Waterproof Sealskinz Socks: Are They Worth Your Money?


Sealskinz has been making waterproof socks, gloves, and hats for over two decades. It’s dedicated to providing you with waterproof accessories that protect you in every situation. Sealskinz utilizes technology to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in rain, mud, and snow.

With high-quality material, new technologies, and attention to detail, they’re able to come up with unique products for your protection. Sealskinz products will keep you dry, warm, and rested no matter the weather or conditions.

Moreover, every product of Sealskinz comes with a lifetime guarantee. And it makes you confident as a buyer to spend money on such socks, gloves, or hats. The company itself is taking lifetime responsibility for its products.

They provide a two-year guarantee for all their electronic accessories.

Most Popular Sealskinz Socks

All Sealskinz socks are famous for their safety, quality, and authenticity. Many people, including adventurous individuals and the US military, trust Sealskinz.

Most Popular Sealskinz Socks For Men

If you’re looking for durability, warmth, and dryness, try the SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock. As the name suggests, they can be used in all weathers without second thoughts.

SEALSKINZ Cold Weather Mid Length Sock
1,811 Reviews
SEALSKINZ Cold Weather Mid Length Sock*
  • Waterproof - three layer construction for warmth, durability and waterproofing
  • Comfort - Merino wool lining for moisture control, insulation and comfort
  • Support - zonal elastication for added support

Most Popular Sealskinz Socks For Women

Most Sealskinz socks are Unisex and can be worn by both men and women. However, you can have these three-layered, blister-free, durable socks in multiple colors. So, without hesitation, choose the SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Knee Length Sock.

SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Knee Length Sock, Black/Grey, Small*
  • 100% WATERPROOF | WINDPROOF | BREATHABLE. Waterproof - three layer construction for warmth, durability and waterproofing
  • Comfort - Merino wool lining for moisture control, insulation and comfort
  • Support - zonal elastication for added support

What Makes Sealskinz Socks Waterproof?

Sealskinz socks have three layers.

  • Inner Layer
  • Middle Layer
  • Outer Layer

Every layer has a specific purpose. The Inner layer comprises Dupont Fabric which wicks away the moisture and keeps skin dry. Moreover, the evaporation is sped up by cool max fiber.

The middle layer is a hydrophilic membrane. This waterproof hydrophilic membrane is responsible for keeping your feet dry. It also provides breathability.

The outer layer is made up of Lycra or Nylon, making these socks extremely durable. They don’t wear away and stay in shape for a long time.

How Are Sealskinz Socks Breathable while being Waterproof?

The hydrophilic membrane in the middle layer is both waterproof and breathable. It doesn’t allow water droplets but water molecules in. This process is like Osmosis; water molecules (Hydrogen and Oxygen) from low temperatures move towards a high temperature (inside the socks).

  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Like Osmosis

Are Sealskinz socks waterproof?

Yes, the innovative technology and hard work that go into Sealskinz make them waterproof.

Are all Sealskinz waterproof?

Sealskinz can be rightly called the second name of waterproof. So yeah, all Sealskinz are waterproof.

Are Sealskinz waterproof products also windproof?

Yes, Sealskinz products are windproof too. They can also protect you from sand and dust.

Sealskinz And Its Competitors

Every company has competitors. Naturally, Sealskinz has too.

Sealskinz vs. Gore-Tex: Which one to Buy?

Gore-Tex refers to the waterproof and breathable layer. So, both the qualities are present in Sealskinz. With its core values, goal, and unmatched technology, Sealskinz has outdone every other brand.

Dexshell vs. Sealskinz: Opt For The Best

Sealskinz socks are often unisex with elegant colors and quality stuff. You can machine wash them, unlike other socks, and come at reasonable prices. Moreover, they fit exceptionally well and have excellent breathability. They are definitely leaving behind Dexshell due to their costs, weight, and not-so-good fitting.

What are the Best Waterproof Hiking Socks?

