What does Air Zoom mean?

Air Zoom is a type of shoe that has a special type of air in the sole. The shoe is lighter and more comfortable to wear.

What does Air Zoom do?

Air Zoom is a type of shoe that has a special type of cushion in the sole. The shoe is more comfortable and bouncy because of this.


Is Nike Air Zoom a running shoe?

The Nike Air Zoom is a running shoe.

What is the difference between Nike Air and Zoom Air?

When air is forced into a flexible bladder, Nike Air is created. This gives a soft, responsive feel.

Pressured air can be used to create a responsive, springy feel. It’s used in basketball shoes.

What are Nike Zoom good for?

The shoes are good for running, basketball, and other sports.

Which Nike shoes are collectible?

Some of the most popular Nike shoes include the Air Jordan, Air Max, and Foamposite lines.

What does Nike w mean?

The Nike brand is designed for women.

What is the most expensive Nike shoes?

The Air Max 180 shoes are the most expensive Nike shoes.

Where can you buy sneakers online?

There are many places to buy sneakers. Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are some of the most popular places.

What is the most expensive shoe in the world?

The Diamond Shoe is the most expensive shoe in the world. It has over 1500 diamonds and is worth over $2 million.

Which Nike shoes have the highest sole?

The Nike Air Max 270 shoes have the highest sole.

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