Women’s Barefoot Shoes Minimalist Trail Running Shoes Walking Wide Toe Box Outdoor Cross Trainer Zero Drop Sole – Review

Women’s Barefoot Shoes Minimalist Trail Running Shoes Walking Wide Toe Box Outdoor Cross Trainer Zero Drop Sole – Product characteristics

    Women’s Barefoot Shoes Minimalist Trail Running Shoes Walking Wide Toe Box Outdoor Cross Trainer Zero Drop Sole – Reviews

    So comfy & affordable, buy 1/2-size bigger!

    After reading many reviews, i ordered “True to size”, but it was 1/2 size too small. Got rapid refund of this order & simultaneously placed order for NEW pair that was 1/2-size bigger than my actual foot size. Fits PERFECTLY!Have only been wearing these approx. 1-month (and not continuous wear, as it’s been occasionally freezing & wet in NYC this winter, and these are mesh sneaker!) No insulation or foot warmth – but I bought these shoes for flexibility, NOT foot warmth! I have leather shoes for that. Unsure how long they’ll wear … will try to remember to report back in a few months!PROS:- V. flexible (forward/backward, twist!) & v. light, which is what i was looking for! Much more work felt by muscles of my feet, esp. inner-arch, which was exactly my goal.- Shoe sole & cut is designed to shape the inner-arch area, but there is MINIMAL support (forces inner arch muscles to actively work, rather than passively resting on shoe-supplied arch-support!)- Super-comfy from the moment i put these shoes on … which is how i evaluate shoes, now. NO “wearing-in” period!- Roomy toe-box, but not too roomy … I usually wear New Balance & Saucony sneakers (wide fore-foot, narrow ankles/heels). This shoe’s toe-box allows full movement of individual toes, but mesh-uppers keep shoes securely snug to foot, without excess toe-space.- Individual toes NOT separated (i prefer this), only LOOKS like individual toes.- Included elastic “speed laces” (no tying shoelaces needed) with ** extra VELCRO DETAIL ** (prevents long-end from flopping around during run/walk)- Strong & secure back-of-heel Pull-on Tab (sewn-in all-along back of heel & under rubber sole … avoid tab pull/break-off (EXCEPTION: “Black Stripe model” has only little pull-tab)- Good, grippy soles (non-slip on wet surfaces)- Also, GREAT price & v. fast delivery!CONS:- A little bit of fraying on edge-of-tongue of one shoe (may not last more than 3-6 mos, which is OK).- Possibly Interrupted Supply: Once you find the size that works well for you, perhaps order a couple back-up pairs. When Trump requested additional shipping tariffs on goods from China, these products went out-of-stock for a few wks.- City streets: Made to run/walk on DIRT TRAILS, so City-streets/sidewalks & subway-platforms can be a “sensory-challenge” (“Oh my gosh, with these shoes i feel EVERYTHING on the ground”). I generally walk 5-7 mi/day (sometimes up to 10 mi), so the balls of my feet feel tired/achy after 4-5 mi (due to less padding than most sneakers). I try to remember to bring an extra pair of more cushioned shoes, on those long-mileage days, to save the balls of my feet!FINAL TIPS:- FYI: Buy 1/2-size larger than true shoe size.- If currently wearing very supportive sneakers, gradually phase-in “wear time” of these shoes (same as all minimalist shoes). Start with 30-60 min for 1-2x per day for a few days. Alternate with wearing other flexible sneaker that’s a bit LESS flexible than this shoe (e.g. Nike “Free”, Puma “Ignite Netfit”, Adidas “Boost”, etc.) AND do Heel Raise-and-Hold for 10-count (standing on balls of your feet) with toes pointed \ /, | |, / \. Strengthens inner-arch & calf muscles, so they’ll be strong-enough to support foot in minimalist shoe.If feet fine after 2-3 days, try doubling time, 2-4x per day, for several days. Do another foot check-in … if feet still fine, should be OK to wear all-day.

    Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2019

    Light, comfortable shoes for walking and hiking

    The media could not be loaded.  I basically gave my review speaking in my video. I would definitely recommend these and buy them again. I did and 8 mile hike in these, and they held up really well. I really like the feeling of being barefoot, and it feels almost exactly like being barefoot, without having little rocks stabbing your foot all the time 🙂 However, if you are not used to barefoot shoes, you need to know that you will absolutely feel lots of bumps through the soles. I don’t find this painful or sharp, but it might be a new feeling for some people. These shoes bend super easily and are incredibly light. One thing that surprised me was that the fabric is spandex. It feels really, really, really light and I’m hoping that overtime they will be durable. I’m sure you could use these as water shoes, but the bottoms are durable enough that I will continue to use them as my daily walking and hiking shoes. I usually wear an 8.5, and these are an 8.5. They fit very well, as in they are definitely not falling off by any means, and I’m not getting any blisters. However, they *feel* much roomier than other sneakers I have bought. It almost feels like they are too big because they are so flexible and spacious inside. Day to day, I don’t wear socks with them and they feel fine. On my long hike, I wore some really thin socks and I’m glad I did. It didn’t feel bulky at all. But in reality, they are sitting very closely to my feet and staying on exactly as a shoe should. So they just might feel different than normal, but I felt great hiking in them and I’m glad I bought them 🙂

    Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2019

    Between Sizes

    I am typically a 7.5 in women’s shoes but these were not available in half sizes, so I sized down and ordered a 7. They felt a little snug when I first tried them on but are breaking in nicely. I purchased these shoes to wear for weight lifting – the flat bottom is ideal for squats, dead lifts, etc. Since they are designed for outdoors and water sports, I expect them to dry out quickly after a sweaty workout.I was slightly hesitant about “toe shoes” but these definitely are NOT like that. Even though they are listed as barefoot and minimal, there is no actual separation between the toes on the interior. The only “toe” feature are the subtle ridges on the exterior design.These shoes are very comfortable and lightweight. I am pleased with my purchase!

    Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2020

    Nice trail runner

    First pair of minimalist shoes for trail running….and I love them. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, since I wasn’t sure how I would like a minimal type shoe, so went with these. Very flexible and breathable, I wore them without socks. I am usually a women’s size 11.5, sized down to an 11 and glad I did, these guys stretch and my regular size would have been floppy. Such an incredible difference to actually be able to grip the ground and fully use your feet. Enough of a sole to protect the feet from sharp rocks and such, but can still feel the ground as well. I might have a little blister under bottom of my big toe coming on after first run in them today , but that’s probably my fault for going 5 miles on first test run. I think I’ll be getting another pair, seems like so many possibilities with these babies…beach, kayaking, gardening. Will see how they hold up first.

    Reviewed in the United States on April 16, 2021

    Have lasted exactly one month.

    Great out of the box. Super comfortable and almost comparable to my old Merrell barefoot shoes. However, I received them December 14, 2021 and today is January 15, 2022, and the heels are worn almost totally through. I’ve only put about 140 miles of walking on them (i average 35 miles/ week).My Merrells lasted, on average, 2-3 months when i was walking an average of 10 miles per day. These shoes would last 2 weeks at my former exercise levels.So these are not actually cost effective as barefoot shoes. Aside from the expense, i cringe at the thought of 12 pairs of these plastic shoes going into landfill each year. Will be looking for something that lasts more than a month of moderate use.

    Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2022

    Women’s Barefoot Shoes Minimalist Trail Running Shoes Walking Wide Toe Box Outdoor Cross Trainer Zero Drop Sole – FAQ

    Do these five finger shoes run true to size?

    I would say they run true to size.

    Hola, no comprendo a que se refiere con talla 6 mujer / 5 hombre. Que es finalmente? un 6 o un 5??

    Son zapatos tanto para hombre como para mujer. Si los va a comprar para un hombre es tamaño 5 y si los va a comprar para una mujer es tamaño 6. Espero haber aclarado su duda

    womwn 7.5 doesn’t show listings

    women 7 equal to size EU 38,women 8 equal to size EU 39.

    My feet are nine inches long. What size should I get?

    I wear a women’s size 11 shoe and these shoes ran true to American sizing.

    Are the gym shoes non-slip?

    grip is very intense

    Are these shoes vegan?

    No, they like to eat meat

    I wear a 7.5 women. what size you suggest?

    They are true to size.

    Are these hiking water shoes good for walking in a rocky river?

    Yes I’d say so, they’re grippy and offer protection though will be heavy once wet I expect. They are considered a barefoot shoe, so they don’t have cushioning like a running shoe, and because of this you can “feel” stones under your feet more.

    As a runner I always buy a size bigger what size would you recommend

    What size a shoe do you wear normally

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