Xero Shoes Alpine Women’s Snow Boot – Waterproof, Insulated Outdoor Winter Boot – Review

Xero Shoes Alpine Women’s Snow Boot – Waterproof, Insulated Outdoor Winter Boot – Product characteristics

  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • NATURAL FIT – A wide toe box lets your toes splay, spread, relax, and move naturally.
  • NATURAL MOTION — Your feet can bend and flex naturally thanks to the flexible sole. A non-elevated “zero-drop” heel allows for proper posture. And the low-to-the-ground design is for balance and agility.
  • NATURAL FEELING — The FeelTrue rubber sole gives you just-right protection, while being minimalist enough to let your brain get the feedback it needs for you to move naturally and efficiently.
  • BAREFOOT FRIENDLY, VEGAN FRIENDLY, DURABLE — Remove the 2mm insole for more bare foot feel. This product is free from all animal products and is backed with our 5,000 Mile Sole warranty.
  • GET THE RIGHT FIT with FREE Domestic Exchanges — This shoe runs ‘true to size.” If for any reason that’s not the case for you, contact the Seller for a free domestic exchange of your ‘like-new’ shoe.

Xero Shoes Alpine Women’s Snow Boot – Waterproof, Insulated Outdoor Winter Boot – Reviews

Does the job, great!

Pros: light weight for a snow boot. I was running around the yard in the snow with my dog, I couldn’t do that easily in my other boots. I like the look. Seem pretty warm, kept my feet dry (I used them in a couple of inches of snow in 30 degree weather with no socks) Traction seems good but have not used on any intense ice yet. Nice roomy toe box.Only con for me is I have narrow feet so the width is a little wide. I will pair with thick socks to see.I wear a size 7 1/2 usually in shoes for reference. Got a size 8. The length seems good.UPDATE: Paired them with thick socks and tightened them all the way and took them out for some time sledding. They were great! Feet were dry and warm. A lot easier, more comfortable to move around in compared to tradition snow boots.

Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2020

Wide and not Waterproof

I normally wear 7.5 shoes, and the length of that size worked well for my feet. They fit too widely for my taste, though, which makes my feet slide around inside when I’m on uneven terrain. My feet are average width and I have an arch, so these boots might be more comfortable for someone with wide, flat feet. For reference, Merrell vapor gloves fit me really well.My first hike was through a dewy forest, and my feet got completely soaked even though I was wearing long rain pants over the tops. It wasn’t even raining, so the boots are not even a little bit waterproof.I get severe knee pain with any sort of heel drop, and I was looking for an alternative to the big-heeled hiking boots I normally wear to work in the PNW. These unfortunately aren’t as form fitting as I’d like, aren’t waterproof, and I question their ability to hold up on rough terrain, but they are okay for now.

Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2020

Probably not a good winter boot

These boots are way too short to be considered a good winter boot. If I walk through a foot of snow Im going to soak my socks. The middle strap that usually pulls up into the mid foot for support is sewed in, therefore does not actually tighten. I am truly bummed. The fleece only sit at the ankles. I do love the wide toe box. I will be returning these. I own the Xero Maki? boots, which I love and have worn just about every day since February. The only bad thing is the rubber sole peeled off the heel when I pinned it down to help remove the boot. I deal with it anyways. This new snow boot is not flexible, way too stiff and too short. They need a better design.

Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2020

Not waterproof

First heavy snow in Ohio these lasted a week and leaked, getting a replacement, if those leak I’ll edit this. Hope it’s just a defective pair. But for the money? Don’t say waterproofUpdate, the replacement pair has also leaked around the sole areaThese boots failed the test

Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2022

Hero of my Trip to Iceland…

I just returned from a trip to Iceland in the dead of winter, and these shoes were the absolute hero of my entire wardrobe. Paired with my wool socks, my feet were super toasty my entire trip. Actually I even wore them a couple of times with thinner cotton socks and they still kept my feet perfectly warm. They were comfortable on my plane rides to and from Iceland, they were supportive and cozy walking all around Reykjavik, they held up great on hikes to waterfalls and geysers…I honestly can’t say enough wonderful things about them. Even though I have fairly narrow feet, I prefer a wide toe-box because when I’m on my feet a long time, they do tend to swell sometimes. I never got one inkling of a blister anywhere…and I never even had to break them in. They were perfect straight out of the box. I will say that I never had to wear them in wet weather or snow, so I can’t really review their waterproof-ness. And I will also just say that the ONLY time my feet got remotely cold was the night my friends and I stood in one place for over an hour watching the northern lights in below freezing weather. Everyone there, in all different levels of winter boots, complained that their feet began to get cold, so it wasn’t my boots failing, it was just that it was so dang cold that nothing would have saved any of our toes in that situation. Overall, these boots were just what I needed…lightweight, comfortable, warm, cute. I wish they made them in more colors!

Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2022

Warm, comfortable, zero rise snow boot, but I had to size up 1.5 sizes!

