.5-8, what size will the box say? i have tried ordering vbrams from the usa and when they arrive the box says size 8-8.5.

38-39 women or 40 -41 men

Does the strap ever come undone after you wear them all day?

No the strap does not come undone after you wear them all day, and actually I wash all my vibram five finger shoes a lot and they last a long time- I’ve been wearing them for work and sometimes running for almost 10 years. The only thing is some of the shoes change like everything else when they make new ones so some of the cross trainers are made smaller now- size up half or whole size depending on your toes. I have all my toes to be pretty much same length so I go half a size up. Also some of the mens ones have been a good fit which I believe I sized up one for them.

How quickly do these dry?

Pretty quick it’s not like there’s a lot of padding to retain a lot of water and there’s holes in the bottom so they breeze through out and they drive pretty quick even when they’re on your feet

Vibram website lists a 41 as a womens 9-9.5. Why is your size chart different? I just want to make sure I get the right size

The Vibram website is correct. I needed a size 9-9.5 and ordered a 42 which was too big. I exchanged the shoe for a 41 (9-9.5 on the Vibram women’s online size chart) and it fits perfectly.

Is this shoes good for aerobics in the pool? is it good for xwide feet? thanks

I have wide feet. The shoes shapes to your physics. So yes to your questions. Pinky toe might need a little adjusting to though.

If I wear an 8 in women’s what size do I need to get? Do these run big or small?

Hello, these are great & run a little small. Kinda hard to get on at first. Enjoy

What European size is the 7.5-8?

Depends Woman or Men Woman: 7.5 -8 (Usa) 38-39 (Euro) Men: 7.8-8 (Usa) 40-41 (Euro)

Vibram Women's FiveFingers V-Aqua Water Shoe, Light Grey/Blue, 39 EU / 8 - 8.5 US*
  • Silicone prints inside the shoe for a secure fit.
  • Megagrip Vibram Rubber
  • Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

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