WHITIN Women’s Barefoot Minimalist Shoes, Natural Foot-Shaped – Review

WHITIN Women’s Barefoot Minimalist Shoes, Natural Foot-Shaped – Product characteristics

  • Rubber sole
  • Non-elevated, “zero-drop” heel for proper posture.
  • Thin Sole, Low-to-the-ground design for balance and agility.
  • The lugged rubber sole tread gives you sure-footed traction.
  • Lace up closure adjusts to your specific needs to ensure a customized fit.
  • Added 7mm removable insole, safety transition from conventional shoes to minimalist shoes.

WHITIN Women’s Barefoot Minimalist Shoes, Natural Foot-Shaped – Reviews

Great barefoot sneakers **Edited** Please read to the end

I purchased these in 8.5 white, and I am very happy. I usually fit in size 8 or 8.5, but, since I was buying these mostly for comfort, I went with the larger size. They are comfortable from the very first wear (which, in my case, was sockless, though they are extremely comfortable with socks, as well). The soles are very low profile, flexible, and grippy. This was important to me: I have rheumatoid arthritis — including inflammation and reduced movement in my ankles — so I tend to trip if I wear thick-soled shoes. I feel very grounded in these — they even make me feel a little sprightly! When laced up, there is a surprising amount of arch support for such flat sneakers. Also, they are nicely cut around the back of the ankle: high enough to feel secure, but low enough that they don’t dig in when I have bad inflammation. Finally, they are pretty cute: the white with rubber soles have a little retro-hipster flair and go with any casual outfit. The only possible downside is that they are canvas and (I expect) will get dirty and/or rip if I mistreat them, but I have had them for over a month now (wearing them almost every day, mostly on sidewalk), and they still look good. I’m returning to buy them in black, too!**EDITED**Okay, after months of happily wearing the white pair, I decided I needed them in black, as well. I am *very* disappointed because the company has changed the fabric. They no longer come in a cotton-like canvas fabric, but they now use a clearly synthetic, woven, polyester-type fabric that is padded inside and smells strongly of plastic. They are still comfortable, but they seem as though they are going to breathe less and be more hot and sweaty. Furthermore, they have completely lost their distinctive style, and the sneakers now look cheap, like something you would buy in Payless or Walmart. I don’t know if I am going to return them — it is probably not worth the trouble — but I am super bummed, since I was looking forward to having a black version of the original canvas design. I am keeping my star rating as it is, since I was originally reviewing the earlier design, but, Whitin, please bring back the canvas! As is, these are now worth only about 2 or 3 stars.

Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2020

Absolutely wonderful shoes!

I wish I could give these shoes more stars.I am a plus size woman and also have been suffering from horrible swelling in my legs,ankles and feet and have also had very bad pain in my feet for the past couple years. I’ve bought pair after pair of shoes hoping I’d be able to wear them with no luck. I was starting to think I’d never find shoes. I ordered these and it was an absolute prayer answered. These are SO lightweight and stretchy and comfortable. If you have issues with shoes squeezing your feet or pain in your feet please try these shoes. They are well worth their price tag!

Reviewed in the United States on February 27, 2021

great for wide feet, bad back

I wear a women’s size 8 extra wide, and these fit me pretty well in a size 8, without being too long. My left foot spreads slightly wider than my right, and the outer seam on that shoe pinched my pinkie toe just slightly, but I was able to stretch the shoe enough wearing them around the house with thick socks. Otherwise, they are very comfortable on my feet with regular socks. I do feel some tension in my calves as I get used to them, but they have been great for my lower back, which I’ve had problems with since I sprained it badly a couple years ago. I haven’t gone for a run in them, but they are actually pretty cute, inexpensive casual shoes, hard to find for really wide feet.

Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2021

Change the insert and you’re set!

I was looking for an affordable barefoot shoe, and this one fits the bill. The only downside is the insert has built in arch support. Taking the insert out improved the feel of the shoe, but below the insert the cloth and stitching seems flimsy and easy to tear. It would be best to get a completely barefoot shoe friendly insert and solve this problem. Other than that, I’m a fan!

Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2020

Great shoes!

These are plenty comfortable walked for a couple hours in them, on a trail, without any issues. These are basically canvas shoes but have a roomy foot bed.

Reviewed in the United States on June 16, 2020

Didn’t believe a barefoot sneaker would be so comfortable!

I’m on my feet all day. The barefoot sneaker is very comfortable andI have NO foot pain at the end of the day.

Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2020


I’m a huge fan. These shoes are cute and comfortable. I purchased them as a tied shoe over my traditional ballet flats I wear normally.. I wore them to a day long visit to the zoo. Nonstop walking for hours on hot pavement. I was nervous about how thin the soles are but they provided better than expected support and comfort. The shoes are breathable and flexible. I have worn them walking trails and just out and about since the initial zoo trip and not a complaint yet. I have tiny feet and they fit beautifully. I don’t wear shoes that tie often but I’m looking to buy a another pair in black to have options.

Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2020

Big comfort and quality in minimalist style!

WHITAN Canvas barefoot shoe far exceeded my expectations. The wrap around comfort and quality workmanship is sole-ful happiness for my feet! I could definitely go sockless without a complaint. The toe box is slightly large, but not a problem. And a big thumbs up for the minimalist packaging!

Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2020

WHITIN Women’s Barefoot Minimalist Shoes, Natural Foot-Shaped – FAQ

Why no size 9 option?

I wear size 9, tried both 8.5 and 9.5. They are european size 39 and 40. I kept the 9.5, my longer second toe hit the top of the 8.5. For what it’s worth.

If normally wear 7.5 should I get 7 or 8?

I tried both 7 & 8. 7 was definitely too short. 8 is a bit large with thin socks but fit great with thicker socks.

What are the leather shoes made of? leather or PU?

Apparently the other people who answered this question did not look at the top of the page and see that there is a “leather” option. Anyway, I bought a pair of them. I am almost certain that they are real leather. If not, they are definitely the best fake leather I have ever seen (and felt). I couldn’t find any information. Oddly, there was no tag in the shoes. And they were shipped in a plain box with no label or writing on it.

Do these tie up or just lace up?

They lace up..so you can tighten or loosen to your preference before tying them. Very comfortable, I did find them a little (not much) wide..but I have a wider foot anyway.

I’m avoiding products made in china. where were these made? they look awesome, but if its from china, that’s a hard no.

I bought these shoes in black and big as day “Made in China” on the bottom.

I would like to know if these, Within barefoot sneakers will fit narrow sz with long toes?

I don’t think so .. these are made for wide feet .. toes will fit ok but very wide shoe for ppl with wide feet or bunions

Is a size 6 true to size and wide

I purchased a size 10 to ensure the shoe was large enough even though I usually wear a size 9.5 – I found that although the size 10 “works” for me, it is a tad longer than necessary and kind of makes my foot look larger than it is. My next WHITIN will be a 9.5. I would say start with your true size and see how it goes. This shoe is very generous! Hope this helps!

Would these be good for running?

Walking and casual running I would suggest.

Can these be waterproofed with a spray?

I have waterproofed many items and can tell you there is about a 99% chance this would not work.

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