I was noticing that every time I wore my insulated duck boots, my hip started hurting. I looked at them, and realized the narrow heel and tight toes were making me change my stride. So, I looked at some different barefoot brands to try and find a flatter, warm winter boot. This one has worked great for walking in snow, going sledding, and does decently well on ice. They are nice and warm. I’ve worn them in high teens with a medium weight wool sock, and my feet have been toasty! The waterproofing is holding up fine, but I’ve only had these for a month. I’ve worn them almost every day, though! They are very flat, but comfy. They do run a little narrow, but fit my foot well. I normally wear a 9 in boots, but had to order a 10.5 in this brand! So, if you are a lady with a larger foot, you might need to order the men’s in this style. Overall, I’m very happy with these! Kind of feels like going out to play in the snow in comfy, secure slippers! I have large, painful bunions on my feet that require me to wear flatter shoes (I’m only 31, but have been this way forever), and these allowed room for my bunion with no straps or pressure going over that area.

Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2022

Order a size larger

I had to return my first order which was in my regular size as it was too small. I could not get into the shoe due to the turn at the ankle. I re ordered one full size larger and they fit great! They do not “look” to large on my feet and they are super comfy and warm. Also repellent water!

Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2020

Nice boot, sizing VERY small

I was excited to get this boot, but disappointed to find that despite ordering an entire size larger it was still too small. I had the same thing happen with a pair of shoes that were marked true to size. I sent those back and got a half size larger. So, with these boots I ordered a whole size larger to allow for thick socks. Unfortunately, they were too tight with just thin nylons on. Bummer.

Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2021

Xero Shoes Alpine Women’s Snow Boot – Waterproof, Insulated Outdoor Winter Boot – FAQ

when I walk and my foot bends, the shoe fabric creases at my toes and cuts in. Has anyone experienced this, and does it soften up with time?

Mine creases too but but doesn’t cut in. Maybe you need a bigger size. Shoe box should have plenty of room for your toes to spread in a shoe.

When is size 8.5 going to be back in stock?

We don’t have an exact estimate as to when we will be back in stock of this style due to current shipping delays and COVID. However, we plan to restock styles in Spring 2021, so hopefully we will have these back in by then 🙂

Hello! i am wondering if these run true to size or small? i have 2 pairs of xero hfs & i had to size up to a 9 but i normally i am an women’s 8.

I had to size up 1.5 sizes, 9.5 to 11. The 11’a are perfect!!

Will you be getting in size 9 or 9.5 soon?

Unfortunately we are out of stock of some colors and sizes of the Alpine but we currently do not have an estimated restock date since the item was recently released. If you ask our owner and CEO Steven Sashen he likes to say: “This is my least favorite conversation: ME: We sold out of many of our best styles, colors, and sizes this year SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER RUN A BUSINESS: That’s a good problem to have. ME: It’s never good when I can’t give people what they want. If you’re one of the MANY people who has been frustrated because we didn’t have the product you wanted, we sincerely apologize. Being a bootstrapped company, growing as fast as we have, running out of inventory is one of the issues we’ve had to deal with. And, trust me, it’s more unpleasant for us than it is for you.” The good news: More products/styles/colors are coming soon. We have new shoes and sandals for men and women that we’ll be introducing throughout 2020. We’ll send a notification via our newsletter at xeroshoes.com/newsletter when they are available again.

What is the shaft height?

While we don’t have specific measurements for the height of the boot, the Alpine is designed to be a mid calf height boot. Please let us know if you have anymore questions.

Are they warmer than the Mika boot?

I don’t have any experience with the Mika boot but my feet have never been cold in these, our winters are pretty cold and I take my daily walk in these boots

How warm will they keep my feet? where i live it get down around 0 f. if i wear wool socks, does the sizing allow for that or should i go up a size?

Hello there, Thank you for contacting us. Great question! The Alpines would have 200g insulation, rated to -25°/-32°C, so they should keep your feet warm no matter where your adventures take you! Likewise, they have a waterproof structure to keep your feet dry, and heat reflective insole for keeping heat in. That said, our shoes are designed to be worn both with or without socks, so it comes down to personal preference! However, some people will go up in size if they are planning on wearing thicker hiking or wool winter socks to account for having extra room! Hopefully that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Can i secure these into snow shoes? or are they too minimalist to fill the clip-in snowshoe binding? (i do not have the snow shoe bindings that lace)

Hello, There is not a gator hook to use to add to these but you should be able to add various kinds of spikes to these to clip in or put on necessary bindings for spikes. If that is indeed what you were asking about.

Can stabilicers and crampons be strapped onto these?

Yes. There is no reason that you couldn’t attach crampons just like on any other boot.

What is the lifetime of these shoes? I just bought and received my first pair of boots

The lifetime of any shoes all depends on how often you wear the shoes and the condition you wear them in. I purchased mine last winter (2020) and I wear them almost every other day in Chicago’s wintery weather. They are in prime condition and I expect to wear them for the next several years. I also have a friend who purchased her pair years before I did and they are still in great condition.

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