Firstly, it depends on the weather. If you’re hiking in summer in hot weather, you need lightweight, short, cool, breathable socks. However, if you’re somewhere where it is snowy and cold, you’ll need light but warm, long, and breathable socks.

So, it differs accordingly.

  • Light
  • Warm
  • Breathable
SEALSKINZ Unisex Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Mid Length Sock, Black/Grey/White, Small*
  • Waterproof - three layer construction for warmth, durability and waterproofing
  • Comfort - Merino wool lining for moisture control, insulation and comfort
  • Support - zonal elastication for added support

Are Sealskinz socks thick?

Sealskinz socks have a three-layer construction, due to which they’re a bit thicker. But its thickness isn’t useless because it protects you from harsh weather and damp feet.

Are Sealskinz socks good for hiking?

Yes. Most Sealskinz socks are all-weather socks. They can keep your feet warm and dry simultaneously. With fantastic fitting and lightweight, Sealskinz makes hiking easy.

  • Warm
  • Dry
  • Fantastic-fitting
  • Lightweight

How To Wear Sealskinz Socks?

Do I need To Liner Socks or Gloves With Sealskinz?

No. Sealskinz feels good to touch your skin directly. There’s no need for liners. Though, you can wear liners for additional warmth.

SEALSKINZ Unisex Thermal Merino Liner Sock, Black, Medium*
  • Extra comfort and moisture control - high Merino wool content
  • Base layer thermal insulation - close-fitting design allows them to be worn under another sock
  • Can be worn on their own as a warm and cozy pair of socks

Why Are Sealskinz Good For Your Health?

Some good research makes Sealskinz good for your health.

Do Sealskinz Socks Prevent Blisters?

Soft, damp feet attract blisters. However, Sealskinz keeps your feet dry and clean. So, it prevents blisters.

Do Sealskinz socks keep you warm?

Sealskinz socks do great in cold weather. They keep your feet warm but dry, keeping you comfortable and blister-free.

How To Care for your Sealskinz Socks?

Can you machine wash waterproof socks?

It’s a plus point that you can machine wash Sealskinz socks if there’s a wool wash option.

Can Sealskinz socks be tumble-dried?

Yes, you may tumble dry Sealskinz socks in a low-temperature setting. No special detergents are required.

Can the Sealskinz membrane be damaged?

Of course. That’s why it’s advised that you should avoid thorns and sharp rocks. If you wear the socks with shoes, it’ll protect the socks and avoid contact with harmful objects. Otherwise, the membrane can get punctured.


Sealskinz waterproof socks are made through innovative technology. The three-layer design is brilliant, making the socks waterproof, windproof, and breathable while wicking moisture away.

Moreover, Sealskinz products are prepared with ethically sourced materials. With protection and comfort in extreme conditions, Sealskinz leaves behind its competitors.

Therefore, waterproof Sealskinz socks are your best bet.

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Is The Wool Sealskinz Use Ethically Sourced?

Of course. Some Sealskinz products use Merino wool, and the sheep are raised in an independent, healthy environment. Any mistreatment is strictly prohibited.

Are Sealskinz Socks Handmade?

Yes, they’re handmade and hand-tested in the UK for waterproofness with great attention to detail.

Are Sealskinz products made from Seals?

No. No seals are hurt or used while making these socks. They’re just durable in extreme conditions like seals. That’s why “seal” is added to the name.

Is Sealskinz British?

Yes, Sealskinz takes pride in its British identity. Its products are handmade exclusively in the UK.

Does Sealskinz offer a Lifetime Guarantee?

Most Sealskinz products have a lifetime guarantee. The electronic gadgets come with a 2-year guarantee.

What was the Fraud at Sealskinz in Kings Lynn?

An employee of Sealskinz had a gambling habit. Over 4 years, the employee stole £1.3 million from the firm. He produced fake invoices, bank statements, hid transactions, and transferred funds to his personal account.

Sealskinz took swift action, and he was arrested and jailed when he pleaded guilty. After the result, the company stated that they were optimistic about the future and would continue to produce quality products for its consumers.

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