Xero Shoes Women’s Mika Fashion Winter Boot – Water-Repellant, Cold Weather Boot – Review

Xero Shoes Women’s Mika Fashion Winter Boot – Water-Repellant, Cold Weather Boot – Product characteristics

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Xero Shoes Women’s Mika Fashion Winter Boot – Water-Repellant, Cold Weather Boot – Reviews

Slippery on Ice–More Than Usual

My wife and I live in New Hampshire, where snow and ice are pretty common for a good chunk of the year. Since we both love barefoot shoes, I bought her a pair of the Mika boots for winter.Well, they are warm and comfortable, but they are terrible on ice. My wife slipped and fell and shattered her wrist the first time her boots touched ice. After that, the boots went up because she couldn’t lace them after having surgery and pins put in her arm. At the time, she chalked it up to bad luck.Well, this winter came and she wore them again, only to find herself slipping on virtually nothing. I mean, we had a little bit of crusty snow left after some unexpected warm weather and she still slipped.The issue is that while the soles might have traction on wet ground, they are the wrong type of material for snow. Example: I own a pair of Oboz that I bought at Goodwill (not knowing what they were) and they are amazing on all terrain, but are useless on snow or ice. My winter boots, on the other hand, grip ice and snow just fine. And the water shoes my wife has for daily use are better at gripping.I’m disappointed because we didn’t figure this out in time to return them and, when contacted, the company stated that they never claimed the boots were slip-proof. Being based in Colorado you’d think they’d have some idea of what makes a decent snow boot sole and might show some concern about the design (we weren’t asking for anything, just letting them know) but I’m really unhappy at the lack of care.So beware of these on actual wintery conditions–they are worse than nothing.

Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2021

Comfy but Some Defects

Boots are very comfortable and I love the look, however one of the tabs for lacing broke off and the left insole seems to be too small for the shoe as it keeps slipping around. These issues make me concerned for the longevity of the boots.

Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2019

100% Recommend

These are probably the best shoes I’ve ever bought in my life. Seriously. Im going to sell all my old shoes because I’ll never wear anything but Xero shoes for the rest of my life.Ever since I fractured my spine I’ve always felt dainty like I couldn’t run or walk places. I guess this feeling came from my feet because with these boots I CAN RUN. SERIOUSLY, LIKE A FULL SPRINT.I wear them all day, even around the house. If I have a cooking day ill wear these too. Usually my feet hurt and cramp up after a day of standing and in these boots its like “what? I stood all day?”I never thought a pair of shoes could change my life so much.They also always keep my toes warm and I prefer them over my slippers. CRAZY!Just make sure to order .5 or 1 size up. They’re made to be snug-ish so your feet don’t move around every which way inside your shoes.

Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2020

Getting better….

I like these boots. However, they’re slippery as “F” for a “winter” shoe. I say winter lightly, any wet surface.I have other barefoot style boots that do not slip nearly as much, so I know it’s possible to have some function and fashion in a winter barefoot boot/shoeWill they ever be a fully non slip? Who knows..Ice is ice.But I feel it’s a good kinda fun bootI kept them, but for the price, and the non functional grip slip, kinda wish I’d returned themAnd the do run a tad smallI wear an 8.5 should have got a 9I have other xero sandals and shoes, without a half size option so I split the difference. 8 tad to small, 9 too big… Hope this helps anyone

Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2021

iffy craftsmanship; unsure if a feature or a bug

love(d) these boots, but alas! the sole detached from the boot after only 3 months of wear. it took mea while to get around to writing this review, but i haven’t been able to wear the boots in several months. the result of the sole coming away is that when i walk in them, i feel the edge of the sole in the middle of my heel (rather than around the edge of my foot), & some of the boot fabric is directly in contact with the ground; along with feeling real weird, any moisture on the ground absorbs right into the boot/ my sock. i wound up with half of my heel very wet on rainy days.

Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2021

Finally!!! (Edit: had for almost 2 years and still love them!!!)

(Edit as of sept 2021: I still love these!! They look nice with jeans so in cold or snowy weather sometimes I don’t even change out of them, I just wear them for the day! They’re just as comfortable as xero sneakers -which by the way means they’re 100 times comfortable then regular shoes)Original review:Ahhhhhmazing. Worth the money, so comfortable. Exactly what I wanted. A barefoot boot that’s actually good looking. Seems to be great quality. Nice and warm without being smotheringly hot. I normally wear a 9 and got a 9.5 as recommended. (I did try on a 9 and it was a little too snug for comfort, 9.5 fits nicely. Normally I never bother with boots because I can’t stand to be bothered with lacing them up I’d rather just stick on sneakers, but these are so comfortable that it’s totally worth it to me to lace them up. Also the laces slide nicely so it’s easy enough to pull them tight quickly.

Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2019

-15 below, Fairbanks AK, these boots work like vibram five finger toe shoes

TLDR:If you like vibram five finger toe shoes, you will love these boots for winter.I’ve been wearing Vibram five finger toe shoes for 4 years straight before we moved up to Fairbanks Alaska. My mother-in-law gave me a pair of clonky boots to wear and they hurt all winter last year. I wanted something like the Vibram Five Fingers, flexible, wide (big bunyons) and good for the feet. I found these boots and they work splendidly.Water resistence:I’m not sure about the water resistance yet since I used them in dry snow but I’m hoping they work when spring comes.Socks:I ordered a pair of tall Ininji wool toe socks to wear with these since they aren’t thick woolies. I don’t think I could do thick socks in these shoes but I do think I need warmer socks. My feet are the warmest part of my body when I come back in the house so maybe it’s okay.Size:Like the Vibram five fingers, I ordered a size 7.5 so I did the same with these boots. I’m not sure what size foot I have but start with a half a size up to be safe. These are perfect for people with oversized bunyons!

Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2021

Xero Shoes Women’s Mika Fashion Winter Boot – Water-Repellant, Cold Weather Boot – FAQ

How do they hold up in serious snow?

It is the Mika’s first winter. It just came out, so I don’t know yet. My suggestion is to use spray on waterproofing twice over and repeat as needed. My second suggestion is to use 100% wool socks as they have great insulating properties even when wet (if you get wet). My third suggestion is to keep moving. They are not rubber wading boots, so duration and activity level are factors to consider. In any shoe, once the snow is high enough to fall back on top of the foot with every footfall, you need more protection. I have not field tested my new pair, but I expect them to hold up the same any any good hiking boot. I am very impressed with the construction and the yoke fits snug to my foot all the way. I am hopeful that I will have greater agility than with heavier boots on winter hikes.

it is the lace up with no zipper?..zipper is vegan…I want no zipper…can you say please.

The zipper is the vegan boot.

Can I put them in the washing machine?

To clean your Mika’s, hand wash with warm water, mild soap and allow them to air dry. We do not recommend putting the Mika in the washing machine or dryer.

How does the fit of the mika compare with the vienna? i like my pair of viennas, but half-size up is too loose. don’t want the same fit as those again

Based on customer feedback, The Mika runs small. We recommend choosing a half-size larger than your usual size. As of August 9th we changed the sizing for the Vienna. Most customers now choose the same size in the Mika and Vienna.

to size? I wear a size 11 so I don’t have the option of sizing up. Can we just have shoes that are the size they’re listed as?

Sorry, Shauna. Sizes often vary from brand to brand. A size 11 for one brand may not fit like a size 11 from another brand. Perhaps, in the future, we’ll be able to make some larger sizes for the Mika.

How are these for standing all day?

I do not have an issue standing all day or walking distances with them, but I am also and have been using minimalist shoes for years so my feet are used to them. This is one of my favorite pair of boots (I have two pair)

Does the flannel go all the way into and around in the toe box?

It does not. The flannel stops right about where the toe box begins.

I have the Phoenix and ztrail in size 10 (a teensy bit snug) and the prio in 10.5. Should I get these in 10.5 or 11?

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How well would these fit someone with high instep a large calf?

They are a natural step so they dont have high arch supports. You just wouldnt pull the laces as tight if you have a larger calf.

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